Michael Johnson WP Spin Rapidshare Free Download

We all realize that Net Advertising can get a great deal of time…so it is truly excellent whenever you can discover any type of instrument that can support allow it to be simpler, too as faster. WP Spin is 1 of those instruments (a WordPress Plugin really), and was just introduced a couple of minutes in the past.

The initial factor that you might have to recognize is the fact that whilst this new WordPress Plugin is becoming touted as being a WordPress Spinner, it really is a lot much more than that. In reality, the folks that acquire this solely for that capacity to spin posts and pages in WordPress are heading to become lacking out around the correct capability of this Plugin.

It really is an Search engine optimization device initial and foremost. Yes, it really is integrated with The most effective Spinner API from Jon Leger (which provides the capability to make use of more than one million synonyms and phrases), however it also includes a database of around 84,000 prevalent phrase and phrase variations that allow it to be in a position to flex any content material in many techniques. This is really a modest portion of what WP Spin can do even though.

This new WordPress Plugin will permit you to get posts spun immediately when additional. It’ll enable you to possess posts spun each time a brand new consumer sees the publish in the event you want, but probably the most crucial Search engine optimization function is its capability to routine publish updates.

Believe from the choices as well as the improvement in rankings that might have taken you countless hrs of function to total. You’ll be able to even use this on the entirely distinctive content material internet site and it’ll update your posts for you personally and maintain your content material key phrases intact with its excluded words operate which will maintain your keyword density ratio safe.

Download Michael Johnson’s WP Spin From This SECRET Link

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SEOPressor Torrent Download Free

SEOPressor plugin for WordPress delivers consumers an straightforward method to review their on web page SEO and amend it as required to create it as simple as feasible to get a substantial lookup engine ranking.

Download SEOPressor From This SECRET Link.

What’s on web page SEO and why is it essential?

On Web page SEO indicates environment out a internet site and its pages and posts inside a lookup engine pleasant way these the relevancy of content material is recognized from the search engines like google. This can be essential since the search engines like google will probably be reluctant to exhibit pages and posts if they’re not positive what they’re about. In apply this indicates the much better the on web page SEO the less backlinks will likely be needed to get a offered ranking.

Nevertheless, it ought to be mentioned that neither the SEOPressor plugin nor as well as other SEO resources will support in the event the search phrases selected are as well aggressive.

What’s the SEOPress Plugin and what does it do?

SEOPressor can be a WordPress plugin that is set up inside the regular way. When set up it may be configured to set which modifications it really is permitted to create on its personal. You will find screens displaying all pages and all posts along with a key phrase for each and every of those might be entered right right here.

The plugin will evaluate every web page and publish and give it a score for its on web page SEO that is shown about the summary screens. Around the display for each and every web page and publish the score is proven predominantly in the leading right and beneath there’s the key phrase density proportion along with a listing of steps needed to enhance the score.

How will the SEOPressor Plugin support WordPress consumers?

The SEOPressor plugin will support consumers in 3 approaches:

* Make sure that pages and posts are correctly analyzed. Though this might be carried out manually it could be time consuming and couple of individuals would truly do it. With all the SEOPressor Plugin it occurs each and every time you “Update” as well as the score is hard to disregard.
* Allow any person to attain great on web page SEO. Even in case you know absolutely nothing about SEO all you might have to is adhere to the SEOPressor plugin directions and your score will go up.
* Teaches end users how issues need to be accomplished. When you have corrected an error a couple of instances it gets to be all-natural to get it right within the 1st location.

Check out SEOPressor from This RARE Link.

So in case you are looking for a higher lookup engine ranking the SEOPressor plugin is going to be an priceless device to support accomplish this goal.

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Contest Burner Plugin Torrent Rapidshare Download Free

Bill McIntosh is really a somewhat underground marketer that has constructed multiple lists of more than one,000,000 folks in numerous niche markets out there and he knows what he is talking about with regards to visitors.

Get instant entry to more than 00. well worth of advertising computer software and ebooks for totally free. Several include prepared to promote sites also as complete resell rights. Check out WordPress Contest Plugin from This RARE Link.

WordPress can be a great bit of totally free software program that could be installed on practically every single web site hosting server inside a few minutes out of your hosting account’s cpanel. Just login and entry Fantastico and comply with your nose to instantly set up the newest model of WordPress and also to set-up your weblog beneath your domain identify.

