What is Phpbay Pro?

Phpbay Pro is a product which enables you to put eBay auction links into your WordPress sites to build eBay niche stores. It may be utilized as part of the eBay Partner Network (EPN – eBay’s affiliate sales program). It may also be utilized with the Pepperjam, Mediaplex, Tradedoubler and Affilnet affiliate network programs. According to PhpBay Pro’s own site the tool an “extremely powerful php based eBay affiliate script for building niche websites that can generate a steady stream of revenue”. Basically, Phpbay Pro enables you to chose any product on eBay and put links to the auctions in your website based on keywords. And, there is no limit to the number of sites you can make with PhpBay Pro.

How can I earn money from eBay Partner Network (EPN) PhpBay Pro sites?

PhpBay Pro enables you to take advantage of eBay Partner Network (EPN). There are several methods to earn money from eBay Partner Network. The first way is with winning auction bids. When a surfer clicks on a link to an eBay auction on a PhpBay Pro site then wins the auction eBay pays out up to half the selling costs on the item. If a surfer has never been a member of eBay and becomes a member and wins an auction after clicking on your link you will also be paid by eBay. This combination of sign up fees, also known as ARCU, and winning bid revenue can add up quite rapidly to thousands of dollars month in and month out.

Is it worth it to buy PhpBay Pro?

Over the last year many of my good friends have come to me and asked if they should buy PhpBay Pro or not. My answer to everybodyin this PhpBay Pro review is YES! I have had excellent fortune with Phpbay Pro and would strongly recommend the php tool to individuals who would like to start a home-based online business. It took me approximately an hour to master PhpBay Pro. Once I figured everything out I could write new websites extremely fast. Consequently, I presently provide for myself quite comfortably with several eBay sites that I published with PhpBay Pro. Another advantage to PhpBay Pro is that the creator offers great customer service and has a informative forum where all your queries are already answered.

Phpbay pro – good points and bad points?

The main advantage to utilizing PhpBay Pro for building eBay niche stores is that it’s a WordPress plugin. WordPress is a free content manager which allows you to build blogs with minimal work experience in website design. WordPress has many of templates that can be utilized in building niche stores with PhpBay Pro. Also, WordPress has many of plugins which can also be utilized on your niche sites. A plugin is something you add to a WordPress site to increase its functionality.

PhpBay Pro versus Build a Niche Store (BANS) – Which should I buy?

Build A Niche Store (BANS) can also be used to make eBay niche store sites. I own both and like PhpBay Pro better. The main reason for this is that PhpBay Pro sites are built using WordPress and the search engines index sites made with WordPress extremely fast. But, I’ve made a ton of sites with BANS and they have not been indexed by the search engines. Another reason why I like PhpBay Pro more than BANS is that you can use any WordPress template that I like.Another reason why I think PhpBay Pro is better than BANS is that you can chose any WordPress template you’d like. With BANS, however, you’re stuck using their few templates which all look similar. However, there is one aspect about BANS that is better than PhpBay Pro. BANS does not use WordPress and may be easier for somebody who has little to no experience working on the Internet. However, I think studying WordPress is a key prerequisite for anybody who seeks to be an Internet entrepreneur.

PhpBay Pro – Where can I learn more?

For more information about PhpBay Pro click this link: PhpBay Pro. This website provides some great examples of sites that have been made with PhpBay Pro. In no time you can have a similar site youself! If you found this article informative kindly drop me a line. Good luck with PhpBay Pro and eBay Partner Network.

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