WordPress Shortcode Kid Plugin Review

Everybody knows that WordPress is the best platform to build your blog or website. ??People are always looking for ways to speed up building a website with WordPress, which means downloading a lot of plugins to get the specific features you want.

Well, what if there was a plugin that could add all the shortcodes you are probably going to ever need to use.? Now there is, its called Shortcode Kid, the new WordPress plugin.

What are Shortcodes?

You may be asking yourself this.? You probably use snippets of code all the time in your WordPress blogs.? Remembering and adding them all can be tedious and take a lot of your valuable time. With the Shortcode Kid WordPress plugin, you can add them all instantly with the push of a button.? Imagine adding a slideshow or a fancy “Buy Now” button with ease.? You can with Shortcode Kid WordPress Plugin.

You can instantly add over 100 shortcodes to any WordPress theme.? Shortcode Kid has many features and includes the following:

-Social media buttons

-Twitter follow count

-RSS subscriber count

-Left and right quotes

-You tube and vimeo videos

-Columns and drop caps

-Image slider

-Toggle box

-Tabbed content,

– RSS feed shortcode

-Big buttons

-Notification boxes

-Icon buttons

-Tool tips

-Text highlight

-Small buttons rounded

-Small buttons squared

Best of all, this simple plugin is so easy to use, you will be up and running in no time.

So if you have ever wished for an easy way to add your code snippets to any WordPress blog or website without having to know html, then look no further, you have found it. Shortcode Kid is probably what you’ve been looking for.

If you would like more information on shortcodes, then I would HIGHLY recommend for you to check out Shortcode Kid, the new plugin for WordPress shortcodes.

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Blogging for Profit using the WordPress SEO plugin

Blogging For Profit, WordPress, SEO, Blog

Blogging for Profit using a WordPress SEO plugin

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked about Blogging for Profitis “How do I increase traffic to my blog?”

The answer is the “All in One SEO Pack” wordpress plugin.

By now, you probably know the power of WordPress when it comes to getting your sites ranked in the search engines for all the keywords you want…

Google seems to have a love affair with WordPress, and you need to be using that to your full advantage.

This free plugin can help you dominate rankings, and sometimes, it happens almost overnight.

This simple little plugin can help separate you from the pack and have your competition eating your dust.

It seriously does wonders – you have to check it out for yourself firsthand… and like I said, it’s totally free!

There are more plugins like this – several in fact that can help you transform your blogs into traffic sucking, cash machines in just a couple of clicks.

If you don’t know what they are or where to find them then head over to www.BlogProfitClass.com, and I’ll tell you what they are.

I’ll show you exactly which plugins to use to set your servers on fire with new traffic to your blogs – and I’ll even show you how to install, configure, and use them.

So get over to www.BlogProfitClass.com today to discover all the plugins YOU should be using on your WordPress blogs, and for all kinds of other sneaky WordPress tricks to get more traffic.

Steve Blogger is eager to help other blogger make some extra cash from their blogs. Join our members to share tips and hints. Head on over to:

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WordPress Contest Plugin

In the past I have used various plugins for my WordPress websites and blogs. Some of these plugins were to optimize the site in some fashion or another. But some of these plugins also generated a lot of traffic for my website by using social media. One such plugin was for having a contest on your website that actually integrated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to create a viral contest for your website.

The WordPress contest plugin actually helped generate all kinds for buzz and traffic to my website. One contest I gave away toys, another contest I gave away free products and services.

This WordPress plugin will actually keep track of all the tweets, comments, video responses and Facebook posts. It’s pretty amazing. If you are into viral marketing or have a some sort of product launch, this contest WordPress plugin would be right for you. Even if you are a local store you could somehow integrate this plugin into your own site and even generate local buzz about your brick and mortar business.

A good Twitter, YouTube or Facebook contest can bring viral traffic to your website. For instance, let’s say that you have a Twitter contest and you are giving away a gift card. One person with 1000 followers on Twitter sends a tweet about your contest. Then let’s say that 500 of his followers retweet or enter the contest. Then it could go viral and people all over the place would know that your site, product or service exists.

Think of the potential customers and the publicity you could receive in the land of social media.

If you would like to learn more about this viral marketing WordPress Plugin you can head to the blog post below.

Click Here For Facebook Fans
Facebook Fan Supply always supplies REAL FANS targeted to your specific: Age Group, Keyword and Location.

Second: Order Your Facebook Fan Supply Package of 1,000; 2,000 or 5,000 Guaranteed Facebook Fans
Your new fans will arrive in 3 – 4 weeks and all fans are REAL FANS guaranteed to stick to your fanpage. Buy Facebook Fans today and boost your businesses online presence overnight.


