Make Money with WordPress: 7 Tools that are Essential

There are many ways to use the free blogging platform WordPress to make money.

From creating simple salespages to business blogs to article directories to paid forums to fancy e-stores, there is actually very little you can’t do with WordPress when you have the right tools and step-by-step instructions.

*7 Essential Tools to Create a Money-Making WordPress Blog*

1. Keyword Research Tool – Use the free service offered by Google or invest in something more comprehensive like Market Samurai. Keyword research is essential if you want to figure out what potential customers are looking for and how to word things to attract visitors to your site

2. Domain Name(s) and Paid Hosting – AVOID free with both! If you are serious about making money online you need to have full control over your site(s)

3. Latest Version of WordPress Installed On Your Site(s)

4. WordPress ‘Plugins’ That Help with Marketing – WordPress out-of-the-box lacks some of the features you need if you want to make money online. Plugins are pieces of code, often free, that you can easily add to your blog to make it do all kinds of helpful things.

5. WordPress ‘Theme’ Appropriate for the Niche – WordPress themes are pieces of code you add to your blog that changes the way it appears overall. Some of the better themes cost money but the investment can be very worthwhile.

6. Autoresponder Service – AVOID free ones! You need a reliable service and none of the free ones are reliable, flexible or safe enough, no matter what you have read.

7. Free Report/Offer of Some Kind – Offer something of value for free on your blog in exchange for personal information. This is where your autoresponder comes in handy to capture names of people who may become loyal customers over time.

Other Essential Tools:

– affiliate link cloaker if you are selling other people’s products

– digital download security service, like DL Guard, if you are selling your own digital products like ebooks and software

– social media accounts – sign up with sites like Twitter to promote your blog(s) – accounts with article directories like – article marketing is key to getting traffic to your site!

– article distribution service so you can broadcast your articles to many different directories quickly

– video distribution account to distribute videos you create

There are many other tools to consider if you are serious about making money with your WordPress blog(s) but that covers the basics. Good luck!

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The Essential Guide To Building A Website And Make It Run Faster


The first thing every website should have is caching. WordPress is a very flexible tool – it can be changed very easily. This includes the design and the content of the website.

But this flexibility costs something. It is slower than traditional static Html pages. That is why we need a cache.

A website cache simply converts dynamic WordPress pages to static pages. Those static pages are faster to load and display for the user. “WP Super Cache” WordPress plugin is the most downloaded and used plugin for caching. It is easy to install and maintain. When you install the plugin, do not forget to set it ON.

Note also, that in the configuration page, there is a button you must hit to apply the cache settings to your hosting account. It is in the section “Mod Rewrite Rules”.

It is also good to enable a compression – see the section “Super Cache Compression”.

Consolidation and compression

WordPress websites tend to have complex pages. They include pictures, various plugins and other files (CSS files, JS files, etc.). It takes time to load all these components and display them in a browser.

And this is where the Minify WordPress plugin comes in. Minify plugin combines and compresses JS and CSS files to improve page load time. The Minify engine returns a consolidated and compressed script or style to use by WordPress.

For example, instead of loading 10 files, a browser only loads 5 files, thus the page is displayed faster.


What gets measured, gets done. Bear this in mind even before you start optimizing your website. Use tools like Page Speed (which is a Firefox plugin, recommended by Google), or similar tool, Yslow.

These tools will not only evaluate the performance of your web pages but also present suggestions on how to improve them.

Last tips

Do not work too hard on the website performance, and do not spend too much time on it. Implement just those 20% things that will get you 80% results. I believe that these two plugins are those 20% you need.

Do not push it to the limit, unless you have hundreds of visitors a day. And if it is the case, you should afford to hire a professional help and invest in better hosting or dedicated server and other things

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Essential WordPress 2.3 Plugins

With the addition of the Plugin Update Notification into WordPress 2.3, it is now more important than ever before that plugin authors maintain and update their plugins on a regular basis. Failure to do so may see their plugin dropped from while user’s migrate to other more up-to-date plugins.