Right soon after you’ve the principal computer software installed, then it’s about customizing it to match your wants – be that to maintain it like a pure blogging platform or maybe to massage it right into a retail store front with checkout and buy monitoring capabilities, you’ll come across you might have a large number of free of charge and compensated for plugins you’ll be able to selected from to get the performance which you want out of your new web site.

1 these kinds of plugin is known as Contest Burner, that is WordPress plugin. Content material Burner automates the operating of the contest from the internet site whereby guests do issues like Tweeting your internet site, including it to Facebook along with a entire host of other actions to ensure that they are able to win the contest you’ve setup, and all of which results in new and ever-increasing numbers of site visitors and elevated back-links for your web site. Essentially Contest Burner permits you to set-up and handle a contest in your internet site whereby the winner is awarded a prize by becoming probably the most productive individual at driving visitors for your internet site.

Feel in the possible buyers and also the publicity you may obtain within the land of social media. Download WordPress Contest Plugin From This SECRET Link.

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Can’t Decide Between Free WordPress Blog Or Self-Hosted WordPress Blog? This Is A Must-Read For You

This is a question I get all the time and many bloggers undoubtedly get all the time. Should I use the free WordPress blogging platform or should I host my own WordPress blog?

To be clear, a free WordPress blog can be obtained by simply signing up for one at WordPress.com. The username you use to join becomes your blog name. As an example I have a username “howdoyoustartablog”. This translates to my free wordpress blog site “howdoyoustartablog.wordpress.com”

The self-hosted WordPress blog would be on your own domain on your own site you would install the WordPress software on. The WordPress software would then be the blogging system that manage the content of your website. These days, installation is quite easy with most hosting companies. Most use push button software such as Fantastico Deluxe or Simple Scripts to install Wordprses. (You can check out my website and watch a free video and watch before your eyes as I set up a blog and post to my blog all in about 10 minutes. ?More info on that is in the resource box of this article)

So now to address the question: which is the right one for you?


PLUS setup is entirely free

PLUS easy to install and set up (software install is already done for you by WordPress)

PLUS maintenance is free (setup, upgrades, spam, security, backups are all done by WordPress)

PLUS server reliability (servers hosting site are actual WordPress.com servers)

PLUS with a blog as part of the WordPress community there may be an additional traffic boost from the WordPress community

MINUS a free WordPress blog does not allow you to update or upload a non-Wordpress provided theme

MINUS cannot change or edit any of the php programming (useful for adding almost unlimited site functionality and customization)

MINUS cannot upload any plugins. The WordPress plugin community is huge by the way

MINUS no ad placements allowed. In fact, WordPress will place their own ads on your blog

MINUS Site will be a WordPress brand MINUS no content .ownership. Blog is still a WordPress site .


PLUS can upload your own WordPress themes or non-Wordpress.com themes. There are thousands upon thousands of third party themes you can choose from.

PLUS can change the php WordPress code as desired. This will allow nearly unlimited functionality in your site. There exists a large community of WordPress developers with many out-of-the-box scripts to add function to your site.

PLUS can upload plugins! iPhone’s motto is “There’s an app for that”. WordPress’s motto should be “There’s a plugin for that”.

PLUS as you can edit the code and themes, you can add your own ad placements and ad monetization. This is a huge reason people blog in the first place is to earn money through ad placements

PLUS your own brand/domain name

PLUS you can have ftp access to your site which allows you to be able to load separate landing pages and downloads outside of your WordPress site.

MINUS you need to set up yourself (though most hosting providers provide push button installation through “Fantastico Deluxe” or “Simple Scripts”. Plus my free video walks you through this process.

MINUS monetary cost to set up your site. Domain names PLUS hosting fees can vary from to a month.

MINUS you need to do your own site maintenance including spam control, security, and backups for example. There are plugins to help you but it is a process you still need to do on your own

MINUS make sure and find reliable servers. You don’t want slowness or crashes to bother your site. Most hosting companies these days to stay competitive offer some pretty good server reliability

In summary, if you want just the most basic blogging features of the traditional blogging sense, a free blog is for you. If you plan to monetize it even with adsense, then you will want a self-hosted paid blog. Moreover, if you want to add your own custom look and feel, you will want a self-hosted paid blog. You also have access to many free WordPress themes as well. And finally the world of plugins is the big kicker. Think about apps for the iPhone. There is a quote that whatever you want, “there is an app for that”. Plugins are much the same from security to SEO to driving traffic to membership sites to just about anything.

That is why in most situations, (but not all situations), I recommend a self-hosted paid blog.

