If this Web 2.0 movement is about user-driven content and classifications and conventional web operations are all about winning the favor of search engine, what then is the Web 2.0 equivalent of keywords?? What will help ?users? in ?driving? particular content into specific classifications, much like how keywords help search engine spiders index web pages?


The answer: tags.


Indeed, tags are the keywords for the Web 2.0 movement.? Tags are very important in indexing content pages into appropriate categories.? Basically, the usage of tags determine whether your web pages will be placed in a category that people will look into when they?re searching for information about the subject matter.


Tags are also very important because they serve as links to a chain that extends throughout the World Wide Web.? Content from all over the internet are interconnected via the tags assigned to them.? This interconnection makes it easy for internet users to jump from one website to yours.? It will also make it easy for your own visitors to jump from page to page in your website.


WordPress, the leading blogging platform today, employs a tagging feature by default.? However, such a feature is terribly limited.? For starters, WordPress? tagging feature will require you to enter tags in custom fields before such words can be accredited as tags.? Also, the placement of these tags are beyond customization, by default.


Simple Tags is a WordPress plugin that seeks to remedy such limitations.? With Simple Tags, WordPress bloggers can now do the following:


-????????? Use the in-post tagging feature that will allow users to assign tags as they compose a blog entry.

-????????? Display a tag cloud on their blog pages.

-????????? Import tags from other WordPress plugins with similar purposes, like Ultimate Tag Warrior.

-????????? Display list of blog entries that feature the same tags as the ones used on the current page.

-????????? Display a ?related tags? feature when visitors browse through the blog?s pages.

-????????? Add tags as META keywords automatically.

-????????? Implement tags by simply embedding codes (i.e. [tag] and [/tag]) while typing.

Based on the amazing features made possible by Simple Tags, the benefits of this WordPress plugin are immense.? Not only will these added features lead to better search engine optimization for the blog?s pages, they will also make it easy for visitors to find content relevant to what they?re looking for ? content which can be found in the blog itself.? This way, visitor retention is improved, and reader loyalty is easily fostered.


Simple Tags is one of those essential WordPress plugins that no WordPress blog should do without in this day and age.? The importance of tags can never be undermined, and neither can the importance of this wonderful WordPress add-on.

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