Some of the most popular WordPress plugins have already been tested and listed as WordPress 2.3 compatible plugins. Sadly many will never be compatible as their authors have given up development.

Developing a successful and popular blog or website is made easier by using WordPress, even more so now that canonical redirection and update notifications are included by default. Bloggers wishing to grow their site, increase traffic, manage content, and monetize their pages will however need to install some of the excellent plugins available. Here’s a short list of must have plugins:

“Akismet v2.02”, without this many bloggers quickly become bogged down in dealing with spam. The Akismet plugin sends a query to the Akismet servers with every comment posted and checks the users email address and their comment for spam. Akismet will automatically reject spam giving webmasters peace of mind and restoring ‘blogging innocence’.

“Backup WordPress”, the easiest and quickest way to backup your entire WordPress install, including database, themes, uploads, in fact even the entire site with core files. We all know operating a popular site requires time and effort, and when a site goes down its good to know you have a backup.

“No follow case by case”, for webmasters who really don’t want comment authors getting any link juice from their hard won efforts to build their PR. Linking to potentially bad neighborhoods or sites that aren’t in your niche can damage our site’s SERPs, luckily the no follow tag is honored by most major search engines. No follow case by case allows you to select any comment link that shouldn’t be followed, or leave the default setting which automatically applies the no follow tag to all comment links.

“Google Sitemaps Generator”, designed to work with Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search, this plugin will generate your sitemap in plain text and compressed format, then ping Google, and Yahoo when you update your site. The generated sitemap will also include a priority rating for each entry based on the number of comments received.

“Mint Popular Posts” utilizes Mint, one of the best tracking packages for complete analysis of your website traffic. Find out which pages your visitors are reading, which links they’re clicking, which ad’s they’re clicking, and more.

Did I miss important plugins? Yes, what about Advertising plugins? for plugins which support AdSense, there are 2 plugins that are listed in the plugin compatibility list at the time this article written, they are “AdSense Deluxe” and “AdSense Manager”, but here is another new plugin but it’s not free (although it’s pretty cheap), “DynamicAds”, it’s compatible with WordPress 2.3 and one of the the plugin’s features allows you to control how you want to rotate your ads in various locations on your site.

Those are the essential plugins that need to be firstly installed to your WordPress website.

This article was written by DynamicAds, DynamicAds is an Ad Placements Rotator plugin for WordPress that is fully compatible with WordPress 2.3, it allows you to control how you want to rotate your ads at various locations on your site. Visit us at

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WordPress Plugin – Essential Web Tool For Online Success

Word-Press is a blogging platform. It is so popular that it supports almost over 120 million blogs existing at present. It has become a web entity in itself. The quality of the blogs and various features that it allows has made Word-Press a top ranking platform and links generated from the Word-Press has value in ranking your web-page or website.

However, amidst this mind boggling number of blogs, how come search engines are going to make your post stand apart and attract web traffic? Answer to this question lies with Word-Press website designer. These designers can utilize certain plug-ins that help in search engine optimization and increasing website ranking.

Plug-ins are a small set of programs that work in coordination with the main program or host application. Plug-ins caters for very specifically intentioned features. They are also known as add-ons. Basically plug-ins allows other users to enhance the application and improve upon its interactive user friendliness. Here are some of the essential and latest Word-Press plug-ins.

1. All in one plug-ins: This is the most essential plug-in. This allows choosing keywords and a title for your post. It also tracks duplicate posts. It allows customization of post tags. Its user friendliness has made it the most popular and essential plug-in of all times.

2. SEO Ultimate: This plug-in allows you to automatic internal and external linking. It allows setting anchor text and title re-writer feature. It allows meta-tags and checks for duplicity.

3. Picasa album uploader: This allows directly loading Picasa files from your desktop to Word-Press. This plug-in provides for a button to be installed into Google Picasa toolbar. Downloading the button and customizing the toolbar makes Word-Press photo loading and navigation very easy.

4. Syn Highlight: This plug-in is for syntax highlighting in WordPress blog posts and comments. This can be done easily in graphical user interface without any need of coding. Highlighting options are provided easily and can be customized.