I hope this has been helpful. And please do contact me if you have any questions or post them here on the blog. And if you are thinking about starting a blog, check out my free video which walks you through the simple setup of a hosted blog in about 10 minutes with a hostmonster account. ?Information is in the resource box of this article. ?Thanks for reading!

So just how do you start a blog with WordPress? Come to Emil Yau’s site and watch his free video where he will show you step-by-step how to start a blog with WordPress and post to it right in front of your eyes in about only 10 minutes!

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Free List Building Plugin

Free List Building Plugin
Free list building plugin for WordPress makes it virtually impossible for your blog visitors to ignore your ads and list building offers!
Free List Building Plugin

ShareThisPlugin – Viral Facebook Plugin for WordPress
This plugin prompts your Wp visitor with a popup which will allow them to Share or Like your website. This increases traffic like crazy! This is a Hot seller for anyone with a WordPress blog.
ShareThisPlugin – Viral Facebook Plugin for WordPress

Wp Squeeze Page Plugin
Add Your Sales Pages And Squeeze Pages Using Your Own Custom Header Images To Any WordPress Theme! Easy as 1.2.3. Simply install the Plugin and create a new page choosing the template of your choice. Paste in your salesletter – review and publish.
Wp Squeeze Page Plugin

Free WordPress Traffic Generator Plugin

Most wordpress plugins are pretty generic, there didn’t seem to be a standout from the crowd, until now! The free wordpress traffic generator plugin changed my own opinion of plugins, in a big way.

I was in need of a boost in traffic to my blog, after all, 3-5 visits a day was starting to get old, and smell like bad cheese. Well not really, but you know what I mean;)

I was told about a killer plugin by a friend that was boosting his site traffic in big ways. I’d had bad experiences with plugins in the past, but I decided I had nothing to lose by giving this traffic generator a try.

As soon as I downloaded the free wordpress traffic generator plugin I was impressed with the instructions that guided me all the way through the installation part with ease, in fact it only took about 5 Min’s.

The plugin changed a few things here and there all in the name of SEO, it is basically like having a search engine guru work their magic within the code of your blog leaving it fully optimized for the search engines.

After the download and the install were complete all I then had to do was just concentrate on writing great blog content on a regular basis, which is the easy part right;)

After a few days I started to see just how powerful this wordpress traffic generator plugin really was, the results blew me away! What I saw was not only a great increases in traffic, but my rankings in the search engines skyrocketed!

Without this free plugin I would still be writing blog posts, but I would only be really scraping the surface of where I could take my blog. But thanks to the wordpress traffic generator it completely revamped everything about my blog, and generated amazing traffic too.

This plugin is for real! And now I’m taking this opportunity just as my friend did for me to share with you this amazing wordpress traffic generator.

If you are fed up writing on your blogs, and getting very little traffic, give this wordpress traffic generator plugin a try. It could change everything for you, and your sites.

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Free Sports WordPress Themes Use On Baseball Hockey Football Basketball

Free Sports WordPress Themes

???? If you own a sports blog and would like a theme that goes along with what your writing about graphics make a huge difference.? This is what people see first.? WordPress is an all in one CMS.? It gives you so much more ability then blogger.? The only problem that wordpress has is that it does’nt offer a large variety of themes to pick from.? Getting a quality basketball theme sometimes can run you thousands of dollars.? Let’s say you would like to write about golf or gymnastics. To have a theme built can be expensive.? Having access to a free wordpress theme site will give you the opportunity to choose what you want and if you have some html experience you can easily change the header and sidebars-but many times this is unnecessary.? Being able to do so much with a free theme that’s what it’s all about.? Knowing html will give you an advantage but with these free sports wordpress themes you don’t need any knowledge.? Have you ever uploaded wordpress to your hosting before?? Listen I have a 12 year old that saw the video twice and le learned it.? So while you might think your a beginner you to can also upload your wordpress site-it literally takes a few minutes. Now I know you think blogger is the way to go but wordpress gives you the ability to have a sitemap for all major search engines, anotherwords when you post your writings search engines will pick it up immediately.? These are called plugins and can be easily added through your admin panel.? You can add banners, adsense, whatever you like.? Now this is where you can make some good money.? If you have a sports niche or have a ebay partner account-it’s like automatic money.

