How To Make Money From Home Using WordPress Blogs

Everyone of us has wants. Most of us want things. With a few it will be something they need to achieve or even to do. Some times it can be a thing that you want to have or own. In other cases there is something we would like to be or learn to do.

Maybe, for example, you want to learn how to make money from home using niche WordPress blogs. A lot of people want that. The fact is, as soon as you understand how, that’s not really hard. This short article shows you how you’ll be able to make money from home using niche WordPress blogs, if that is a goal you want to achieve. If you’d like to discover how, just simply keep reading; How To Make Money From Home Using WordPress Blogs

The all-important 1st step will be deciding what type of niche WordPress blog you want to start and more importantly what your target audience is going to be. You need to do this because this is what you’ll be building your WordPress blog around, theme wise, etc. You should avoid at all costs choosing a topic your not very familiar with and stick to the ones your most passionate about.

You’ll want to do this 1st step correctly, fully and well. If you should fail with this then you should expect your WordPress blog not to do well because of lose of interest and lack of ideas for content for your readers. Always first stick to what you know.

The 2nd step is really quite simple and straight forward and that is to set up your niche WordPress blog. During this step you should avoid using poorly designed WordPress themes and stick to the premium themes as they are way more professional looking, as well as installing to many unnecessary WordPress plugins because they’ll only slow your blog down, so choose your plugins wisely.

The very last step is going to be writing your content for your blog because what’s a blog without content. This step is an important one because this is what is going to draw in your readers and more importantly draw in the SERP’s so they can index your blog posts and get you some free targeted traffic from the search engines. What will be important for one to avoid is to stop posting content on a regular basis, at least try and post to your blog once a day to keep your readers coming back as well as the SERP’s.

For the reasons given above, you should be certain to follow every single step carefully. You really need to avoid the problem areas that have been described. It’s possible to successfully avoid nearly all problems by carefully observing the problem warnings here.

Having carefully followed the suggestions given here you should expect to make money from home using wordpress blogs swiftly and successfully. You may then pat yourself on the back and enjoy all the rewards and benefits gained by your effective, well-directed efforts.

If you want to learn more about how to make money with blogs I suggest you go watch this short video by visiting my how to make money from home review web site. Or you can come visit my Web Development Central BLOG.

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WordPress Development in India and all over the world from SamifLabs

In the world of blogging, choosing a good blog engine is crucial because of the development time is shorter compares to a full fledge website. Currently there are two widely used blog engine which is the Blogspot or sometimes also known as Blogger and WordPress.

However, many full time blogger prefer to use the latter because the WordPress development is easier compare to by using the Blogger. Besides that, blogger also can convert PSD to WordPress templates, making the development time short. Not only that, blogger can get the service from WordPress designer and WordPress developer to design and develop a fully functioning and attractive blog that can generate huge amount of traffic to the blog.

There are many WordPress development all over the world, although WordPress development happens mostly in India. However having more sites all over the world means that they can support the development and design of a blog globally. Example there is WordPress development Denmark, WordPress development France, WordPress development Germany, WordPress development Netherlands, WordPress development Norway, WordPress development UK and WordPress development Spain in Europe to support the development of WordPress blogs in Europe.

In Asia, WordPress development is also gaining recognition and there are a lot of WordPress developers all around Asia for hire by Samiflabs especially for WordPress plugin development India while WordPress development Singapore is WordPress development sitein Asia. Others are like WordPress development Canada which is a WordPress development site based in the Northern America and WordPress development Australia.

As WordPress is an open source platform, one of the best features that WordPress has is its flexibility to customize its core functions with plugins to make customization to WordPress blog is simple, making each WordPress blog differs from one another. If one is to become a full time blogger, learning WordPress development or hiring someone who can developed a unique blog might not be a bad idea.

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2868 backlinks from 717 blogs *30$ *

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WordPress: From Beginner to Expert

WordPress: From Beginner to Expert
Learn everything you need to create your very own blog from scratch. See how to use WordPress, the free, open-source software to build a professional blog. Learn how to perform every single step, through 125 pages and 15 vidoes of detailed instructions.
WordPress: From Beginner to Expert

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Autoblogged Review: How to Profit from Autoblogging

First off, let me answer a common question that I hear a lot.

Is autoblogging a scam?


Now, I am going to speak from my own experiances with numerous autoblogging platforms and systems.? It is NOT as easy as they would lead you to believe.? You can’t just install the software, walk away from your computer, and have thousands of dollars from autoblogging a few weeks later.

It takes some effort.? For me it took about 6 hours a week for the first month and now I spend about 30mins to an hour each day checking my autoblogs and making sure everything is going smoothly.

What does it take to start autoblogging?

Buy a domain name and pay for a hosting service like Hostgator
Some basic knowledge of WordPress (very easy to use, tons of tutorials online)
A few hours of registering new accounts at Social Bookmarking sites, article directories, etc that you will use to create links back to your blog (needed for search engine rankings)
Quality autoblogging software

Now that’s all pretty straight forward easy tasks that anyone can achieve pretty quickly with little to no experiance with autoblogging. Yet, you won’t be successful with just these methods.? You need to do more to get the real traffic and start making some money with your auto blog.