Now Pay Close Attention —

Using your Facebook Fan Page to increase your business exposure and revenue is simpler than you’ve been told. Everyone with a facebook fan page faces the same two problems:

[Problem #1] How To Find Interested Facebook Users

[Problem #2] How To Bring Them To Become Your Fans

Facebook Fan Supply has been solving these two problems for hundreds of satisfied customers. The Facebook Fan Supply has been tried and tested and known to produce excellent results.


With over 500 million users, Facebook is by far the greatest marketing arena online. But to take advantage of this amazing tool, it is always a good idea to get a head start on your competition and Buy Facebook Fans. Visit http://www.fbfansupply.com and claim 25 FREE FANS for tweeting about Facebook Fan Supply!

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Why WordPress Users Should Use The SEOPressor Plugin

Good on page SEO is essential
The SEOPressor plugin is aimed at producing good on page SEO. If you are aiming for a high search engine ranking this is an important first step, as it will leverage your off page SEO activities.

The point of on page SEO is to ensure that the relevancy of your posts and pages is understood by the search engines so that they can be displayed when appropriate search terms are used. If done well this will mean that your content will rank highly with the fewest possible backlinks. If done badly you will need many more backlinks to enable a high ranking.

What Is the SEOPressor Plugin?
SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin which is easily installed and configured. You simply have to set which changes you will allow the software to make on its own, and then enter a primary keyword for each of your existing pages and posts which need to be optimized.

How can the SEOPressor Plugin help?
The SEOPressor plugin will analyse each page and post and give its on page optimization a score. There are screens showing the score for all pages and all posts and the detail is shown on the Edit Post/Page screens. Here you can see the percentage score, the percentage keyword density and a set of suggestions for improvements.

You need to implement the suggestions and each time you hit “update” the score will go up. Your aim should be to get the score as high as possible but without falling into the trap of effectively writing for the search engines. It is important that your content remains valuable for visitors so a compromise is sometimes necessary.

Another benefit of the SEOPressor Plugin is that as you implement its suggestions you learn what you need to do in future so that the initial score you get goes up and the changes you need to make become fewer. SEOPressor though is always useful as it is easy to forget things.

What results will the SEOPressor Plugin produce?
With the assistance of the SEOPressor Plugin you will be able to optimise your pages and posts so that the search engines are clear as to their relevancy. In most cases (except with keywords with little competition) this will not be enough to get a good search engine ranking on its own but it will improve the effectiveness of your off page SEO. Therefore SEOPressor will effectively reduce the number of backlinks you need to get a high search engine ranking.

I can recommend the SEOPressor Plugin because it saves a lot of time and has helped get my content ranked on the search engines. If you think that SEOPressor could help you Click Here to learn more.

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A Review Of Auto Hyperlink URL Plugin For WordPress Blogs

So, you?ve been writing on your Microsoft Word and you have become accustomed to the program automatically converting the URLs you type into clickable links.? You?ve been posting in several forums and you?ve become used to the system creating hyperlinks for the web addresses you share without having to onerously type those [URL] and [/URL] BBcodes.? You?ve been posting ads on popular classifieds on the web, and you have grown confident that the email address you type will immediately be hyperlinked and such can result to an increased response rate.


Why, then, do you have to take a step backwards when it comes to your WordPress blog?


Why should WordPress, the industry standard when it comes to blogging platforms, have to make life harder for you by requiring HTML encoding just to create correct hyperlinks for the email addresses URLs you type?


If you?ve been maintaining a WordPress blog for a significant period of time, you?ll know what we?re talking about.


-????????? When a URL is succeeded by a period, a parentheses or another character necessary for the correctness of the sentence structure, WordPress will also add that character to the hyperlink it will generate, hence causing visitors to be taken to an invalid URL.


-????????? When a term is typed that includes the character ?@? in the middle, WordPress mistakes it for an email address and automatically hyperlinks the same even if it corresponds to an invalid email destination like joey@work or Johnny@play.


-????????? When a URL is too long, WordPress still displays it, which often results in distorted pages that makes viewing less convenient and enjoyable.

Indeed, WordPress? hyperlinking system is flawed.


This is where plugins come in.


The best plugin that remedies all the shortcomings of WordPress? default hyperlinks is Auto Hyperlink URL.? This clever little add-on has become an absolute necessity for WordPress bloggers.