Money Can Be Made With Free Themes

???? WordPress plugins have come a long way. There are many that allow you to use for free.? These can be used in various ways.? Some of the best free wordpress plugins are the seo and sitemap plugins.? Once you post an article the engines will crawls your site immediately giving you immediate presence within the three major search engines.? Free themes give you the ability to add these plugins right from the admin panel.? That’s right you can search for these and add them by just downloading them from the admin panel.? You can add videos automatically and banners.? You can also add tags that are Se friendly.? Why would you pay for a theme that will cost you quite a bit of money when you can get it for free.? I have seen newbies that have no idea on theme management make 500.00 a day with these free themes.? You can even add a free autoblogging plugin in which you don’t have to do anything, rss feeds get pulled in from various sites that you like and you can have your link attached giving you the ability to make money with doing absolutely no work.? By having access to thousands of themes you can make endless amounts of money.? You just have to find the niche you like.? Once you have found your niche just browse through these free themes to see which ones you’d like to use.?

Rank Higher In Search Engines

???? OK the easiest way to rank higher in search engines is to add a free link exchange which is a plugin that wordpress offers.? By adding this plugin other wordpress users automatically will be adding your link as you will them.? It’s like or called a linkwheel.? Now this plugin is free but you first have to be authorized to use it.? This takes roughly a few days-then you just a code to your sidebar and your done.? So link building is actually automatically done for you.? When you see clickbank ads saying that no website is needed to make money this is what they mean,? thousands of people are using this strategy daily across the globe.? Use your head and use the google keyword tool to get a niche that you know a little about.? Pull up a keyword phrase and have your domain close to this.? Then use it in the title of the blog, this will help you rank higher.? Lastly put having the ability to choose between wordpress themes makes you more credible to your readers.?

The Deepnet WordPress Plugin allows WordPress publishers to quickly and easily insert any Ad of their choosing anywhere in their Blog. Monetize your blog like never before. Right now, Amazon Affiliate Ads are the sole category of advertising available in our database. However, the Ad content of our database is set to grow exponentially in the incoming few months. Using the Deepnet plugin could not be any easier. Go to your blog from any computer. If you are not logged in, then login by toggling login mode (ctrl+x). Once logged in, go to any page of your blog. Toggle Ad Insertion mode by hitting ctrl+x. An option to insert an Ad will appear next to each and every paragraph. Select the paragraph where you would like the Ad to go, and click Insert_Ad. Search our Ad database using the set of keywords that best describes the content of that particle post. A preview of all appropriate ads will be returned in the search results. Select the Ad that you like best and it will instantly appear in your Blog post. wordpress.org
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Getting The Most Out of WordPress Using Free WP Plugins

For the most effective use of your website you need focused, targeted website traffic and if you’re not a strong programmer or fluent in HTML I would recommend to learn how to use WordPress cms. I highly recommend downloading the WordPress Unleashed home study video course from seogoogle.biz to get the most out of WordPress. You get over 2 hours of professional training videos also get free WordPress plugins with the course enabling you to make sales pages with paypal buttons on the fly. Get the course and you will soon become a WordPress expert

I do need to clarify that in this article I am referring to WordPress.org and not WordPress.com. It is highly recommended that you own and host your own WordPress website and update it frequently to get more targeted website traffic.

There are thousands of good plugins that you can use to upgrade your WordPress site that will help with SEO , user interactivity and conversions. I have a list of plug-ins that I usually run through and ad to a brand new WordPress site, here are a few.

For SEO I would recommend you use the following suite of free wordpress plugins:
? 404 SEO Plugin.- Give yourself an SEO boost! Replaces 404 error with suggestions of related pages on the site.
? Anflex GA – Google Analytics for WordPress – Anflex GA enbeds Google Analytics for WordPress websites, provideing easy-setup external/download link tracking using Event Tracking method.
? Canonical URL’s – Adds rel=”canonical” URL’s of your choice to the of your posts and pages, instead of the default.
? Cotton Framework – The Cotton Framework provides a Cross-Browser Standards Compliant XHTML and CSS framework design and developed for Web Site and Search Engine Optimization following W3C Standards and Google Webmaster Standards.
? cbnet Ping Optimizer – To get more targeted website traffic you may need to make some optimization changes to your posts from time to time and if you like to revise or make changes to your blog posts and updates often a good idea is to install cbnet Ping Optimizer to avoid over pinging and getting flagged as spammy.
? Google XML Sitemaps -This plugin will help you get targeted website traffic by creating an XML sitemap that will help the search engines like Google, bing and yahoo to index your site better. It will also update the search engines that you have made a new post or page on your website.
? SEO Pressor – For onsite SEO this paid for plugin will save so much time in your onsite SEO whist also helping you to achieve excellent Google rankings, I use it on my site and recommend you do to.
? GD Press Tools – GD Press Tools is a collection of various administration, seo, maintenance and security related tools that can help with everyday blog tasks and blog optimizations.
? Robots Meta – This plugin allows you to add all the appropriate robots meta tags to your pages and feeds, disable unused archives and nofollow unnecessary links.
? SEO Friendly Images – Automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images. Improves traffic from search results and makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well.
? SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 – The purpose of this plugin is to strengthen our On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).
? SEO Smart Links – SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.
? SEO Super Comments – Use your blog comments to get more traffic.
? SEO Tag Cloud Widget – SEO Tag Cloud Widget displays the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using a search engine optimized html markup.
? TGFI.net SEO – title, description and keyword overrides
? W3 Total Cache – The fastest and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.
? Yoast Breadcrumbs – Outputs a fully customizable breadcrumb path

