CTR Theme – Great Launch Prizes!

A few wordpress plugin products I can recommend:

CTR Theme – Great Launch Prizes!
CTR Theme is a WordPress theme and plugin that automatically uses Google-recommended ad placements and auto-blends ads for crazy high CTRs. k in launch contest prizes including iPads and MacBook Pros.
CTR Theme – Great Launch Prizes!

First Money Enabled Blog – The Basics 4 WordPress
24 videos – WordPress: clear and basic instructions on all the major features. Plus 1 “resources” text file of key components Needed to Make Money from a Blog. No hype, no fuss, just the Basics. Detailed Install and configure instructions.
First Money Enabled Blog – The Basics 4 WordPress

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Phpbay Pro – A Great Way To Make Money On The Ebay Partner Network

What is Phpbay Pro?

Phpbay Pro is a product which enables you to put eBay auction links into your WordPress sites to build eBay niche stores. It may be utilized as part of the eBay Partner Network (EPN – eBay’s affiliate sales program). It may also be utilized with the Pepperjam, Mediaplex, Tradedoubler and Affilnet affiliate network programs. According to PhpBay Pro’s own site the tool an “extremely powerful php based eBay affiliate script for building niche websites that can generate a steady stream of revenue”. Basically, Phpbay Pro enables you to chose any product on eBay and put links to the auctions in your website based on keywords. And, there is no limit to the number of sites you can make with PhpBay Pro.

How can I earn money from eBay Partner Network (EPN) PhpBay Pro sites?

PhpBay Pro enables you to take advantage of eBay Partner Network (EPN). There are several methods to earn money from eBay Partner Network. The first way is with winning auction bids. When a surfer clicks on a link to an eBay auction on a PhpBay Pro site then wins the auction eBay pays out up to half the selling costs on the item. If a surfer has never been a member of eBay and becomes a member and wins an auction after clicking on your link you will also be paid by eBay. This combination of sign up fees, also known as ARCU, and winning bid revenue can add up quite rapidly to thousands of dollars month in and month out.

Is it worth it to buy PhpBay Pro?

Over the last year many of my good friends have come to me and asked if they should buy PhpBay Pro or not. My answer to everybodyin this PhpBay Pro review is YES! I have had excellent fortune with Phpbay Pro and would strongly recommend the php tool to individuals who would like to start a home-based online business. It took me approximately an hour to master PhpBay Pro. Once I figured everything out I could write new websites extremely fast. Consequently, I presently provide for myself quite comfortably with several eBay sites that I published with PhpBay Pro. Another advantage to PhpBay Pro is that the creator offers great customer service and has a informative forum where all your queries are already answered.

Phpbay pro – good points and bad points?

The main advantage to utilizing PhpBay Pro for building eBay niche stores is that it’s a WordPress plugin. WordPress is a free content manager which allows you to build blogs with minimal work experience in website design. WordPress has many of templates that can be utilized in building niche stores with PhpBay Pro. Also, WordPress has many of plugins which can also be utilized on your niche sites. A plugin is something you add to a WordPress site to increase its functionality.

PhpBay Pro versus Build a Niche Store (BANS) – Which should I buy?

Build A Niche Store (BANS) can also be used to make eBay niche store sites. I own both and like PhpBay Pro better. The main reason for this is that PhpBay Pro sites are built using WordPress and the search engines index sites made with WordPress extremely fast. But, I’ve made a ton of sites with BANS and they have not been indexed by the search engines. Another reason why I like PhpBay Pro more than BANS is that you can use any WordPress template that I like.Another reason why I think PhpBay Pro is better than BANS is that you can chose any WordPress template you’d like. With BANS, however, you’re stuck using their few templates which all look similar. However, there is one aspect about BANS that is better than PhpBay Pro. BANS does not use WordPress and may be easier for somebody who has little to no experience working on the Internet. However, I think studying WordPress is a key prerequisite for anybody who seeks to be an Internet entrepreneur.

PhpBay Pro – Where can I learn more?

For more information about PhpBay Pro click this link: PhpBay Pro. This website provides some great examples of sites that have been made with PhpBay Pro. In no time you can have a similar site youself! If you found this article informative kindly drop me a line. Good luck with PhpBay Pro and eBay Partner Network.

Steve Cohen loves writing about on-line marketing.

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WordPress Autoblogging – what’s great and how you can monetize

Remember the outdated AdSense internet sites that use for making lots of salary? Very well there can be a new and refreshing replace to that salary mannequin and it is really referred to as autoblogging. Autoblogging is really a system of creating many tiny area of interest-focused blogs and monetizing them with affiliate marketing sources. Content to the blogs is automatically dripped through plugins and RSS feeds, so it truly is often a sort of “established it and neglect it” revenue stream.

