If you have stumbled across this informative article then you certainly are either associated with Ignite Stream Energy or you wish to become involved. My goal for you is always to provide you with specifics of the organization so that you can decide if it makes sense for you to get involved. I had been a customer of the company, but presently, I’m not.

First off I wish to clear up some confusion, I know that we first had concerning this home business. When I first learned all about this company, I didn’t understand relationship between Ignite and Stream, all I knew was that they are associated somehow. So, the way the company is structured is this: Stream Energy is the retail energy supplier and Ignite is the multi-level marketing distribution channel for Stream Energy. Ignite doesn’t provide energy, they simply compensate representatives for signing up customers on behalf of Stream.

At this time, it is possible to be a customer if you reside inside the following states: Texas, Pa, Ga, and Md. Learning to be a customer is quite simple and you may turn into a customer without cost. Most likely if you do switch to Stream, you will pay a less expensive energy rate. You can want to have a fixed energy rate, for this you are locked in to a year contract otherwise you can elect a variable rate, in which you have a monthly contract. I became a customer of Stream. I loved the fact that the enrollment was quite simple and I experienced no trouble with the company at all. So, the corporation is definitely not a scam.

I did end up quitting Ignite and joined an alternative energy enterprise. While I was a customer I had no desire to link up as a sales person for the biz opp because I was already involved in another direct sales company. To begin with in Ignite, there exists a $299 initial investment and you will have to pay $25 each month. I discovered a company that requires no investment to begin with and without any monthly fees. I felt that I could help a lot of men and women in this bad economy if I could offer folks a method to earn an income from home that didn’t require a big investment, and so I decided to join that organization.

If you decide to join Ignite and also you wish to build a big team, unless you have a huge warm market, you must use the internet to find new team members. Online is a great method to expose your small business to the masses and discover new team members. The problem with this is that most people do not know how to promote on the web and putting ads on Craigslist just isn’t as effective as it used to be. So, instead of wondering if this company is a scam, you need to concentrate on how you are likely to grow your business.

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