Are you looking for an easy way to boost your profits?

Affiliate and Joint Venture?(JV) programs are a proven method of generating essential traffic and sales.

But there is HUGE competition for good affiliates and JV partners.

That’s why you need to offer them something extra special. A solution that makes it easy for them to promote for you, using high quality ads that?really grab attention.

And that’s why you need JV Blog Pro!

This powerful software allows you to create an unlimited number of high quality photo ads for your products/services.

It then automatically creates a special WordPress plugin that will display the ads on any WordPress blog.

You give the plugin away to your affiliates and JV partners, who simply upload the plugin to their blogs (just like any other plugin) and then enter their affiliate ID. The plugin then shows your ads on the affiliates’ blogs, automatically.

Your affiliates and JV partners earn easy commissions, while you generate lots of extra sales. And it all happens on autopilot!

Many bloggers?now show Adsense (or similar) ad units at the top of their blog pages, as an easy way to generate revenue.

Photo ads are fully compatible with Adsense terms and can be used on the same pages as Adsense ads.

Photo ads are normally?shown below each blog post, leaving the space at the top of the page free for Adsense or other ad units.

However the blog owner can choose to show the photo ads above their blog?posts instead if they prefer, just by changing a single setting on the WordPress “Settings” menu.

This flexibility means your affiliates can place your photo ads on their blogs,?without affecting their existing income.

This is one of the many new ways to generate traffic with internet marketing software.

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How to Choose a WordPress theme in 7 Easy Ways

If you are like me who like the WordPress interface, you must know some handy tips before you choose a wordpress theme for your blog.? WordPress themes are vastly available on the Internet. There are a wide variety of free WordPress themes that can be found. Go to Google and search for “free wordpress themes” and on the first page you can find some really good ones for your blog.How to choose one that will enhance the quality of your links and the propensity of people to buy is a task you need to undertake if you want to make money online

Below are some important features of a WordPress Blog that I think you should have (not need; ok this doesn’t apply to all but essentially half of it). Read on to find out more.

Probably the most important thing is that the browser is compatible across browsers.? When you build a site, look at it in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.? If you are neither a fan of using them, check with Chrome and Safari. Check it out on PCs and Macs if you can.? You don’t want anyone’s experience on your website to be diminished because the theme is not compatible with their browser.
You want your word press theme to load quickly.? Completed graphics and videos will lag website loading. If you are using a free theme, try loading someone else’s site that uses the theme before you take the trouble to put it on your own site.? If the CSS is compressed, this can speed page load time.
The next feature you want to look for is the ability to add widgets to your word press theme.? Now this issue is contentious, but I think widgets are good especially those 125 x 125 ad banners. Widgets also allow scripts like HTML or Javascripts. One of the great features of the word press software is the availability of add on scripts called widgets.? These are extremely easy to upload.? But, if your theme can’t handle widgets easily, it’s not worth it, even if it has a nice look.
Is the theme SEO optimized?? It doesn’t matter how good your content is if the search engines can’t find it.? I highly recommend the WordPress Plugin All-In-One-SEO Plugin. Some things to check for as far as SEO compatible themes include an emphasis on content rather than graphics, have HTML validation, and should display post extracts on archive and category pages.
Make sure your word press theme has a search capability.? Enabling a search feature allows your visitors to browse through other articles or content. This is a basic item, but there are still some themes that don’t have the compatibility for search.
Is the theme already overused?? If too many marketers are already using the theme, your web site might have a “me too” feel.? If you are code savvy, then consider modifying your theme a little to make it more unique.
If you plan to have ads on your site ? either banner ads or Adsense ? make sure that the theme supports them in its design.

Bearing in mind the above tips, it should guide you on how to choose a WordPress theme for your blog. If you are still contemplating on using WordPress for your blog, one more last tip for you to ponder on.. Google loves WordPress 😉 Cheers!

To Your Success,


Bryan Wong YH

For More articles, please visit my blog at Earn Money From Home Blog

My website can be found here. Earn Money From Home

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Not many people know how to install a free autoresponder in WordPress. Instead they spend large sums of monthly fees when they only have a few subscribers (if any). I decided to share a way to build a free autoresponder with a WordPress site. This video assumes you already have a working WordPress website installed and running.
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Authority Pro – Blogging Made Easy

Blogging has become a way of life for many people and many times they are able to generate a nice income from it. A great thing about blogging is that it allows you to express your thoughts, interests, and feelings but a problem is getting people to visit your blog. Well now a free WordPress plugin has been created called Authority Pro Squeeze Page Generator. This plugin helps bloggers obtain and retain subscribers. What’s that mean? It means repeat visitors! It means that smaller bloggers now have a chance to get their blog known!