The important thing to results with autoblogging is that you must select tiny, untapped niches and that you choose to generate A whole lot of blogs due to the fact each and every a single is only proceeding to generate an extremely little quantity of earnings (a few bucks a day). Nevertheless if you may generate numerous blogs that make a handful of bucks each day, the level is the fact that all of it adds as much as a pretty first rate total of money per day.

Autoblogging – What’s Great

A single thing which is completely appealing about autoblogging is the very fact that you can set it up and overlook it. You are able to merely go away it alone and permit the associate cash flow drip in.

An additional excellent issue about autoblogging is always that after you use it with WordPress, you can use some powerful WordPress plugins to automatically add content material in your web site on a normal basis. Written content like articles or blog posts, evaluations, and videos. This really is what differentiates the autoblogging web mannequin of these days from the previous AdSense HTML web sites from the previous. You’re continuously adding refreshing content in your blogs, which the search engines really like, but you happen to be undertaking it automatically – -so you might be not tied to including clean information to dozens of websites everyday.

Autoblogging – Cons

Naturally if you happen to be automatically including articles from other internet site resources in your blogs, you ought to locate a means to generate that subject material distinctive. It won’t make feeling to article duplicate written content from greater web sites to your minor, new, specialized niche sites. No one will at any time find your web sites within a lookup simply because they’ll probably experience from a Yahoo and google content filter.

One more autoblogging issue is that the key to accomplishment is getting able to create a big number of blogs with all the least level of time/work. And which is exactly where the autoblogging delivers come in. There are companies on the market who will market you the “strategy” or their “program” for making and implementing autoblogs, but they seriously make their income by offering you the software program essential to make a good deal of WordPress blogs, together with the identical settings, and the similar plugins at one particular time. Some name it batch processing. This cuts straight down to the time generating and establishing your blogs – tremendously.

How You Can Use Autoblogging

It’s essential to understand that when you pick to make passive income from web-based write-up promoting as I do, and so many other on-line entrepreneurs, that autoblogging Is just not your golden ticket! Whilst I am certain you’ll find a lot of entrepreneurs who are planning to claim which they make thousands of bucks a thirty day period autoblogging – this most likely won’t be you. Nor is it most folks. But what it is – can be a great foundation of passive cash flow that you can generate with just a bit upfront work. Area of interest choice, establishing the blogs, etc.

How To Get Started Off With Autoblogging

You will find dozens of business owners who can exhibit you the way to autoblog, but in case you know tips on how to set up your own personal website on Blogger or WordPress, then you may get started off without them or any huge funding of dollars.

1. Select your niche.

a couple of. Make certain you can penetrate by executing sound keyword exploration

three or more. Construct your new blog site(s) with a self-hosted WordPress or Blogger platform.

four. Add various subject material on your niche. Use automated WordPress plugins to assist.

5. Monetize your website.

six. Sit rear and enable the magic come about!

All the things they hardly ever told you about autoblogging software revealed! For extra insider guidelines and facts be guaranteed and take a look at autoblogging software

Federico Marcotte is an expert in making money on the internet with 7 years of experience.

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Find More WordPress Plugin Articles

Great quallity wordpress templates plus wordpress plugins

Classipress 2.0 is designed specifically for people who’re thinking about starting a classified web page. It is really light weight and comes with a clean code. It also enables you users to enter their personal facts, define a value for his or her post, and submit it to your internet site with out you having to do something. Once they submit their goods, you are able to moderate them and eliminate the spammers.

classipress coupon code allows you to charge people for his or her posts too. PayPal is totally integrated inside the system, which indicates you will be creating cash from your site rapidly. You can also produce subcategories to assist your customers greater present their details on your web site. And if you want to auto-delete old things, that is also supported on this subject.

“>impact page builder comes in two versions: a single internet site license or a developer license which means that you can use the product on as quite a few web-sites you wish to. Upgrades are for life and there’s an active help forum. The developer is Eric Hamm – and anyone who has employed Eric’s Frugal Topic knows that Eric is an awesome developer who truly cares about his consumers – a uncommon combination!

“>pretty link pro
is a lot more than a mere Affiliate Hyperlink Cloaker or URL shortener – it’ll absolutely revolutionize how you strategy your company by permitting you to automate repetitive tasks, optimize your website with testing, see the outcomes of one’s campaigns quickly, virally spread your hyperlinks and by being in a position to replicate your sites-including all your Affiliate Links within minutes!

Gorilla Topic Features

* Cutting edge themes
* Professional design
* Customized Plugins
* Auto-Image Resizing (with thumbnails)
* Threaded comments
* Banner Ad Management
* Extensive Theme Alternatives
* Affordably priced
* Free Forum Assistance
* Totally free Updates
* Customizations Obtainable
* Custom Installations by request

To find out more please? have a look at eQuickTips.com ,best site to find <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.equicktips.com/”>premium wordpress template</a><br /> <br />

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Four Simple SEO Tips And A Great WordPress Plugin

Simple SEO are not normally words associated together, let alone in the same sentence.

