A Critique Of Content Material Wizard For Blogging On-line Marketers

Practically all IM marketers take benefit of automating their processes when probable. There’s excellent cause simply because of all of the numerous tasks we have to carry out everyday. Automating as significantly of the processes as feasible is creating fantastic use of leverage for time savings purposes. That is certainly time saved so we are able to devote to money-making activities such as promoting our gives. Today we supply an evaluation of Leslie Bogaerts’ Content material Wizard WordPress plugin. If you are a blogger, in any capability, then this content managing resource might appeal to you. Nevertheless, as you’ll read, this plugin is really feature wealthy, and Leslie has by now lately updated (in the time of this writing) an autoblogging enhancement. Making massive super earnings making use of Blogging could be possible should you observe Adam Horwitz and examine the local mobile Monopoly program for concentrated important information.

Blogs are, in a word, time sucking web sites that can be frustrating if you do not have a lot experience with them. A simple blog post can involve creating new pages or categories, writing tags, dealing with SEO plugins, and other things. On the front end, you are able to post content with just one mouse click with Content Wizard. Naturally you can pick which existing categories your content is going to be posted. So that means you will not just be posting to where ever, and you will know your posts are going where they ought to be.

Yes, naturally there is a great deal more to Content Wizard in terms of benefits. The vast bulk of blog owners rely on search engine rankings for traffic. Well, there’s a feature for creating tags for all your posts that will decrease time spent. We don’t have the specifics regarding ease of use with WordPress plugins for on page search engine optimization. So that would be something we are sure Leslie can shed a lot of light on.

For content management automation you will find several neat benefits available. Content Wizard has a future/auto post feature allowing for proper scheduling of your content posts. Autoblogging is a feature that very many marketers really like using, and that ability was contained in a recent plugin update. There are tons of people who use autoblogging and also create them for flipping.

PLR will always be popular with many, and Content Wizard has an exciting feature for those who really like PLR blogs. You can forget about the issue with SEO and PLR content because you can make your posts unique to the bots. Truthfully, you may want to proceed with caution due to the possible human review element to this issue.

The license for this particular plugin will let you use it on an unlimited number of your own sites. You will not have to spend for additional upgrades, and that is for the life of the product. No hassles involved if you really like to flip sites as you are able to use this plugin with no restrictions. If you’ve got a blog building business, you will not need to purchase a developers license.

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Content Wizard Review For Blogging and Content Management

If you’ve got an online business, then you are probably just like so many others who love automation. If you happen to be experienced, then you understand all about the little monotonous and boring process included with IM. When we accomplish this, obviously we are freeing up a lot of time which is essential in so many ways. We want to market and create traffic every day, depending on what you do, and gaining more time is equivalent to making more money. This article offers an in-depth review of WordPress plugin, Content Wizard, that was designed by Leslie Bogaerts. Content Wizard is a great little tool that packs plenty of power in the form of advantages and features. There is a lot that is packed into this plugin, and Leslie has already added updates for a lot more capability.

Blogs are, in a word, time sucking web sites that can be frustrating if you do not have much expertise with them. There have already been many improvements with managing content, but blogs are nonetheless highly manual task oriented. Content Wizard will give you the capability to post content to your blog with just one click. Just something you can do is choose the categories where your posts will show up. So this means you will not just be posting to where ever, and you will know your posts are going where they ought to be.

However, you’ll find a lot more benefit rich features available to you. If you are like most bloggers, then you need your blogs and posts to rank highly in Google, normally. No more manual tag creation to hassle with using Content Wizard. We don’t have the specifics concerning ease of use with WordPress plugins for on page search engine optimization. But I imagine you can have all your questions answered by Leslie about specifics.

Automating your content management is essential for many, and there is much more available with this plugin. Certainly you will have the power to schedule all future postings in accordance with time and date. Leslie has already just lately upgraded Content Wizard plugin for autoblogging. Autoblogs are attractive to those who flip sites/blogs as well as marketers who make use of them for funneling traffic.

