What Makes a Good WordPress Amazon Plugin?

If you’re an affiliate marketer who has discovered the power of WordPress, it is time that you also find out about the power of premium Amazon plugins. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be happy to know that you no longer have to toil over every little website you build. No more hours of customization, content writing, process automation, and analytics inspection. By using a premium Amazon plugin, you can now streamline your website creation process.

There are several Amazon WordPress plugins that were made with the internet marketer specifically in mind. You can use these plugins to either build Amazon affiliate stores or simply monetize your website content by displaying ads of Amazon products.

But the challenge lies in choosing the right plugin. Let me tell you what makes a good Amazon WordPress plugin.

The plugin should be user friendly and easy to install. But even if it is easy, it shouldn’t neglect providing a detailed user manual, video tutorials, and support forum to help you get started.

The plugin should accommodate you whether you want to build an automated niche store or simply insert ads within existing web pages of your site. That’s why the bulk import and the single product import features are important.

The bulk import feature lets you search products on Amazon and quickly add them to your WordPress-powered Amazon affiliate site. And the single product import feature simply let’s you insert one product from Amazon in a WordPress post.

Another important feature that the plugin should have is its ability to automatically add products to your store without your involvement. It should add products based on keywords or a queue of products you’ve specified. The products should be added based on a schedule that you determined for the plugin.

One crucial factor of the success of an Amazon affiliate store is its uniqueness. That’s why customization is important. A good WordPress Amazon plugin should allow you to change the layout of your store based on templates. The modification process should be well documented in the user-manual.

You may have heard this one before: test, test, and test. That’s right. You always have to test the decisions that you make regarding your affiliate store. “Testing” means seeing which product on your website is making you the most money and which product visitors are clicking on the most, so that you can replicate the success of that product on other pages of your store. The click reporting feature of a good Amazon WordPress plugin gives you that ability.

Finally, you should get a good value from your investment. You don’t want to invest in an overpriced plugin that doesn’t work properly or lacks support. Make sure the plugin’s distribution license doesn’t restrict where you can install the plugin. And make sure that it is backed by a reliable refund policy, so that you’re not stuck with it if it’s not technically compatible with your web host.

Following the advice provided in this article, you are sure to find the right Amazon WordPress plugin and not be disappointed. Good luck!

Joyce is an expert in utilizing WordPress for Amazon affiliate marketing.

Learn more about using WordPress for Amazon affiliate marketing.

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How to solve wordpress error “plugin does not have valid header”

I am newer to wordpress, except posting article; I can do nothing with it. When I install Google Analytics plugin to wordpress, there is an error message saying “the plugin doesn’t have valid header”, I googled lots of solutions online on this problem, but none can fix the situation as I encounter. And this night, I want to try out another way to fix it, but luckily, it’s done this time, I am so happy, and would like to share my solutions to anyone who has the same problem as me, for the details please review the following steps:

Let’s take a Google Analytics plugin for instance.

Download Google Analytics plugin here;
Unzip this file (such as google-analytics-for-wordpress.zip);
When you open this google-analytics-for-wordpress folder, you will find there are two folders located in it, those are MACOSX and google-analytics-for-wordpress folder, that is the reason why you active this plugin, the error (the plugin doesn’t have valid header)?came out, so, what you should do is to remove one of folders according to your computer’s type, such as, if you are using PC, you should remove MACOSX folder, then compress google-anaytics-for-wordpress folder to zip file again, and upload it to wordpress, there are two ways to help you finish this task:

a. by wordpress: upload this zip folder to wordpress directly through wordpress: click Plugins>Add New

b. by ftp: upload google-analytics-for-wordpress foler (uncompressed one) to plugin folder by fpt

(in FTP, you must keep plugin folder structure like this: plugin>google-analytics-for-wordpress folder>google analytics related files, such as readme.txt, screenshot-1?and so on?(it will not contain MACOSX folder or any other unrelated folder))

After installed it successfully, you can active it at admin panel!

