One of the easiest and most well-known blog software out there is WordPress. In fact, if you are still not producing your own blog, it is recommended you ask your system administrator or web department to integrate a WordPress blog into your company site. Not only will it make your web presence more timely for your customers and provide them with up-to-date information on your firm’s activities, the blog will also help in your search engine optimization efforts.

As you may see in many of the articles here, SEO experts place a very high value on content. This is the area where blogs shine.? In a blog, there is relevant and timely content that visitors are very willing to consume. Such timely content is getting more of the spotlight especially with the search engines’ push towards real time search.

Content by itself however won’t do much for your search engine rankings. Although content may be king, without a court and servants for support it will fail to make a difference. Fortunately, there are a number of high quality WordPress plugins that will help support your content. If you are working with an SEO consultant, you may also ask him how to best choose the plugin that will work well with his planned campaign. Just search for these plugins in the WordPress site.

All in One SEO Pack. This WordPress plugin is perhaps the most widely known and used SEO plugin, and with good reason. In fact, if you search Google for wordpress seo plugin, the link for this plugin appears in the first page of the results. This speaks highly of the authority and relevance the plugin has gathered (see past articles for a discussion on authority and relevance and how they affect search engine results). The reason this plugin is so popular is because it has mounds of features including:

?Creation of canonical URLs. This makes it so you can have multiple duplicate content on your site. It is well known that duplicate content can negatively affect your search rankings, but there are times that you cannot avoid having them (like when doing A-B testing, or if your site naturally involves duplication, like a tutorial on different programming languages). Having a canonical URL means search engines will index the canonical page, so that your site benefits from the increased ranking as a whole.

?Optimizes page titles automatically. One of the often disregarded search engine optimization technique is title optimization. Most of the time, it is because it is very hard to update titles, especially when content frequently changes. With this plugin the title optimization is automatic, so you don’t have to spend more time on title optimization, and spend more time creating content.

?Works out of the box. If you’re a first time user of WordPress, you may get daunted by the number of features it has to offer. What more for fine-tuning search engine optimization settings. The reason this plugin is preferred by a lot of beginners is because it is a turnkey solution. Once you install the plugin, it is already effective even in its default state. Once you get more advanced in SEO or in WordPress itself, you can start tinkering with the settings while still being effective.

Contact Form Plugin. You might wonder what a contact form plugin is doing in a search engine optimization plugin. The thing is that search engine optimization can only do so much with keyword selection and placement. You often would also like to know what your customers are thinking, in their own words.

Having a contact form plugin helps in search engine optimization because it allows you to get valuable feedback on the pages you publish. For example, you can use when you are testing out a new keyword. If your contact form data contains people asking more about topics that mention or are related to your keyword that means your visitors are actually seeing and understanding the keywords you placed. A contact form plugin can gather data that which a tracking software (like Google Analytics) cannot. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. One of the ways you can increase usability and page views (thereby keeping your customers to your own site even more) is by providing them with links to related posts within your own site.

One of the search engine optimization techniques is to network your own pages. Not only does it give a better user experience, it also ensures that your pages have a link pointing to it. The best way to do linking is not to simply link haphazardly (it is very annoying for readers to arrive on a page that is remotely related to what they have been reading) but to link to related content, so that the context in the mind of the reader is kept.

Most of the time though this technique is not well practised.? This is mainly because it is hard to keep track of related posts. This plugin automates that chore for you. It uses a special algorithm that takes into account tags, post titles, categories and even content, to generate which posts are probably related to what. More importantly, the generation is dynamic, so even posts that are a year old will still have links to related posts well after the publication date ? without even updating the post. This feature makes related post management a breeze.

Sexy Bookmarks. Oftentimes, search engine optimization consultants miss integration with social bookmark sites like digg or reddit. This plugin ensures that your readers do not have to break their workflow just to submit your site into these social bookmarks.

Instead of the usual tiny icons that are often lost among the numerous widgets on your page, Sexy Bookmarks instead entices the reader to submit it. Moreover, it has a large database of social bookmark sites that are updated frequently. This means that you only need to update the plugin once support for a new and coming social bookmark site is available. Some examples of recently added sites are:


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