PLR will remain popular with many, and Content Wizard has an interesting feature for those who love PLR blogs. Basically you will be able to help make your PLR articles one of a kind for SEO purposes. We are not able to tell you that you will pass a review with this part of the plugin, but you know the deal about that.

The license for this particular plugin will enable you to use it on an unlimited number of your own sites. Free lifetime upgrades that is pretty standard for a lot of plugins and software, but it is nice to have. For site flippers, you can sell off sites that contain this plugin – so that’s a pretty nice feature. If you have a blog building enterprise, you will not need to buy a developers license.

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Firepow – The Best Blogging software? – You Decide!

Firepow Blogging Software is a complete web-based tool that handles niche blog creation and management. Firepow builds blogs, generates traffic and much more. . It is the largest selection of blogging tools in one and is highly recommended for regular bloggers.

FirePow blogging software incorporates over 60 plugins into your blog. This software is based on the wordpress platform and allows the user to fully customised and functioning wordpress blogs in a few clicks. It is especially awesome for seo purposes as well as blog integration, wordpress installation, management and so much more.

Firepow creates a site management tab where all your blogs can be managed from one place, an SEO tracking tool to monitor the search rankings of all your sites, and a task manager that tells you what needs to be done to maintain your blog/s and when.

This exceptional system is specifically designed to help you complete these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Firepow also will Get Article Content for keywords you enter by searching the top online article directories for relevant content in your niche so you can automatically add them to your niche site.

Of course many people are contemplating, as they do with many products, whether or not this will be the boost they need to unlock the door to online business success.

Let me play devils advocate for a minute, and start with the negative.

First off, let it be clearly known that no product, software, ebook or membership, is going to make you money – YOU have to do the work YOURSELF – sales letters love to give the impression that a product will do something FOR you but unless you’re willing to MAKE IT happen yourself – nothing will help you.

I expect Firepow to fit this category. Particularly because it’s a software that automates certain tasks, I expect it to convey the feeling of doing things for you. So don’t fall for it – whatever it says, remember that YOU will have work to do, and if you’re not ready to do that, then this product won’t help you.

Phew, now that that’s out of my system, we can continue on.

What does seem good about Firepow so far is that it combines the functions of various pieces of software into one ‘machine’ so to speak – which if only for the sake of nothing else but convenience, makes it a good thing. Less programs on my computer, less to think about, and hopefully less to do.

The things it combines are the tasks of (as the sales letter indicates) creating, marketing and managing your niche blog sites.

It does these things with the use of wordpress plugins, and features inside a central software, from where you can view or edit any of your blog sites – another big convenience factor.

The plugins are both a list compiled from existing plugins on the internet and those created specially by Andrew Hanson himself (the creator).

It’s these fresh plugins that seem to be the big selling point as promises have been made of effects like stealing viral traffic, multiplying your content automatically, and giving the site owner the capacity to get in touch with other site owners for extra leverage.

Supposedly it does everything from create your site (content too) to get you traffic and beyond – a hard task for any program.

Most of us know that niche blogging works, but just haven’t connected the dots fully yet. If that’s you – Firepow might be worth a look.

I’m going to post the link for you because I think tools like this don’t come along real often. This isn’t your every day clickbank software, this is something you need to take notice of, period.

Try It Today For

Article Written By J. Foley
Click Here For Your Trial.

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How To use the NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin to add an image galler to your WordPress content.

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How To Start A Blog Using WordPress Blogging Software

I really enjoy blogging now that I have learned the essentials of how to start a blog and keeping it updated regularly. While you can’t learn all there is to know about starting a blog in 15 minutes, that is really all it takes to get one set up on the internet using the steps I’m about to share with you in this article.

If you want to reduce the risks involved with starting a blog then make a plan now to read this powerful information regarding it.

With that said are you ready to get started on setting up your first blog using WordPress, the most popular blogging software on the web today?