Go to http://www.imeshootings.com/blog/howto-wordpress/plugin-not-valid-header for more details.

Alvey from www.imeshootings.com

More articles see http://www.imeshootings.com/blog

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How To Upload WordPress To Your Hosting Plugin Upload Explained

How To Upload WordPress

1)? Many of you already have hosting, and I will use hostgator as an example, now I will put this in lamen terms for anyone that has no idea how to do it.? OK-your in your hostgator account, now you will see your hosting credentials there on the bottom left sidebar, usually they will say ns1093.hostgator.com now copy and paste this to whoever has your domains like godaddy-now go?into godaddy and you will see your acct-you will see where it says nameservers, now add the hostgator info there, make sure you imput both numbers there, hit submit your done with this.

2)? Now go back into your cpanel hosting account, you will see where it says domains, add the domain there don’t use www. now it will ask you for a password you can imput that there, hit submit and your done with this part.

3)? Now go into where it says fantastico deluxe in your cpanel and that will be under software/services- on the left side you will see where it says wordpress click that, now add the domain you want to upload, add the login codes you desire and your done!? This is the simplest way to upload wordpress to hosting accounts.?

Uploading Paid Plugins to WordPress

1)? Many people use paid wordpress plugins, the easiest way to upload these plugins can be explained below.? After you buy the plugin make sure you add it to your desktop account, it makes it easier when you leave it there-and leave it zipped!?

2)? Now go into your hosting account, you will see where it says file manager, double click that and look for the domain you want to add it to.? Now you will see where it says (wp-content) double click that and you will see where it says (wp-plugin)?click that!? Now in the upper left you will see where you can hit UPLOAD – browse through your desktop until you see where you can find the paid plugin, now double click the plugin and hit enter it will take about 50 seconds to successfully upload, OK now get out of that screen -? go back to the file manager where the same domain you want the plugin anotherwords go back to file manager (wp-content) and (wp-plugin) once you see that zipped file go to the upper right and you will see a extract button, just click the zipped file once and then click extract-this will happen right in front of your eyes!? Now after it’s completed go back into the plugin section of your blog, and activate the plugin it’s that easy,? If you need more help with this we have a video available and you can see that here We have made it simple to download wordpress to hostgator or any hosting account-as long as you have fantistico you should be all right.?

Make Money With Paid Plugins

???? The easiest way to make money in wordpress is locating a automated plugin such as Wp-Robot Here you can have the ability to make amazon commissions and ebay.? Now clickbank is added.? There are money making plugins out there, but literally this is one of the?best you will come across.? WordPress has many free plugins you can add in your admin section but they are what they are, some are excellent but if you are looking to make money your better off using this plugin.? Installing wordpress is very easy if you know how, many are making a lot of money by just learning this feature.? You can sell your blogs on many sites such as ebay!?

WordPress Plugin – Essential Web Tool For Online Success

Word-Press is a blogging platform. It is so popular that it supports almost over 120 million blogs existing at present. It has become a web entity in itself. The quality of the blogs and various features that it allows has made Word-Press a top ranking platform and links generated from the Word-Press has value in ranking your web-page or website.

However, amidst this mind boggling number of blogs, how come search engines are going to make your post stand apart and attract web traffic? Answer to this question lies with Word-Press website designer. These designers can utilize certain plug-ins that help in search engine optimization and increasing website ranking.

Plug-ins are a small set of programs that work in coordination with the main program or host application. Plug-ins caters for very specifically intentioned features. They are also known as add-ons. Basically plug-ins allows other users to enhance the application and improve upon its interactive user friendliness. Here are some of the essential and latest Word-Press plug-ins.

1. All in one plug-ins: This is the most essential plug-in. This allows choosing keywords and a title for your post. It also tracks duplicate posts. It allows customization of post tags. Its user friendliness has made it the most popular and essential plug-in of all times.

2. SEO Ultimate: This plug-in allows you to automatic internal and external linking. It allows setting anchor text and title re-writer feature. It allows meta-tags and checks for duplicity.