The good thing about blogs is that anyone can create one for any reason. The problem, though, is that because of this there is more competition. This means bloggers have to stand out of the crowd. Authority Pro allows bloggers the opportunity to say ‘hey, I am somebody worth listening to!’. Unlike many product creators, this products creators got it done it with bloggers in mind!

Authority Pro has simplified blogging in the sense that this product allows for more effectiveness and push button easiness. It allows you to produce stunning WordPress pages on a whim and alter them with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you’ve been doing it manually before then you know just how much easier this tool can make your blogging life. It is relatively easy to mess up a whole blog because you ‘thought’ you know what you where doing with the .css.

Luckily, Authority Pro takes out all the guesswork and technical know-how and does it with suprisingly affordability. At only , this product is worth so much more. Don’t think so? Well look at what you get:

1. A license to use this WordPress theme

2. Outstanding squeeze page generator that’s definitely worth more than . The squeeze page alone allows you to customize it enough that you may never find another squeeze page like it.

3. Greatly optimized for search engine optimization.

4. Also, to convert that traffic coming in, customization of the squeeze pages allow you to create and modify them with ease.

5. Integration with Aweber and Getresponse is as simple as one field…yes, just one field

You can get the WordPress Squeeze Page plugin for free and is definitely worth the time.

Ultimately, the Authority Pro theme is incredibely powerful and can easily help struggling marketers earn their first profits or increase their existing profits. If your looking to do either one then this is the must have tool that will literally do it for you.

Make sure to download the free WordPress plugin stay tuned for more discussions on this theme and discover the full potential of this product.


Download the free Authority Pro WordPress plugin here.

Find further information about information products focused on how to make money online.


Jason Whitfield –


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WordPess Security Tips: 2 Easy Ways to Keep Hackers At Bay!

It’s wise to collect good WordPress security tips so you know how to prevent hackers from wreaking havoc with your blog.

The more popular and successful you are online, the higher the chances that a troublemaker or out-and-out criminal will try to take your blog down.

Two of the easiest things you can do to keep hackers out are:

A) Change your WordPress password often


B) Change your WordPress admin username often

How often is often? Changing them once every 2-4 weeks is a good minimum.

It’s also important to change your password and admin username if someone helps you with your blog and needs your password and admin username to login to do the work. After all of the work is complete, IMMEDIATELY change your password and admin username. Even if the person is trustworthy, someone in their company might not be. Better to be safe than sorry!


1. Log into your WordPress blog and select the ‘Users’ icon in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Hovering over each icon will tell you which one is which. The ‘Users’ icon looks like a pawn in a chess game.

2. Hover over the ‘Users’ icon and you’ll see a drop-down list of options. Click on ‘Your Profile’.

3. At the bottom of the ‘Your Profile’ screen, you’ll see the entry boxes where you change your password.

4. Choose a password that is complex and thus hard to crack. The strength indicator on the screen will help you choose something suitable.

5. Make a note of your new password for the next time you sign in! I recommend the free or paid version of the secure software *Roboform* to remember your passwords.


Most WordPress bloggers do not change their admin username. They keep it at the default ‘admin’ or leave it at whatever they chose when they first installed WordPress.

Not good!

Changing the admin username is usually a tricky thing. Fortunately there is a great FREE WordPress plugin that makes it very simple.

1. Find and download the free plugin by searching for:

W-Shadow + Change Admin Username Plugin

2. Install the plugin in your blog(s).

After you install the plugin, a new option will appear in the drop-down list in ‘Users’ (the same icon you visited to change your password, as described above) called ‘Change Username’

3. Click on ‘Change Username’ and enter your new admin username into the simple screen that appears.

4. Write your username down so you don’t forget it!

Change your WordPress password and admin username, or at least your password, frequently and collect and use other good WordPress security tips to keep hackers out!

For more FREE WordPress Security Tips and information on how to use WordPress to create stellar money making sites, visit:

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Boost up your WordPress Affiliate Clickbank Plugin easy and upgraded

WordPress Affiliate Clickbank Plugin is a new wordpress plugin to create a lot of submissive income because wordpress has become an extremely popular web publishing tool for affiliates and vendors in a similar way. The software is for free that can be modified comprehensively that has a large group of people who develop free plugins and other pieces of functionality for it. This is a great option for anyone looking to make a website because wordpress and Clickbank are both very popular; it was s expected that developers would create Clickbank well-oriented plugins for wordpress.

Actually, WordPress Affiliate Clickbank Plugins because it is to extend the functionality of wordpress that offer a custom functions and features, so that each user can tailor their site to a specific need. Plugins are the one of the most valuable elements of wordpress platform, so you can download a fresh version of wordpress with the plugins you select, or just a zip of all your favorite plugins. Aside from this a Clickbank Hop Ad is another plugin that let you display HopAds on your WordPress site, another one is the DLGuard Hop Ad a type of plugin that allows you to integrate the popular product into your wordpress site, so you can protect product downloads or manage a membership site.