I am sure you are because that’s why your here right now in the first place.

Enough said already. Lets move on to Step #1.

Step #1: Choose a niche your passionate about.

I was blow away by how powerful choosing the right niche really is. Here’s why? Why start something you have NO interest in. Remember, your going to be producing content about a topic and if you have no interest in it your setting yourself up for failure. By choosing a niche your passionate about you’ll love blogging about it every day or every other day.

Believe me, this is the most important step to understand so choose wisely.

Step #2: Register a domain name around your niche.

Now don’t let this step scare you. It very easy to register a Domain Name. Here’s what you do.

Go to – www.domainsbot.com – and enter in one of your main keywords related to your niche. For example – self improvement. From there Domains Bot will search its database of all available domain names around your keyword phrase and present you with the results. It doesn’t get any easier then this.

Once that is done and you have found a domain name you like that is focused around your niche it’s time now to register it with one of the domain registry services Domains Bot has built in to its service. To do this simply click on the ?Buy Now’ button. From there choose a domain register and set up an account, then proceed to follow to steps it guides you through. It’s that easy.

Once you’ve finished that move on to Step #3.

Step #3: Get a web hosting account set up.

Setting up a hosting account is easy as well. Things that are new to us always seen difficult, just be patient and follow the steps each service has in place for you. So with that said it’s time now to set up your web hosting account.

First go to – www.bighosts.com . Here you’ll find web hosting reviews so you can make a sound decision on which web hosting service you want to use. Take your time and read through a few of the reviews.

Once you have selected a web hosting service and set up your web hosting account and have followed there emailed instructions for adding your new domain name to your web hosting account and making it live on the web proceed to Step #4.

Step #4: Install wordpress blogging software using Fantastico through your cpanel.

Assuming you are logged into your web hosting account and things are working smoothly with your new domain name it is now time to install WordPress using Fantastico. What you need to do now is login into your cpanel(Control Panel) using your login information you set up with your web host and scroll down the page and locate the Fantastico icon.

Click on the icon and follow the instructions Fantastico guides you through. This only takes about 2 – 5 minutes. Its very straight forward.

Once you’ve completed that and have everything installed you’ll be given an login admin URL along with your username and password you set up. Simply login into your new wordpress blog using your username and password.

That’s it. Your blog is up and live. Now all you have to do is choose your theme and plugins.

Here’s a few resources for you to get started with. For WordPress Themes go to – www.wpthemesfree.com – and for WordPress Plugins go to – www.wp-plugins.net/beta/.

Now this may take you a little more then 15 minutes the first time around but after you do this a few times your timing will increase.

Remember, these are just the basic steps to setting up your WordPress blog using Fantastico and getting it online.

Looking to become an expert blogger in record time AND are serious about earning BIG money with blogging, then I highly recommend you check out my honest make money blogging product reviews. I’ve checked out all the top blogging products on the Internet and these are the ones that I think will benefit you most ==> http://www.makemoneybloggingreviews.com

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Authority Pro – Blogging Made Easy

Blogging has become a way of life for many people and many times they are able to generate a nice income from it. A great thing about blogging is that it allows you to express your thoughts, interests, and feelings but a problem is getting people to visit your blog. Well now a free WordPress plugin has been created called Authority Pro Squeeze Page Generator. This plugin helps bloggers obtain and retain subscribers. What’s that mean? It means repeat visitors! It means that smaller bloggers now have a chance to get their blog known!

The good thing about blogs is that anyone can create one for any reason. The problem, though, is that because of this there is more competition. This means bloggers have to stand out of the crowd. Authority Pro allows bloggers the opportunity to say ‘hey, I am somebody worth listening to!’. Unlike many product creators, this products creators got it done it with bloggers in mind!

Authority Pro has simplified blogging in the sense that this product allows for more effectiveness and push button easiness. It allows you to produce stunning WordPress pages on a whim and alter them with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you’ve been doing it manually before then you know just how much easier this tool can make your blogging life. It is relatively easy to mess up a whole blog because you ‘thought’ you know what you where doing with the .css.