3. Picasa album uploader: This allows directly loading Picasa files from your desktop to Word-Press. This plug-in provides for a button to be installed into Google Picasa toolbar. Downloading the button and customizing the toolbar makes Word-Press photo loading and navigation very easy.

4. Syn Highlight: This plug-in is for syntax highlighting in WordPress blog posts and comments. This can be done easily in graphical user interface without any need of coding. Highlighting options are provided easily and can be customized.

5. Store locator 1.2.38: This allows Google maps to search for stores and locations. This plug-in is easily manageable and effective. Though its utility is limited; some specific store allocator applications can prove to be very handy for the purpose.

6. GD Star Rating 1.8.0 MMX: This plug-in is for post, page and comment rating. It supports different image sets, rating moderation, multi ratings, vote rules, templates, trend calculations and rendering. This plug-in can be integrated with comments for making a review website.

7. Sidebar email form: This plug-in allows for sending emails from any page without navigating to the actual contact page. It is Ajax based and needs captcha verification.

8. WordPress mobile edition: This plug-in provides for interface between mobiles, smart phones and PDAs. It caters for advance mobile browsers with regular enhancements. With improved mobility and increasing intensive penetration of wireless devices, this plug-in is proving to be very important feature of Word-Press.

9. Share This: Visitors can share their content with bookmarking sites. They can even email the post to their friends.

10. Link Harvest: This plug-in will scan through all your posts and compile a list of all links provided on the posts. Further, it will create a roll and monitor linking activity from these links. This plug-in is not very user friendly.

This list is not exhaustive. These are only the latest and the most essential plug-ins. More and more programmers and Word-Press users are coming up with advanced plug-ins to enhance Word-Press usability quotient. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Word-Press website designers have a goldmine of plug-ins that can help them optimize their website or webpage ranking.

We back all of our web services by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are affordable and award winning Vancouver website designers, a full time, professional Vancouver website company with professional BC website designers offering specializing in web programming with free hosting and free front page search engine rankings with all the websites we create, Todd.

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Automated Blog – Automated Blog Posting WordPress Plugin

Automated Blog Posting is rapidly evolving into a practical technique for getting real results on-line.

If you never thought about automated blog posting, YOU should.

They’re simple to create, and will increase affiliate commissions, and your online “SERP” quickly.

And I’m not speaking about those “rehashed garbage” or spammy content. That would only kill your believability. And if you’re someone who places a premium on the value of good information online, you fully grasp why these style solutions are not only silly, but are bad long term strategy as well.

But listen up. There ARE attractive answers for great looking weblogs, that distribute good content, and are value added propositions to both the original authors….AND your own network of profitable automated blog sites.

Let me give your an good example of what I mean.

Use the power of leverage. You can post articles, for example, using software from hundreds of article directories and MILLIONS of available articles, all within Terms of Service, and while offering attribution (and incoming links) to the original authors

You can re-purpose RSS Feeds from data and catalog feeds giving you the ability to post THOUSANDS of niche specific products on your blogs, from tens of thousands of available vendors, all at the push of a button.

Affordable technology allows you to easily re-purpose and publish your content across a wide variety of medium.

Using a great looking professional looking WordPress template completes the package

Who will benefit from automated blogs? YOU… who wants, needs and CRAVES More FREE Traffic, easier sales, better copy and automatic online profits…and is sick and tired of being lied to, deceived and laughed at by Gurus who steal your hard earned money. (and your dreams of a better future for you AND your family)

Discover how Automated Blog Posting can save you time and make you money, claim a copy of my free guide, <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://automaticblog.info/automaticblog_lp2.php”>How To Create Automatic Blogs</a>. The guide reveals all the details of how to make Automated Blogs work for you. Go here to get your free copy, <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://bit.ly/a79SFS”>http://bit.ly/a79SFS</a> <br />

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Permalinks Migration ? A WordPress Plugin That Keeps Dead Links Alive

WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform.? And since blogs have emerged as might weapons for internet marketing, WordPress has become of the biggest brands in the world of online business.? Today, if you?re marketing on the web and you?re not using a WordPress blog, then your tactics can be considered as dated and even obsolete.