Learning how to get targeted visitors to your site is the next step. Discover how to get more targeted visitors to your website by following a few proven steps

These are just a few WordPress plugins that will help you rank high in the search engines results pages and generate targeted free website traffic. Go here: seogoogle.biz Visit my website to discover how to set up a free auto-responder and power newsletter broadcasts and build your list for free, learn how get targeted free website traffic completely on auto-pilot using more free WordPress plugins.

There are many strategies to promoting your business on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you can get targeted visitors to your website. Setting up a website to promote your products or services is the first step.

<a target=”_new”rel=”follow” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.seogoogle.biz/wordpress/videos/”>Free WordPress Plugins</a> Becomme a WordPress expert with over 2 hours of professional video training. http://www.seogoogle.biz/wordpress/videos/

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Free WordPress Plugins: Top 3 Plugins For Internet Marketers

The free open source blogging platform WordPress continues to be a popular tool for internet marketers who want to create websites fast. Though feature rich, an out-of-the-box WordPress install lacks some features that many internet marketers rely on. Fortunately, there are many free Worpdress plugins that provide these features. Here are three of the most popular.

Keep in mind, before you install any of these plugins, you’ll want to make certain you have the current version of WordPress installed to avoid any errors or possible vulnerabilities. The latest upgrade of the platform can always be updated at WordPress.org’s main site.

All In One SEO Pack – Although blog traffic can come from many sources besides the search engines, there’s no doubt that free natural search engine traffic is still very important to the success of any website or blog. With the All In One Seo pack plugin, your WordPress blog will be automatically optimized for onsite SEO. This plugin saves hours of time over tweaking themes, options and individual plugins to acheive the same results.

Please note that because the search engines often change the way they rank pages, you’ll want to have the most current version of this plugin. Check back frequently on their main site to make sure your plugin is up to date.

Adsense Plugin – This plugin has been around for a while, but it is upgraded to work with the current version of WordPress. Seems the popularity of adsense never goes away, even if the earnings per click have gone down over the past few years. If you want a quick and easy way to get adsense or even Yahoo Publisher Network ads showing up on your WordPress blogs, and you want an easy way to control where they show up and how they look, this is a must have plug-in. The learning curve is very fast with this plugin, and users will enjoy tweaking the settings to increase ad clickthroughs and profits.

Remember though, Adsense isn’t your only option for monetizing your blog. You can also run paid ads yourself by dealing directly with other sites that want to advertise. Though more profitable, it is also more time consuming.

FeedWordPress – Feedwordpress is a plugin that takes rss feeds and creates full pages out of them on your blog automatically. It should not be used alone, as your site will start to look like a scraper site. When added to a blog with original content though, it can greatly increase traffic to your site.

A couple of warnings though, the learning curve with this plugin is high and you need to make sure you have permission to use the rss feeds you program this plugin with. Most sites that have rss feeds available also provide a copy of their terms of service for using the feeds, so be sure to check those out. Not complying with another site’s TOS can lead to nasty emails or even a cease and desist letter, so consider yourself warned.

Bonus Plugin: A new opt-in plugin for WordPress has just been released. The FasterIM Opt-in plugin allows webmasters to add unblockable popover opt-in forms to your blogs instantly. This plugin is also free and can be downloaded at: http://www.fasterinternetmarketing.com/FasterIM-OptIn

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Introducing the Seesmic WordPress video comment plug-in! (@ wiki.seesmic.com/wp-plugin.) In today’s show, Whit gives a quick demonstration of the new Seesmic plug-in for WordPress. You can now leave video posts on your WordPress blog and get video comments in response. it’s awesome!
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How To Clone Or Move Your WordPress Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes – Step By Step Guide Using Only FREE Resources! (Brand New) AAA+++ Reviews

[wpramazon asin=”B004CRSS1U”]

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