Luckily, Authority Pro takes out all the guesswork and technical know-how and does it with suprisingly affordability. At only , this product is worth so much more. Don’t think so? Well look at what you get:

1. A license to use this WordPress theme

2. Outstanding squeeze page generator that’s definitely worth more than . The squeeze page alone allows you to customize it enough that you may never find another squeeze page like it.

3. Greatly optimized for search engine optimization.

4. Also, to convert that traffic coming in, customization of the squeeze pages allow you to create and modify them with ease.

5. Integration with Aweber and Getresponse is as simple as one field…yes, just one field

You can get the WordPress Squeeze Page plugin for free and is definitely worth the time.

Ultimately, the Authority Pro theme is incredibely powerful and can easily help struggling marketers earn their first profits or increase their existing profits. If your looking to do either one then this is the must have tool that will literally do it for you.

Make sure to download the free WordPress plugin stay tuned for more discussions on this theme and discover the full potential of this product.


Download the free Authority Pro WordPress plugin here.

Find further information about information products focused on how to make money online.


Jason Whitfield – OfficialProductLaunch.com


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Is Your Small Business Blogging Yet?

Do?you know over 60% of Internet users regularly get their information from blogs that they subscribe to?

Does your business have a blog? Are you sharing information with your readers about what it is that you do and how you can help them build and grow their business? Do you have a wonderful tool, product, service, or widget that can be a money or time saver for other small businesses?

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to get the message of your business and service out to the world. It is no longer?just a way for people to share ?thoughts, pictures, recipes, wedding? and vacation plans online with friends and family.

Business blogging is a very powerful marketing tool and every major industry uses blogs to ensure that their customers and clients are kept abreast of new developments and just about any other kind of news that?needs to be available on the internet 24 hours a day. If you are not leveraging the Internet to market to a global audience and give?your small business a decisive competitive edge, you are very likely leaving a lot of money on the table.

Combine blogging with social media marketing and you can literally explode your online presence in a very short time. By committing to posting to your blog at least 3 times a week you will create a wealth of content that can be used to advertise your services and build trust and rapport with your prospects. And search engines love blogs that are updated regularly!

By leveraging the Internet, your small business can get more done and complete effectively in a global marketplace, but this can be time consuming, and often confusing?for a small business. That’s where outsourcing can help. Blogging is one of the services a?highly technically savvy Virtual?Assistance?firm?can handle with ease.

There are a number of great blogging platforms available today with the most popular being WordPress and the list below will help you get started with your blog.

A common checklist of blogging tehnologies that you may need to get started:?

Domain Name. I use and recommend GoDaddy?for domain name purchases, but NOT for hosting. Be sure to purchase most extensions of your domain name such as dot com, dot net, dot biz, etc., to ensure that your name and brand is protected. Each domain name will cost about annually.
Hosting for your website. I use and recommend HostGator?for hosting. Depending on the plan you need, your cost range from .95 to .95 per month. If you need a toll free number?this is also available on their largest hosting package. You will be able to install WordPress from your cpanel using the Fantastico application. This is easy and quick.
Premium WordPress Templates. I have several companies that I use a lot, but these are two of my favorites: Elegant Themes
WordPress Dream Theme