How to be successful autoblogging?

KEYWORD RESEARCH – taking the time to find a keyword that has low competition and high volume of search results is mandatory. This will make or break your auto blog (use Google’s keyword tool)
Using SEO plugins for wordpress – this is key for search engine rankings and will make your efforts above payoff (I recommend All-In-One SEO plugin)
Make sure to give the authors of the content credit – Google prefers this and you will never be penalized for “duplicate content”
Select high quality RSS feeds and articles to use for your content – make sure its relevant, well written, and diverse

How to monetize your auto blog?

Adsense is great – one of my auto blogs gets about 1000 visitors daily, one click on an adsense ad and I receive .40 – .85
Affiliate marketing – good commission but you need to build the blog focused on these sales, check out Clickbank for ideas
There are other methods, but these are what have worked for me.

What is the best autoblogging software?


There’s a number of good choices out there on the market for autoblogging on WordPress platforms. I’ve tried autoblog samurai and a few others until I found the Autoblogged software. Autoblogged has given me very few problems and works consistently on all the auto blogs I own and operate.? It also integrates very well with ALL the WordPress plugins I’ve ever used.

Most importantly for myself, I made money!

Adsense earnings for my first two autoblogs, one on woman’s health and the other on Apple products and technology, came in around – dollars a day in the first two weeks.? After a bit more effort they average up to dollars a day and now are fully auto-pilot. Not huge money, but you could make many many auto blogs; which I am now doing.? Though I am very happy with averaging -0 dollars a day currently, I am already expanding to make more profits.

Autoblogged is the platform that has given me the most success. And, I’m content with the success and future growth my auto blogs are heading for.?



Jamie Vars – looking to share my passions and success in life with others.

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Keep Hackers From Your WordPress Admin

Hackers often use brute force attacks to try to gain access to your WordPress administrator. They are trying thousands of combinations of your username and password until they get the right one. WordPress doesn’t allow you to choose the default admin username so they already know half of what they need. You can, however, easily add the extra security you need.

#1: Change the admin username

The first thing to do is change the default admin username. First login to your control panel (often cPanel) and go to your database editor (normally phpMyAdmin), select your WordPress database, browse the wp_users table and edit user id 1, this is the original admin user. Pick a username other than “admin”. This step will already almost eliminate any chance of your login being guessed since most hackers will just use admin for the username.

#2: You need a better password

You will also want to make sure that you have an admin password that can’t be guessed. You’ll want to have at least 8 characters with a mix of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters. PCTools provides a great online password generator on their site.

#3: Installation of Login LockDown

Login LockDown allows you to set a threshold for failed login attempts before a user is blocked. From their WordPress plugin directory description:

Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range.

The installation process for Login LockDown is like any plugin. From the WordPress plugin site download the .zip file. From the WordPress admin go to Plugins > New > Upload. After you upload the file you’ll want to activate the plugin. At this point you can setup your login rules.

Taking these easy steps will give you a great jumpstart on protecting your Joomla site.. You will also need a secure WordPress hosting company.

Sidney writes about MySpace layouts as well as other social network profile improvements.

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2868 backlinks from 717 blogs *30$ *

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Best wordpress plugin for displaying ads from Google and others

What we need is a plugin that?offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Adsense or any Adverts codes into blog posts. Apart from it ,?which can randomly place the Adverts anywhere within a post. Which comes with a? setting page that is simple enough so that every one could could use it, and?which does not?frustrate you with complicated?options.

Generally speaking, placing Adsense randomly within?posts?is Quite?a good way to experiment a variety of ads formats and?placements apart from optimizing your Adsense. If you have?a lot of?regular visitors who frequently re-visit your website , the randomization will likely attract them.

Such a plugin which i know of is Quick Adsense. It offers the following Features.

1. The author does not demand any?revenue reward or revenue sharing from your Adsense in any way.

2. Feature of Default Ads positioning : which means you could easily?Assign Ads to

The beginning of post or
Assign Ads to the middle of post,
Tssign Ads to the end of post,
Assign Ads after certain paragraphs (3 options available) & assign Ads after certain images.

3. Place ads in any whay you like, ?insert Ads specifically or randomly anywhere within a post in your blog.

4. The configuration interface is very simple and?does not require?any? coding knowledge: simply copy and paste AdSense code,?select appropriate ?options and?the plugin will then do the rest for you by itself. The code is clean and hackproof too.

5. Quick adsense Supports any Ads code like bidvertiser, adbrite or any other which means that its not limited to Adsense code only.

6. Quick adsense can Display up to a maximum of 10 Ads on a page. Google adsense ?allows publishers to place up to 3 Adsense for Content on?one page. If you are using other Ad networks along with adsense, you?can display up to?Ten Ads.

For more details please refer to This website?you can also view other related notes on my personal website

Shaheen Tabbasum is a freelance?articles writter who can write articles?on any topic on Demand for your website and blog promotion.

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WordPress Plugins Guide – Discover how to power up your Blog with WordPress Plugins from stats, marketing and business to video, audio and beyond!

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WordPress Plugins Guide – Discover How to Power Up Your Blog With WordPress Plugins From Stats, Marketing & Business to Video, Audio & Beyond! Reviews

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