The good thing about this kind of connection is the plugins that gives Adsense to slap that deserves and blows it right out into water and it is the perfect alternative to Adsense because it inserts several Clickbank ads and these Clickbank Ads will match up with the content in each of your blog post. Just remember this and make a note that Clickbank is not to create any of these plugins, we cannot even provide a support for them, and cannot guarantee for their effectiveness because plugin authors directly for support, and always make sure that a plugin is compatible with your version of wordpress before installing. So you must think before use Adsense on your blog, because there is more profitable way to make more money which is through Clickbank and you can make money better than Adsense with his Clickbank Ads that you run on your blog.

Moreover, make sure that when connecting your wordpress and Clickbank plugins, check the capability of each program as to download or install in your site, this is a good idea to have in the wordpress because we can take advantage to display our selected programs, although more and more plugins are starting to use different techniques for any wordpress user, plugins are essential and luckily there is already a small amount of plugins, but readers will suggest something that had yet to be implemented as a plugin. A set of plugins and themes for wordpress that work together to run a wordpress blog into more content management system and each plugin is activated separately, so if you want to use a couple of plugins, you can do without running the plugins you don’t want.

How to Use a Membership Site to Build Your Online Business – WordPress Plugin Makes it Easy to Do

Membership sites, powered by a WordPress plug-in, have now made it so simple that anyone can set one up. I currently have eight of these sites, and I use them in different ways to serve the needs of my students and to create income for my online business. You can do the same exact thing if you think about what you will offer your clients, how you will deliver the information to them, and how you will continue to increase your profits and revenue.

The first site I set up for my members had three different levels of membership. This was confusing for me to work with, so I recommend setting up just one level of membership when you are just getting started. This will allow you to add content and to develop your site fully before you begin learning the details of how it works with members at various levels of access.

Adding content is the easiest part. I write lots of articles, so I include links to the ones that will be helpful to the people who have come to me for information on that particular niche topic. I want to offer them as much information and as many resources as possible so they will think of me as the one who can best serve their needs. I also add audio recordings and short videos to explain exactly what they need to know.

Anytime I create a product, I now set up a membership site to deliver the information to the clients. Instead of having a download page that could end up being shared across the Internet, I have it all set up so that they are able to log in and receive the information as they need and want it. You can limit how many computers can access the site, so people will not share with anyone other than their business partner. This works extremely well when you have lots of information you want to deliver over time. It also allows you to add content over time, making your site even more valuable to the members.

I like to offer my program at a one time price, instead of having people pay me by the month. You receive more money up front this way, and a few months down the road you will have enough content to be able to offer it as a monthly subscription. This will build recurring income for your online business for years to come.

And now I invite you to find out more about setting up your own membership site by visiting Membership Site Plugin to see how a WordPress plugin can turn your site into a membership site right away, allowing you to create passive income on the Internet.

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The WordPress Bar is a Plugin for WordPress that adds similar functionality as Digg’s Diggbar to your blog. Watch this video for a quick overview.

WordPress Plugin – An Easy Way To Enhance Functionalities Of Your Blog

Webmasters who use WordPress must know what plug-in means. Basically plug-ins are small programs that can be incorporated into a blogging site to extend its functionalities.

Different plug-ins serve different purposes. For instance, Akismet is the name of a plug-in which is designed to protect your WordPress blog from spam comments while Platinum SEO Plug-in is for you who need a complete SEO solution.

Lots of WP plug-ins are available for free. However, there are also many types that require you to invest some money in procuring them. WP Robot is one of the most popular paid plug-ins. It enables you to develop your blog automatically by grabbing different kinds of contents from different resources.

Installing a plug-in can be accomplished very easily. Just get the one that satisfies your need, upload it to your server and then activate it. However, although most of the time plug-ins can be put into use directly, many will require you to adjust some further settings.

Keep in mind that before installing any plug-in you need to make sure first that it is compatible with the WordPress version you are using. Some plug-ins may also conflict with others so it is wise to perform some tests after activating them.

Another thing that should not be forgotten is to always update all of your plug-ins in order to fix any bugs. There is a plug-in that will enable you to do it easily.

Notice that besides plug-in, there are also small applications that are termed as widget. The difference is a widget deals with your blog template, not the php code. Similar with plugin, every widget is also intended to perform a certain function.

As a blog owner it is your job to increase the functionality, usability and performance of your blog. For this purpose you should choose plug-ins as well as widgets that fit your needs. – The place to host unlimited web sites under one hosting account. It also provides other features such as unlimited bandwidth.

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