The fact is: WordPress blogs are search engine-friendly, so much so that WordPress blog pages have better chances of placing highly in relevant search engine results than conventional web pages.


Now, here?s the problem?


Experts say that 70% of search engine optimization (SEO) is about the number and the quality of the back links you have garnered for your website.? These back links are very important as they are the ones that determine for the search engines how relevant your website is for a particular topic and how weightily your website performs against similar websites under the same category.


If your back links go, so will your search engine popularity? and such can be fatal for your online business.


The thing with WordPress blogs is that if the blog owner changes the permalink structure of his pages, i.e.? the ?/%year%/%monthnum%/

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit http://www.myeasyonlinepay.com/blogging-tools for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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Membership Sites – WordPress Plugin Makes It Simple To Have Your Own Membership Site

Having your own membership site will give you a steady stream of revenue on the Internet. You may already be part of someone else’s membership program and know how it works. Before starting your own site you will want to think about several things.

The things to think about are the niche you will focus on, the information you will include, and the amount of time you will spend each month with the members. Plan out what you will do to optimize your results.

Choosing the right niche to attract members will be the single most important decision you will face. Ask your prospects what they would like to learn from you. One way to find out what your prospects want is to give them a survey.

Look for competing sites that already have some members. If there is at least one, you can have a better idea of what your market wants. Find out what your market wants and needs to know about your niche topic.

Adding information, resources, and other content to your site does not have to take all of your time. Teleseminars are an easy and fast way to add more content to your membership site. Transcribing your teleseminars gives your members the option of choosing how they will receive the information you are providing. Adding content from PLR sites will give you even more options.

Finding the right sites to purchase your private label rights from will make it more enticing for your members. I also like to make short videos, about five minutes or less in length. Soon you will have more content than you ever imagined, and new members will truly benefit.

I interact once each month with my members. Everyone benefits from doing it this way. The members receive new information regularly, freeing me up to create new products and courses. Think about what will work the best. The idea is to build multiple streams of online income on the Internet.

You can get started today by visiting Membership Sites Plugin and see how quickly you can have your own membership site ready to build your online income.

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Build a niche store – an outstanding wordpress plugin

Buying and selling products on eBay has become a real and powerful business that can turn anyone from a simple seller into a successful entrepreneur. With build a niche store software it is so easy now for helping future entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the benefits of quick and easy business on eBay and not least to gain an additional income.It is not need to invest money in advance to start the business and no strict schedule, you are encouraged to work part time from home.

One of the most important thing on this process is the knowledge about the selling product.The entrepreneur must know useful details and also must know the correct prices for his products.Most of clients are delighted and appreciate an expertise.Selling a product from a niche category substantially increases potential profit, this concentration of niche products helping an entrepreneur to know more about a particular product, correctly estimate the selling price ,time delivery (other major factor in increasing your trust and credibility) and the warranty of the product (it is recommendedunlimited).

If you have found the right niche then all the criteria are met, just use the build a niche store software for making the tasks automatically. Build a niche store is a software developed by Dynamixgate’s which helps the eBay user needs in a manner that makes him unique in an over-saturated world of eBay software’s : plungins, scripts, etc. Fully customizable from the interface, build a niche store is not limited and each of the eBay process can be streamlined within.

The great ability to choose from over one million products offered by eBay and no restriction for categories, make from build a niche store software a real money machine a incredible source for your financial autonomy.The popularity enjoyed by WordPress (is an Open Source project – means that you are free to use, without paying license) platform, today, among millions of users worldwide, made to be born this sublime plugin for blogs or sites governed by wordpress. We hope that build a niche store software will be your business assistant from now !

Now your selling and buying products on eBay has become more easier with this incredible wordpress plugin Build a niche store software who can make your life become more prosperous with an autopilot earning money system.

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WP Syndicator Review: Is it the best WordPress Plugin ?