Aside from correcting all the problems of WordPress? default hyperlinking system which we have enumerated above, the Auto Hyperlink URL allows blog operators to:


-????????? Truncate URLs after they reach a certain number of characters;


-????????? Include words that will precede and succeed truncated URLs;


-????????? Allow text URLs to show only the hostname;


-????????? Open a new window when a URL is clicked so that visitors won?t have to leave the blog page;


-????????? Make the blog page ?nofollow? to prevent the proliferation of spam on the comments section;


-????????? Read class B domain references (links that are not preceded by ?www?).

Installing the Auto Hyperlink URL WordPress plugin is just as easy as installing other plugins.? Simply download the Auto Hyperlink URL plugin and upload the same to your wp-content/plugins folder.? Thereafter, install the Auto Hyperlink URL from your WordPress Plugin menu in the admin panel.


In this day and age when linking has taken central stage in the race for top search engine positions and when read rate is determined by interlinking blog posts within the same blog, the Auto Hyperlink URL WordPress plugin has become a mandatory addition to any WordPress blog.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit http://www.myeasyonlinepay.com/blogging-tools for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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How The SEOPressor Plugin Can Help WordPress Users

The SEOPressor plugin for WordPress offers users an easy way to analyze their on page SEO and amend it as necessary to make it as easy as possible to get a high search engine ranking.

What is on page SEO and why is it important?
On Page SEO means setting out a site and its pages and posts in a search engine friendly way such that the relevancy of content is understood by the search engines. This is important because the search engines will be reluctant to display pages and posts if they are not sure what they are about. In practice this means that the better the on page SEO the fewer backlinks will be required for a given ranking.

However, it should be noted that neither the SEOPressor plugin nor and other SEO tools will help if the keywords chosen are too competitive.

What is the SEOPress Plugin and what does it do?
SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin which is installed in the normal way. Once installed it can be configured to set which changes it is allowed to make on its own. There are screens showing all pages and all posts and a keyword for each of these can be entered here.

The plugin will analyze each page and post and give it a score for its on page SEO which is displayed on the summary screens. On the screen for each page and post the score is shown predominantly at the top right and underneath there is the keyword density percentage and a list of actions required to improve the score.

How will the SEOPressor Plugin help WordPress users?
The SEOPressor plugin will help users in three ways:

Ensure that pages and posts are properly analyzed. Although this could be done manually it would be time consuming and few people would actually do it. With the SEOPressor Plugin it happens each time you “Update” and the score is difficult to ignore.
Enable anyone to achieve good on page SEO. Even if you know nothing about SEO all you have to is follow the SEOPressor plugin instructions and your score will go up.
Teaches users how things should be done. Once you have corrected an error a few times it becomes natural to get it right in the first place.

So if you are seeking a high search engine ranking the SEOPressor plugin will be an invaluable tool to help achieve this aim.

I can recommend the SEOPressor Plugin because it saves a lot of time and has helped get my content ranked on the search engines. If you think that SEOPressor could help you Click Here to learn more.

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A Review Of The All In One SEO Pack Plugin For WordPress Blogs

It is a known fact that 80% of the traffic that you will be able to generate for your website ? and your blog for that matter ? will come from the search engines.? Hence, it is absolutely necessary to build your web pages in such a way that they will attract the attention of these search engines so that they will display your site prominently well in results for relevant search engine queries.


The science of winning the favor of these search engines has been labeled, quite appropriately, as search engine optimization (SEO).? SEO entails a variety of techniques concerned with proper keyword selection, proper keyword usage, and proper keyword maximization.? There are around 30 or more SEO optimization methods that can be ? and SHOULD be ? implemented on each and every web page you will publish.


If this sounds like hard work for the maintenance of your WordPress, thn the All In One SEO plugin will make like so much easier for you.


The All In One SEO plugin will also automate several SEO techniques based on the values that the user will input on the aforementioned fields.


What are the things that the ALL in One SEO WordPress plugin can do, exactly?


-????????? The plugin allows you to define your the title of each web page and the description of each page so that you can include your chosen keywords therein.


-????????? The plugin allows you to define the post title format, page title format, archive title format, search title format and description format ever so easily so that they may be modified to be friendlier for the search engines.


-????????? The plugin allows you to define your pages? META descriptions as well as the title of each post you will make, which is also excellent for integration of your chosen keywords.


-????????? The plugin can automatically generate descriptions based on the values you have provided.? This automation feature will be save you a lot of time, especially if you?re a power blogger who publishes several posts per day.


-????????? By allowing you to use a ?noindex? option for certain sections of your blog, the plugin can prevent search engines from indexing duplicate blog pages, hence eliminating any possibility of dupe content penalties.? Duplicate blog pages are a very common problem, as blog posts are often displayed on the title page, the individual page, and the archives of the blog.