Trying to figure out SEO, especially if you are new to blogging, WordPress, or a new business owner putting together a website can be a daunting task.

There is a great plugin which is very effective in tracking your SEO as you create your post, although not one of the thousands of free plugins available, it can purchased for a reasonable price. It’s called SEO Pressor.

This plugin, once installed on your WP blog will show you a score and percentage of how your well that particular post scores for SEO. It tracks Keyword Density,(do you have enough keywords listed) H1-H3 tags, as well if you have an ALT tag set. It will also automatically italicize one keyword and underline one keyword in that article. It has been a major help with my blog’s SEO. Prior to using this plugin my scores were all well below 20%, now I am in the 80% to 90% range.

I would like to cover 4 Simple SEO steps that you should take when setting up your blog post. These will definitely help with your Google ranking.

1. Choosing Proper Keywords

Keywords are the core to simple SEO optimization. When people are searching the internet for a specific subject, keywords, terms and phrases are what is used.

The more specific the keyword, the better. For example, if your website is about Real Estate, you don’t want your main keyword to just be Real Estate. That is far too broad of a term. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousand of websites that use the same keyword. Your competition will be stiff, never allowing you to rank on the first page of Google. A more specific keyword would be “Phoenix Arizona Real Estate”.

You need to figure out what makes your business unique and go after keywords based upon that. By narrowing down your keyword it will help those looking to buy a home in Phoenix easier to find you. You will ultimately rank higher in the search results.

Remember using a simple SEO tactic such as this can help land you in the top 10 results.

2. Use your primary keyword in the title of your post.

If your primary keyword is Simple SEO, then that term should be the first 3 or 4 words used in the title. For example, you wouldn’t want your headline to read:

WordPress Blog Tips For Simple SEO Results. A better headline would be: Simple SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog To Gain Higher Search Results.

3. Title Tags

Along with having your keyword in the title, you need to have H1, H2 H3 tags in each of your posts. There is a video link listed below that will show you how to achieve that.

4. Backlinks

It’s important to gain as many backlinks from other websites as possible because that helps to build your page-rank. The more of these backlinks you have, the higher your blog will be ranked. Especially if you are linked to more popular web sites that have a large amount of traffic. It’s like a seal of approval and tells the search engines, hey, this must be important because of all the links going back to it.

Deep linking is another important step. Deep linking involves placing links within your article that link directly back to the static pages of your website. Examples of static pages on your site would be:

Your About Page, Training Page, Resources Page, etc. Any page on your site that does not change. It is best to link to any of these pages, but not back to just your Home Page. These are deep links and Google loves to see deep and backlinks. They will reward you for it. As long as the link is relevant to your article, you should place one of each in your posts.

My intent here wasn’t to layout everything regarding SEO, but to give you some basic information on some simple SEO tips. The main purpose of this article was to make you aware of this great plugin which has been a huge help to me in setting up my SEO.


Just as Simple SEO is critical to your page ranking, learning lead generation tactics is crucial to being successful in any network marketing business. If you are looking to learn how to generate leads effectively online, visit my recent?blog entry: Paying for Network Marketing Leads is Like Paying a Prostitute…


Richard Petrillo

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How to install the WordPress plugin Optimal Title Complete instructions are at www.esmartjob.com
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Great WordPress Plugins : Identifying Another One Of Them

Another of the great wordpress plugins that deserves special mention is “Simple 301 Redirects”.

One thing about essential wordpress plugins is that if you do not know about them or do not know how to use them, you do not realize how great a functionality you are leaving out of your content management system. “Simple 301 Redirects” is a good example of this. I recollect that i have been in and out of internet marketing three times over the years before this my final stay. Each time i resurfaced on the internet marketing scene, had i known about this great wordpress plugin, no doubt my search engine rankings would be higher today. I simply would have deployed it to transfer my old blog posts to the new amended/updated pages and thereby seamlessly preserved the old pages rankings. But alas, each time i resurfaced on the internet marketing scene, i simply discarded the old blog posts and posted new/updated pages of these old blog posts on my new blog without linking the two.

That is one of the many setbacks great wordpress plugins like “Simple 301 Redirects” set out to correct. It provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. It’s especially handy when you migrate a site to WordPress and can’t preserve your URL structure. By setting up 301 redirects from your old pages to your new pages, any incoming links will be seemlessly passed along, and their pagerank (or what-have-you) will be passed along.