If your website/blog will be functioning as a membership site, now or in the future, I consider WishList Member an essential plugin.
Shopping Cart. 1ShoppingCart incorporates all of the tools your business needs to market and sell online in a single, easy-to-use web-based solution. If you need an affiliate program, you can build that in your shopping cart. The basic plan (I don’t recommend anything below this plan) will cost per month and the professional plan, which includes affiliate marketing, is .00 per month. You can also make application here for a payment gateway through Authorize.net?or PowerPay so that you can accept credit card payments on your website.
PayPal account?for accepting payments if you don’t currently have a payment gateway. This is free and you will only pay a fee when a payment is made. You will be able to use your PayPal account in place of a payment gateway if you prefer.
Newsletter or email marketing software. Two excellent tools for this are Aweber and Constant Contact.
Social Media Profiles.?KnowEm Username Check?allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 400 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does. They offer free and premium plans. LinkedIn Profile (FREE)
Facebook Fan Page for Your Business. (FREE)
Twitter Account. (FREE) For branding purposes we use and recommend TweetPages?for a very professional Twitter background. They can also?create? ?and Facebook designs. Tell Matt I sent you!
Gmail account ? you will need this for various services such as Feedburner, Google Analytics, Google Maps, etc.

Essential WordPress Plugins. The WordPress community has developed thousands?of plugins and themes. If you haven’t tried out WordPress plugins yet, you owe it to yourself and your blog to give them a try. They’re amazingly easy to set up and can boost the functionality of WordPress to an astonishing degree. You will install these directly from your WordPress control panel: Yoast Breadcrumbs?(FREE)
All in One SEO Pack?(FREE)
Google XML Sitemaps?(FREE)
WP DB Backup?(FREE)
WordPress Database Backup?(FREE)
Advertising Manager?(FREE)
Bad Behavior?(FREE)

Are you ready to start building?

If you are interested in tackling this project on your own and want to learn how to build a seriously professional WordPress website/blog my best recommendation is that you?sign?up for the next?Go For Your Dream WordPress Website Workshop.?This 4 week online e-course takes you step-by-step through the process of building your website using the Premium Dream Theme. There’s also an additional 2 weeks of basic training?bonus modules on 1shoppingcart, Authorize.net, PayPal, and installing a Membership site. I highly recommend this training.

Too much information! I can’t even begin to tackle a project like this.

Another alternative is to have us build it for you. We are a Web Development company paired with a Virtual Assistance?firm. What does this mean? It means that we do it all, from concept to launch. Our websites are turnkey, meaning that your social media marketing is built in, your branding is complete and all you have to do is blog! And we train you on?the backend?of your website/blog so you are in control of your content.

For a free 20 minute consultation please call us at 888-719-6711 or use our contact page. We are here to help!

Denise Griffitts is a nationally recognized virtual assistance industry expert, thought leader, VA coach and mentor. She is also a web developer and online entrepreneur who believes that any person with the knowledge, skills, ideas, drive and the ability to mobilize resources can create a high impact business.

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A New Era In Blogging – The Future Of WordPress

In the part of the decade, the online world was fused to a new form of authors. These were the first crusaders of blogging. It was not long before WordPress blogs started showing up all over the world. With its powerful website CMS that enabled better blogging systems and a more intuitive interface, WordPress soon become the blogging software of choice.

WordPress was often just seen as blogging software. Few seen it as anymore than just a way to post a few personal notes. It was basically the first twitter. But an increasing number of marketers are finding that you can also use to create a tremendous amount of money in a very short amount of time. The most powerful function of WordPress lies in its ability to manage large amounts of text, audio and video content. After a dozen pages it becomes difficult to manage a static HTML site. Although you can use template-driven software as well like SBI or DreamWeaver, nothing beats the ease of WordPress.When it comes to ease of use, you will find no other software that can beat it.

In its native form, it does come with some useful tools and you can find a lot of useful free plugins that can increase it usefulness. Yet there is nothing that can come close to using premium blogging tools which easily transform the creation of a static website, an article directory, a WordPress based membership site system, a complete e-commerce site, an auction sites, a portfolio site and so much more. As a matter of fact you can also just about use it for anything. SEO, no worries, there are even premium themes created that can box with the best of them. Google is pleased.

Search Engine Optimization is another important element. By default, WordPress is pretty good at optimizing and creating SEO friendly content. However you can also get more serious and utilize simple WordPress plugins to further increase your SEO rankings and get better Yahoo or Google rankings.