The plugin does what it says concerning the box: It syndicates your posts, developing again links instantly. Secondly and maybe a great deal far more importantly there is the Research engine marketing and advertising benefit with the hyperlinks you receive from syndicating your content to all these net internet sites. * Automatic deep linking to every syndicated weblog publish from greater status and authority internet internet sites.
It’s superb for just about any blogger of anybody who makes use of WP for their world wide web site.

What does this imply and what can it be utilized for? Very initial of all, there’s the website website visitors you can receive with the Web 2.0 web sites by posting your articles product on them.

Nicely, I’ve turning into actively playing with this plugin for the final week or so therefore substantially I’ve observed some really intesting outcomes that this wp syndicator plugin is straight accountable for and I understand that for any fact.

Here’s a quick WP Syndicator Review

So What’s WP Syndicator?

John Taylor & Andy Fletcher have released their latest product WP Syndicator, on Friday August 13th 2010.

WP Syndicator is generally a plugin for WordPress than automatically syndicates composed content material around many foremost Web two.0 world wide web sites. syndicates your content throughout a number of well-liked Internet 2.0 sites.

It does take a tiny time to set it up with all of the different accounts, but as soon as which is accomplished, it actually can be considered a one-click answer. To become truthful with you, I believe its a genuinely great device, It’s by drastically the most sophisticated wordpress written content material syndication plugin, helping you make 1 of one of the most of every article you submit on your internet site.

Does WP Syndicator Plugin Perform?

* WP Syndicator will really advantage any wordpress blogger, particularly those guys and women looking for a competitive benefit in the research engines.

* An boost in site site visitors especially from micro-blogging net sites within your syndication network.
Bottom line: It is most most likely the simplest way I’ve ever noticed, for buidling a handful of backlinks and giving a small “SEO boost” to each one of the posts.


* A significant saving in time versus manual content syndication.

Jeff Fritsch<br /><a title=”WP Syndicator Official Website” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.myclikckbankreview.com/goto/WPSyndicator/” target=”_blank&quot;”>http://www.wpsyndicator.com</a>|<br /><a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://hubpages.com/hub/WP-Syndicator-WP-Syndicator-Review”>Read More about WP Syndicator</a>}

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Best wordpress plugin for displaying ads from Google and others

What we need is a plugin that?offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Adsense or any Adverts codes into blog posts. Apart from it ,?which can randomly place the Adverts anywhere within a post. Which comes with a? setting page that is simple enough so that every one could could use it, and?which does not?frustrate you with complicated?options.

Generally speaking, placing Adsense randomly within?posts?is Quite?a good way to experiment a variety of ads formats and?placements apart from optimizing your Adsense. If you have?a lot of?regular visitors who frequently re-visit your website , the randomization will likely attract them.

Such a plugin which i know of is Quick Adsense. It offers the following Features.

1. The author does not demand any?revenue reward or revenue sharing from your Adsense in any way.

2. Feature of Default Ads positioning : which means you could easily?Assign Ads to

The beginning of post or
Assign Ads to the middle of post,
Tssign Ads to the end of post,
Assign Ads after certain paragraphs (3 options available) & assign Ads after certain images.

3. Place ads in any whay you like, ?insert Ads specifically or randomly anywhere within a post in your blog.

4. The configuration interface is very simple and?does not require?any? coding knowledge: simply copy and paste AdSense code,?select appropriate ?options and?the plugin will then do the rest for you by itself. The code is clean and hackproof too.

5. Quick adsense Supports any Ads code like bidvertiser, adbrite or any other which means that its not limited to Adsense code only.

6. Quick adsense can Display up to a maximum of 10 Ads on a page. Google adsense ?allows publishers to place up to 3 Adsense for Content on?one page. If you are using other Ad networks along with adsense, you?can display up to?Ten Ads.

For more details please refer to This website?you can also view other related notes on my personal website

Shaheen Tabbasum is a freelance?articles writter who can write articles?on any topic on Demand for your website and blog promotion.

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