Note that “age” and “number and nature of backlinks” are critical factors in search engine rankings. Any action you therefore take to preserve these for your blog posts will definitely positively impact your search engine rankings.

I’ll give you a perfect example here. I wrote a blog post in December 2009.. At that time, i still was not as thoroughly grounded as i am now in search engine optimization (SEO) and so was not optimizing effectively for my intended keywords. I recently changed the title and made some minor adjustments to the body of the blog post and were it to be before, i would simply have left it at that. Does it strike a chord in you that anytime you do such and leave it at that you are simply beginning your SEO for that post all over again? All the backlinks to the previous post will be gone forever. So also the age, as the new blog post will now be indexed afresh while the old blog post on subsequent visits by the google bot will read “not found”, again compounding your crawl errors in your Google webmaster tools. Note that all these ultimately negatively impact your page rank.

So what did i do? I simply inserted my old url in the “Simple 301 Redirects” interface and pointed it to my new url which i also inserted in the interface and saved. Just as simple as that and wow! a whole lot has happened with those simple steps. The backlinks and age of my old blog post will be seamlessly passed over to my new blog post and the page rank of my web page preserved.

Let me explain another purpose to which you can deploy this plugin that i have identified as one of the great wordpress plugins.

If you go into your webmaster tools account, you will see indicated, crawl errors that resulted while the search engines were trying to crawl your web pages. You can rectify some of these errors and thereby have a more “efficient” website which will impact positively on your search engine rankings by utilizing this plugin to redirect some incorrectly specified links to their originally intended destination. Those links that you have control over and can still amend such as your backlinks in forums, you can make amends to. But what of incorrectly specified links that you no longer have access to? For example, links on your articles republished on other sites.

This is again better explained with an illustration. I erroneously inserted a link in one of my articles which was republished on another site and noticed the error from “crawl errors” in my google webmaster tools account. The link led nowhere i.e. 404 page and i subsequently redirected it to its originally intended destination, thereby preserving that backlink. This becomes very important when you realize that you can have many of such errors over time.

The “Simple 301 Redirects” plugin’s many uses can only be limited by your imagination. In summary, the “Simple 301 Redirects” is one more of the great wordpress plugins.

Visit Dele Ojewumi’s website for more iinformation on essential wordpress plugins
He is also the webmaster of this plug in profit site website where he has helped many internet marketing newbies attain internet marketing success.

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Related WordPress Plugin Articles

9 Great WordPress Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress itself is a great platform to run your own blogs but WordPress plugins make it a lot easier to control spam comments, SEO, check for broken links, place revenue generating ads and to back up your WordPress database to name a few. Without these plugins you would require technical expertise way beyond the average blogger, not to mention the time plugins save in doing things like creating a “Contact Us” page and sorting out all those spam blog comments.

Here are the 9 plugins that I now use on all my blogs.

Akismet is a popular plugin that checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.” Without such a plugin your blog could easily become full of undesirable comments that you certainly do not want your readers to read.

All in One SEO Pack is Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. You can use this plugin to tweak the default options for title, description, keywords and duplicate content.

Broken Link Checker checks your posts for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found. There is nothing worse getting traffic to your blog and then sending them to a web page that no longer exists. Without this plugin it would takes quite some time to regularly check all the links on all your blog posts and pages.

Google AdSense, Chitika and Kontera plugins allow you to monetize your blog and make an income from an information blog.

Contact Form 7 allows you to create a “Contact Us” page with a form people can fill in for further information or questions about your products.

Google XML Site maps plugin will generate a special XML site map which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com to better index your blog. Another time saving plugin.

Pretty Link will shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website. No more ugly affiliate links that you have to hide under hyper-linked text.

StatPress gives real time stats for your WordPress blog. This is my preference for displaying my blog stats.

WP-DBManager manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database, drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up and optimizing of the database. This is probably one of the most overlooked plugins for WordPress as a backup is only needed when your blog has been hacked or has failed due to technical issues. Relying on your hosting account for backups may not be a good as you think because blogs need to be backed up regularly as they are constantly changing with new posts being added regularly.

These are only a few of the many plugins available to use on your blogs. You need to consider the nature of your blog,the niche you are blogging in and other things like are you using you WordPress blog as a blog, a sales page or just a website?

You must also be aware that some plugins for WordPress can conflict with one another and cause problems with your blog. From my experience I have had I am yet to have a problem using the above combination of plugins but one must remember that plugins are always being updated and conflicts may arise with future updates.

For more information about WordPress plugins check out my blog at http://www.kerriesheehan.com. If you are looking for more information about making money blogging check out http://www.kerriesheehan.com/blog

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Adding photos to a blog can be so time consuming because of the many steps in between. I’m all about automation and short cutting the process (without compromising quality) and this WordPress plugin has earned its keep on my blogs. Watch to see why
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