Flexibility is one of its main strengths. Within minutes you can switch between hundreds of themes, plugins and widgets. You can do this all for free. Is there any software on the market that can boast free plugins, themes and widgets?

If you aren’t using WordPress, then I have one questions for you. Why not? The learning curve has reduced substantially in the past 3 years. A newbie can easily setup a blog within minutes. I am not kidding when I say in minutes, because when I first started blogging, I knew nothing about WordPress. It took me about 30 minutes to get my WordPress installed and publish my first post.

2009 and 2010 will be a new era for WordPress. The future of blogging will be WordPress. If you do a search on the internet you will find so many programs and systems that are geared to the success of someone using WordPress. Developers are creating some amazing software that can literally do anything you want with it. No matter your needs or ideas, there is a plugin that can make it happen. Some are paid and others are free, but none the less it can be done and it can be done well.

Vetio Vee is a specialist in internet marketing. His insights and views have helped others succeed in an industry that was once off limits to newbies. Join him at www.article-keywords.com scroll to the end of the article and click on WordPress Wizard 2.0 to grab your WordPress Tutorial Videos!

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Blogging for Profit using the WordPress SEO plugin

Blogging For Profit, WordPress, SEO, Blog

Blogging for Profit using a WordPress SEO plugin

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked about Blogging for Profitis “How do I increase traffic to my blog?”

The answer is the “All in One SEO Pack” wordpress plugin.

By now, you probably know the power of WordPress when it comes to getting your sites ranked in the search engines for all the keywords you want…

Google seems to have a love affair with WordPress, and you need to be using that to your full advantage.

This free plugin can help you dominate rankings, and sometimes, it happens almost overnight.

This simple little plugin can help separate you from the pack and have your competition eating your dust.

It seriously does wonders – you have to check it out for yourself firsthand… and like I said, it’s totally free!

There are more plugins like this – several in fact that can help you transform your blogs into traffic sucking, cash machines in just a couple of clicks.

If you don’t know what they are or where to find them then head over to www.BlogProfitClass.com, and I’ll tell you what they are.

I’ll show you exactly which plugins to use to set your servers on fire with new traffic to your blogs – and I’ll even show you how to install, configure, and use them.

So get over to www.BlogProfitClass.com today to discover all the plugins YOU should be using on your WordPress blogs, and for all kinds of other sneaky WordPress tricks to get more traffic.

Steve Blogger is eager to help other blogger make some extra cash from their blogs. Join our members to share tips and hints. Head on over to:

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tinyurl.com Click Here to Get Started!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

WordPress Blogging SEO Tips for 2011: Part One

Well since we currently use WordPress at SEOBestTips.com, I’ve decided that it would be great to blog a series of informative posts on distinct WordPress SEO techniques, strategies, plugins, widgets and more. There are thousands of WordPress blogs being created daily and many of those users have not the slightest idea where to start when it comes to internet marketing.

But, if your reading this, you know that it is something that is required to be profitable. Being such an critical part of your websites success or failure means that you need to get informed hastily. Luckily, WP is one of the easiest to use platforms for SEO implementation and optimization. It is easily customizable and there are many great themes out there that are faithful to quality SEO efforts on-page; some are even free!

This part 1 of the WordPress SEO Series is going to zoom in on “Website Start-up SEO”

Let’s break it down into segments and work on making sure our fundamentals are covered when setting up your WordPress blog for use before you begin filling content.

First SEO tactics: Phase = domain purchased, fresh WordPress directory

Turn off all Ping services (Go to – tools – writing)

There’s no reason to be pinging your website domain to any services until you have some decent content. It’s recommended to have at least 15 web pages of unique content before pinging any services; including search engines, blog platforms.

Build your meta tags customized to your researched keyword targets (Go to -tools -general)

Make sure to have a list of keywords and phrases based off your Google research for these areas. That list will also be used with SEO plugins later.

