WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform.? And since blogs have emerged as might weapons for internet marketing, WordPress has become of the biggest brands in the world of online business.? Today, if you?re marketing on the web and you?re not using a WordPress blog, then your tactics can be considered as dated and even obsolete.


The fact is: WordPress blogs are search engine-friendly, so much so that WordPress blog pages have better chances of placing highly in relevant search engine results than conventional web pages.


Now, here?s the problem?


Experts say that 70% of search engine optimization (SEO) is about the number and the quality of the back links you have garnered for your website.? These back links are very important as they are the ones that determine for the search engines how relevant your website is for a particular topic and how weightily your website performs against similar websites under the same category.


If your back links go, so will your search engine popularity? and such can be fatal for your online business.


The thing with WordPress blogs is that if the blog owner changes the permalink structure of his pages, i.e.? the ?/%year%/%monthnum%/

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