5. Store locator 1.2.38: This allows Google maps to search for stores and locations. This plug-in is easily manageable and effective. Though its utility is limited; some specific store allocator applications can prove to be very handy for the purpose.

6. GD Star Rating 1.8.0 MMX: This plug-in is for post, page and comment rating. It supports different image sets, rating moderation, multi ratings, vote rules, templates, trend calculations and rendering. This plug-in can be integrated with comments for making a review website.

7. Sidebar email form: This plug-in allows for sending emails from any page without navigating to the actual contact page. It is Ajax based and needs captcha verification.

8. WordPress mobile edition: This plug-in provides for interface between mobiles, smart phones and PDAs. It caters for advance mobile browsers with regular enhancements. With improved mobility and increasing intensive penetration of wireless devices, this plug-in is proving to be very important feature of Word-Press.

9. Share This: Visitors can share their content with bookmarking sites. They can even email the post to their friends.

10. Link Harvest: This plug-in will scan through all your posts and compile a list of all links provided on the posts. Further, it will create a roll and monitor linking activity from these links. This plug-in is not very user friendly.

This list is not exhaustive. These are only the latest and the most essential plug-ins. More and more programmers and Word-Press users are coming up with advanced plug-ins to enhance Word-Press usability quotient. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Word-Press website designers have a goldmine of plug-ins that can help them optimize their website or webpage ranking.

We back all of our web services by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are affordable and award winning Vancouver website designers, a full time, professional Vancouver website company with professional BC website designers offering specializing in web programming with free hosting and free front page search engine rankings with all the websites we create, Todd.

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Simple Tags ? A WordPress Plugin That Is Simply Essential

If this Web 2.0 movement is about user-driven content and classifications and conventional web operations are all about winning the favor of search engine, what then is the Web 2.0 equivalent of keywords?? What will help ?users? in ?driving? particular content into specific classifications, much like how keywords help search engine spiders index web pages?


The answer: tags.


Indeed, tags are the keywords for the Web 2.0 movement.? Tags are very important in indexing content pages into appropriate categories.? Basically, the usage of tags determine whether your web pages will be placed in a category that people will look into when they?re searching for information about the subject matter.


Tags are also very important because they serve as links to a chain that extends throughout the World Wide Web.? Content from all over the internet are interconnected via the tags assigned to them.? This interconnection makes it easy for internet users to jump from one website to yours.? It will also make it easy for your own visitors to jump from page to page in your website.


WordPress, the leading blogging platform today, employs a tagging feature by default.? However, such a feature is terribly limited.? For starters, WordPress? tagging feature will require you to enter tags in custom fields before such words can be accredited as tags.? Also, the placement of these tags are beyond customization, by default.


Simple Tags is a WordPress plugin that seeks to remedy such limitations.? With Simple Tags, WordPress bloggers can now do the following:


-????????? Use the in-post tagging feature that will allow users to assign tags as they compose a blog entry.

-????????? Display a tag cloud on their blog pages.

-????????? Import tags from other WordPress plugins with similar purposes, like Ultimate Tag Warrior.

-????????? Display list of blog entries that feature the same tags as the ones used on the current page.

-????????? Display a ?related tags? feature when visitors browse through the blog?s pages.

-????????? Add tags as META keywords automatically.

-????????? Implement tags by simply embedding codes (i.e. [tag] and [/tag]) while typing.

Based on the amazing features made possible by Simple Tags, the benefits of this WordPress plugin are immense.? Not only will these added features lead to better search engine optimization for the blog?s pages, they will also make it easy for visitors to find content relevant to what they?re looking for ? content which can be found in the blog itself.? This way, visitor retention is improved, and reader loyalty is easily fostered.


Simple Tags is one of those essential WordPress plugins that no WordPress blog should do without in this day and age.? The importance of tags can never be undermined, and neither can the importance of this wonderful WordPress add-on.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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4 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your BlogIf you never created an WordPress blog before, then you probably don’t know which plugins to install.

WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform and it seems that won’t change anytime soon. Thanks to the plugin system, it’s very easy to implement new functionalities to our blog, without writing a single line of code.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins out there, but you need to pick the gems from the mud. As the blogging platform evolves, most WordPress plugins become obsolete due the lack of updates, which can become a nuisance.

So, without further delays, here are the nominees:

1. WP Super Cache: This nifty tool will make your pages load faster and generate static versions of your blog, which requires less CPU processing. This will allow your site to stay on a shared hosting account a little longer, allowing you to save money on the long run.

2. Simple Archives: It baffles me when bloggers write hundreds of pages and don’t bother creating an archive which shows all posts in chronological order. Besides giving your readers an easy way to check their favorite articles, it generates more page views for your blog.

3. Akismet: There are many anti-spam plugins out there but Akismet is still the best spam fighter. When you activate this plugin, you’ll kill 99% of the spam that targets your blog. This way, you can spend your time what you love most: creating content and interacting with your audience.

4. All in One Seo: If you optimize your blog properly for the search engines, you’ll get an influx of traffic without lifting a finger. Of course, you need to know how search engine optimization (seo) works and that takes time. Fortunately, this plugin does all the work for you. All you need to do is to give a title, a description and some keywords for each post you publish.

I didn’t mention any social plugins because because they deserve their own article.


Mike Grudar has been developing websites since 2001. His most recent websites are mini water pump and dissertation statistics. Check them out.

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Twenty Essential WordPress Plugins

Having created websites for several years now, I have found that having the proper tools with which to do your job make all the difference in your overall experience. The right tools will effect a higher level of quality and professionalism on your site. Of the tools that I have used that I have come to appreciate the most are the WordPress and Joomla content management systems. The nice thing about both of these content management systems is the fact they are both highly customizable platforms. Both platforms boast extremely large libraries of modular plugins that are available for download free of charge. Thus, one has the ability to take the functionality of their website in just about any direction in that all of these plugins are ready-made. After all, that is what modular means.

This article is about the top twenty essential WordPress plugins that I would highly recommend to anyone using the WordPress CMS. Keep in mind that these are listed in alphabetical order, not order of importance.

1) Add Widgets To Page. This plugin gives you WordPress blog the ability to add Widgets to your articles and not just to the sidebar. So for instance if you want to install a widget where other bloggers can submit potential guest posts, you can add this widget to an actual page where there is plenty of room for them to work as opposed to them having to write a blog post in the sidebar.

2) All in One SEO Pack. Instead of trying to keep up with basic SEO on your WordPress blog manually, the all in one SEO pack places fields for your Title, Description and Keywords meta tags at the bottom of your new post page. You can even drag it up and place it right beneath where you write so that you do not forget you basic SEO tags and every article gets optimized.

3) Chap Secure Login. Hide your password from over-the-shoulder snoops just taking a look out of sheer curiosity. This plugin cloaks your letters and characters so that they will not be recognized by uninvited visitors.

4) Feedburner Feedsmith. This plugin detects every route that one may use to access your WordPress feed and channels them all to your Feedburner feed. The nice thing about a Feedburner feed is that it can be monitized with AdSense, if you are interested in that type of thing.

5) Google XML Sitemaps. This is a great one. his plugin will automatically build a sitemap for you and submit it to all of the major search engines each and every time your site is modified. Functionality includes prioritizing which pages are crawled as well as feedback as to whether sitemap submission was successful or not. Definitely check this one out.

6) GTranslate. Why limit your guests to those who read your language exclusively? After all, we are all on the World Wide Web. There are more languages out there than any one of us can count. This plugin boasts the ability to translate your WordPress posts in to 58 of the most commonly spoken languages and 98% of internet users as of the date of this post. The only drawback is that sometimes, people will leave comments in other languages.

7) Hal HTML Widget. If you want to customize your sidebar with some HTML for a specific purpose such as an opt-in form or rotating ads, this makes it easy for those of us that want to go this route.

8) Login LockDown. This is a great plugin that assists in protecting against those brute force attacks where some script on some server in some country decides it is going to crack your installation. This plugin reduces the number of login attempts from a specific IP range to a small finite number. This one is definitely essential.