Designate a customized Permalink structure (Go to -tools -permalinks)

It’s best to use a simple format like /%postname%/ and then customize your permalink to match the keywords in each post. Such as a post about Google Keywords would be the most effective if http://www.seobesttips.com/google-keywords-seo-tips/ = strong keywords in link are relevant to Google page search results

Download your WordPress Plugins and then upload theme

Plugins are needed for the following:

Database backup
Website Cache – greatly speeds up website performance
SEO title tags and more – we recommended All In One Seo Tools
PCRobots.txt – easy download and install for banning spam robots
Sitemap.xml – automates sitemap process
Permalink structure – so u can customize and ensure your links are keyword rich

There are a lot of all in one type plugins that can realy enrich and make your WordPress superior in search engine optimization and internet marketing.? For that we recommend.

SEOPressor: #1 SEO WordPress Plugin

Now it will take you some time to go through all your plugins and make sure your WordPress is dialed in. Make the effort and keep every description or info box updated with your researched keywords and make it look natural.

Everything you do in SEO needs to be natural and authentic, don’t spam the same words, mix phrases and tenses to build a great overall campaign in your market.

Jamie Vars – Educating the masses with knowledge about internet marketing, search engine optimization, and blogging.

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Video Blogging and Video Comments Plugin for WordPress

With the recent times the blogging experience has evolved greatly and the blog lovers are continuously on the track of finding new and innovative ways and means of blogging creatively over their topics of interest. As a result of this, video blogging has developed greatly as a new way to blog among the blog lovers. WordPress has also come up with various video blog plugins which help in creating unique featured blogs quickly in no time. And when there are several plugins for creating video blogs, there has be some great ones for commenting on video blogs as well.

The main beneficial feature of creating a video blog is that one is eliminated from the need of keeping all the spell checks and grammar checks in mind while blogging and can creatively create a video in their own voice and blog easily about any topics of their interest. And of course, even if you wish to past comments on such video blogs there are several video comments plugins which are good with wordpress. Let us have a look at stylish features of some of the best video plugins and video comment plugins.

Contus Video Comments:

Contus Video Comments is a great and easily installable wordpress video comment plugin that lets individual paste video comments easily instead of word comments. All it requires is RED5 or FMS to store the video comments. The user will be required to provide the server path from their wordpress settings page and they are done. Whoof! Some of its smart features include its support for RED5 and FMS server, easy setup which is very user friendly and it stores the video comment very easily once it is finished and does not take much time to upload the same. It is scalable and has flexible re-record option.

Contus Flash Video Player Plugin:

Contus FLV plugin is still another similar free service which allows its users to create flash video in no time. One can also post video comments along with it. This FLV video player plug is very easy to download, user friendly and lets the user have complete control through its admin panel. It can play numerous formats of video blogs in wordpress including MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V formats. Its other user friendly feature includes smart tool tips, playlist option with sort order. The visitor can directly play youtube videos like a youtube player using Contus FLV WP plugin.

Comment Sorter:

It is yet another great WP video blog comment plugin which allows its users to manage the comments, trackbacks and pingbacks with great ease. It allows the user to sort the comments and post them in order which shows the latest comments on top rather than at bottom. You can also disallow the trackbacks and pingbacks and let your visitors see only the comments on your posts. You also have the ability to assign global options to your comments that you can’t normally do in the WordPress admin panel.? What you can creatively do using this video blog wordpress plugin is prevent the trackbacks form showing, sort comments by date ascending or descending, sort comments by name ascending or descending.

The Contus Vblog concept is all set to bring new revolution in the concept of VBlogging by bringing totally new and rich experience. With similar video blog software and wordpress video plugin you can explore the whole new horizons of wordpress video blogging and make your visitors love your video blogs too.

Sriram (a) Ram has more than 10 years of experience in IT Outsourcing Industry such as Software Development, Tech Support, Transition and IT infrastructure services

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www.gorankyourself.com HeadSpace2 SEO plugin for WordPress doess much more than just SEO. In this video I’ll show you how to use one of the advanced features to manage other plugins.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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