The All In One SEO WordPress plugin is very easy to install.? No special instructions are required.? You can install the package the same way you install other plugins, i.e. by uploading it to the plugins folder and activating the same via WordPress? plugin menu.


The All In One SEO WordPress plugin is also very user-friendly.? The menu, despite the comprehensive number of its options, can easily be understood.? Entry-level bloggers won?t have a hard time in utilizing this WordPress add-on.


The All In One SEO WordPress plugin is one of the most essential downloads for your WordPress blog if you want to position your website well in search engine results.? The fact that this plugin boasts of features that can otherwise be found in 5 or more separate plugins makes it a convenient and powerful option for your blogging needs.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit http://www.myeasyonlinepay.com/blogging-tools for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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The showcase of my new plugin which will revolutionize the wordpress widgets
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

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New WordPress Newsletter Plugin and Powerful Email Subscription Form

Looking for a WordPress newsletter plugin that can increase your subscribers and build your email list fast?

I recently did an intensive test-drive of a brand-new WordPress newsletter plugin and here’s why I think you should check it out:

First of all, ‘Subscribers Magnet’ is a wordpress plugin from Max Blog Press which will rapidly build your email list by using the technology in some unconventional and unique ways.

To see it in action, watch this video

Briefly, let me tell you about some of the key features. You have the option to add your opt-in form anywhere on your blog, and actually ‘entice’ your visitors to join your list in a very friendly manner.

You can add your form to your blog’s sidebar, footer, within the post itself and even in the comments section — where people are already responding to your content.

The most exciting part about this little WordPress newsletter plugin is that you have full control over the look, feel, location and functionality of your forms; the plugin works with any major autoresponder (like AWeber, GetResponse, etc.).

In the hands of responsible bloggers who understand the value of building a list of email subscribers, this plugin is so powerful, it could triple your sign-up rate almost overnight, without you having to get more blog visitors than you’re already getting.

For example, if you actually get 100 unique visitors to your blog on a regular basis and you convert 5% (on average) to subscribe to your list, meaning 5 visitors opt-in, then using this new auto-filling WordPress newsletter plugin, you could get more like 15 new subscribers instead, from the exact same amount of traffic!

So if you understand the power of optimization, you’re going to love this subscriber’s magnet plugin — that’s for sure!

Imagine your visitors landing on your blog… this plugin will automatically fill the visitor’s name and email into the opt-in form on your blog. They won’t have to type in their email and name anymore. It’s all done for them, on auto-pilot.

See the WordPress newsletter plugin in action in this video here:

You should use this WordPress newsletter plugin only if:

1. You want to double, triple and even quadruple your subscription rate ‘overnight’ – and do it over and over again, day and night, week after week, month after month.

2. You are sick and tired of not getting optimum list conversion and want to get the maximum from your blog’s real estate by placing your opt-in form in strategic, non-intrusive locations, where anybody can see it.

3. You want to show the opt-in form on the footer bar, which is highly visible but not obnoxious. Very good for turning first time visitors into subscribers.

4. You want to SEND an “automatic” and highly-personalized ‘thank you message’ by email, on the first occasion someone comments on your blog. Think of the possibilities! In that message you can invite them to join your newsletter or rss feed. It’s another “friendly” reason to bond trust with your readers and get them on your list, in a non intrusive way.

5. You want to take advantage of the unique tracking available for each subscription method – you will know for sure which forms perform better than others; with this new found knowledge, you’ll really be able to boost your sign-up rate like never before.

Download your copy of ‘Subscribers Magnet’ PLUGIN and receive a free copy of “Multiple Hit Strategy”. All the details are here:

Alicia Bausley and Lisa Hanfileti are Empowered Business Entrepreneurs. Download their WordPress newsletter plugin at

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“WPDripper”, the Most Versatile Wp Plugin to Drip Feed Content

“WPDripper”, the Most Versatile Wp Plugin to Drip Feed Content
WPDripper is the easiest and most complete WordPress plugin to Drip Feed your content over a period of time. Upload texts, even with html code, randomly to your Wp Blog, using a single zip file and have them all tagged automatically.
“WPDripper”, the Most Versatile Wp Plugin to Drip Feed Content

Secure Amazon S3 Streaming Plugin for WordPress – S3FlowShield
S3FlowShield prevents content & bandwidth theft for Amazon S3 users. Makes it super simple to embed videos & downloadable files in a WordPress Blog/Site without compromising security! Includes custom Flash Player. A Must for membership sites!
Secure Amazon S3 Streaming Plugin for WordPress – S3FlowShield

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