9) NoFollow Free. By default, WordPress adds the no-follow attribute to all commenter URL’s. This is great if you are worried about leaking PR but bad if you are worried about deterring SEO conscious visitors. This plugin removes the no-follow attribute allowing you to show a little “link love” to those who comment on your blog.

10) Ozh’ Better Feed. This plugin adds a custom footer to your feed. Great for adding messages or links to post footers. This plugin makes your individual post footer highly customizable. This is a great plugin for syndication as the links will show up on the sites of webmaster who “scrape” your feed and post it on their website.

11) Page links to. I know that is a rather plain name, but this plugin gives a great functionality. It allows you to directly link to a webpage off of your site with a 301 or 302 redirect if you do not want to pass on your Page Rank. Great for linking out, especially if you are selling links.

12) TweetMeme Retweet Button. Are you part of the Twitter craze? Even if you are not, many people are and many fellow tweeters are looking to pass along useful information to their followers. The TweetMeme Retweet Button allows your visitors to easily post a link to your article to their Twitter as well as TweetMeme account. This gives your article great potential to go viral.

13) WordPress Database Backup. This one really needs no explanation. It is an unfortunately reality that databases are corrupted, servers fail, hackers hack, sometimes we accidentally hit the delete button and then save. Always back up your website on a regular basis. No excuses.

14) WP-ContactForm. This very important plugin makes you accessible to your readers. Sure you will get a little spam through your contact form, but on occasions you will get legitimate questions and offers from other businesses and potential joint ventures. You may get link exchange requests and you may be made aware of new services available to bloggers from firms anywhere in the world.

15) WP-CopyRightPro. This is one of my favorite plugins in that is disables the ability of the visitor to highlight, right-click, and copy the text on your webpage. This goes a long way to protect your work from individuals looking post it on their own site. This plugin was actually shown to me by a good friend of mine.

16) WP-Cumulus. OK. This plugin is really for aesthetic reasons only. It takes your tag cloud and turns it into an impressive looking flash version itself. Now, you can interact with the tags as they float in a rolling fashion. This gives your blog more of a professional look in my opinion. One nice thing about it is the fact that it is readable by crawlers and the tag links are easily followed by advanced search engines such as Google. This is a great help when it comes to getting you site completely indexed.

17) WP-SpamFree. With the rise of blog commenting as an SEO tactic as a means to gain back-links so many years ago, SPAM has become one of the fore-front issues facing bloggers. The sheer number of SPAM comments can literally overwhelm your blog if you are not prepared for it. Many comment posters are automated bots. Comments can easily number into the thousands if a keen eye is not kept on the pending comments que. This plugin automatically checks comments against an algorithm written to detect spam-like comments. The majority of SPAM comments are filtered out on the front end. Any that slip through will have the option of having their IP address blacklisted. This is a great plugin.

18) WP EzineArticles. This plugin allows you to easily submit your blog posts to the EzineArticles directory. This accomplishes several things at once. First, EA editors check your article for copies on the internet, thus informing you as to whether or not they have been copied by others. Additionally, the resource box automatically gives you back-links, so there is automatic SEO benefit. Finally, since your article is submitted to an article directory, you gain additional traffic.

19) WP OnlyWire Auto Poster. Social bookmarking is a great way to get traffic to your website. The WP OnlyWire Auto Poster auto-submits your posts to around 39 different social bookmarking sites. Like WP EzineArticles, this plugin assists in gaining back-links as well as driving additional traffic to your website.

20) WP Security Scan. This plugin also needs no explanation in that it simply scans your code as a means of detecting any malicious code that may have found its way or have been inserted into you script. Another must-have.

So there you have it. Twenty essential WordPress plugins that will greatly enhance the security, functionality, usability, retain-ability, survivability, sustainability of your blog among other things. Hopefully, you gain as much from these plugins as I have.


If you enjoyed reading this article and learned something from it, find the original and more like it at TheBitBot Organic SEO & SEM Blog. TheBitBot Organic SEO & SEM Blog – Blogging The Basic Bits & Bytes of SEO, SEM and Internet Marketing.

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