STEP 1: Find A Niche

When I search for a niche idea, I try to find either a problem that people want to solve, or a product that people buys already. There are many web pages and tools I go through in my niche selection step. ClickBank Marketplace, Amazon Bestsellers, PayPal Shops and many other resources to brainstorm some profitable niche ideas. You can find literally thousands of niches in different areas and new ones are popping up every day. So, there will always be some niches that you could monetize.

STEP 2: Keyword Research

After I found a niche that I believe to be profitable, I do some keyword research. Although this step is as important as all the internet marketing gurus mention, I do not spend days or weeks on keyword research. Since I can not be sure if I will rank high and get some traffic without trying and just looking at the numbers. Here, I mainly use Google Keyword Tool and SEOQuake add on for FireFox to find profitable keywords and analyze them.

STEP 3: Decide on the Concept of the Site

Once the keyword research is done, I think about how to monetize it. Will I go for Google Adsense, affiliate sales or some CPA offers? Will it be an affiliate review site, an info-blog or some other type? I look for related affiliate products, CPCs for related keywords and related CPA offers.

STEP 4: Find a Suitable Domain Name and Register It

When the keyword research is complete, I look up for a suitable domain name. The more a domain name is keyword based, the better it is. However, I may go for a generic domain name – not one or two word generic names, like freesoftware or makemoney of course – if I can not find the domain with exact keywords and if the one I selected makes me happy with it.

STEP 5: Set up WordPress

The next step is setting up WordPress to your blog. This is as straight as it is. You can download WordPress on the official website, if your hosting provider does not support WordPress.

STEP 6: Choose a Nice/Niche Theme

After the blog is setup, I browse through free WordPress theme resources to find a sutiable one for my niche. Since there are thousands of free nice-looking themes and everyday more are coming, I’ve never paid for a WP theme, though there are some wonderful themes that I would like to purchase in the future. You may check

STEP 7: Configuration of Settings and Plugins

Once I am happy with the theme of my new site, I go through adjusting the settings and installing the necessary plugins I will make use of. Some of the plugins I use:

All In One SEO Pack Contact Form 7 Advanced Permalinks No Ping Wait

There are lots of useful plugins you can find inside the WordPress plugins archive. I make sure to make the blog available to the public by changing the privacy settings and adding some pinging services.

STEP 8: Tracking Traffic with Google Analytics

I love to track things and I am sure all the internet marketers are same since they are doing this business. I use Google Analytics for the time and it is really sufficient for my purposes. I add the code to the footer.php file just before the closing “body” tag.

Now it comes to populating the blog and posting something on it. When my blog has about 10 articles and the theme is settled more or less I go with the last two steps.

STEP 9: Submit to Directories

There are many many directories that you could submit your website, I have a list of them and submit to 3-5 directories each day. This will help my website indexed faster and will bring some link popularity.

STEP 10: Get Traffic

I have tried nearly all the traffic getting techniques like forum posting, blog commenting, video marketing, social networks though what I really like to see is the visitors coming from the search engines. The organic SEO is my favorite, since you work on it only once and if you do it right, you can expect visitors for your life as long as there is people searching for the terms you built your SEO efforts on.

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