Mlm Blogs Social Plugins, 6 Plugins I Personally Use To Create Some Buzz !!

What are blog plugins and why do I need one? A plug in, is a download you can get for free at many different places on the Internet. There are many different plugins for various functions. Depending on what you are trying to do you will need different plugins. Most bloggers will tell you what they use but that doesn’t necessarily mean you must have them.

There are a few plugins that are essential to have if you want your blog to function correctly and get recognized by the search engines with each post. I won’t convert search engine optimization plug-in in this but here are just a few that I use and hear over and over again:
My Live Signature:
This free plugin allows you to easily add a real and personal signature on your posts, pages and blog. The plugin is extremely easy to use and allows a lot of option to integrate your signature into your blog. You can choose the signature location (i.e. at the end of each post, at the end of a page or anywhere in your posts), your signature can be of different style in different location!
Disqus is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. The Disqus comment system can be plugged into any website, blog, or application. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive. Disqus will give you the following functionalities: Threaded comments and replies, notifications and replies by email, subscribe and RSS options, powerful moderation and admin tools, support for Disqus community widgets, connected with a large discussion community that will increased exposure and readership.
Digg Digg:
Digg Digg is a WordPress plugin that is used to generate social vote button, which include Digg, Reddit, Dzone, Yahoo Buzz, TweetMeme (twitter), fbShare (facebook), Polladium, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Sphinn, Post comments and Google Buzz buttons. You will have:
1) Buttons Integration Type: Left Float Content; Right Float Content; Before Content; After Content.
2) Buttons Control Display: Display at Home page; Display at Static page; Display at Post Page; Display at Category Page; Display at Archive Page.
3) Buttons weight to decide the priority order (sorting).
Onlywire Button:
OnlyWire is a free Internet based program that enables you to link many social bookmarking sites into one account. Once you’ve set up your account and implemented OnlyWire into your blog, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your content to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Yahoo Bookmarks, to name just a few.

Automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites! You will be able to: Build a community; Invite your friends to the blog community.
Wp Greet Box:
This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url. You can also set a default greeting message for new visitors suggesting them to subscribe to your RSS feed. Having these targeted suggestions will help your blog increase exposure, loyal readership, and reader interaction.

There are many other plugins, getting and using plugins will depend greatly on the purpose of your blog and what your market will like. Always keep your visitors/customers first in mind when you are planning your blog and content.



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Building an empire with WordPress and Amazon together with plugins

When setting up that internet site and adding all that large high excellent information where you expecting to get wonderful outcomes from your efforts, but discovered it had been much less then satisfying? If this is the situation then you are going to be happy to study this write-up.

When you finish reading this write-up today you may recognise how uncomplicated it’s to make cash from WordPress utilizing such tools as the many distinct Amazon WordPress plug-ins obtainable that will allow you to connect your viewers while using goods Amazon has to supply with us growing your revenue in your website.

As an Internet marketer it creates sense to make use of big firms like Amazon to promote different merchandise with WordPress plug-ins to ensure you’ll be able to make finances, all affiliate marketer marketers ought to recognize this.

Ahead of the creation of plug-ins and was very tough to add Amazon solutions to ones weblog or web web page you would call for to go to Amazon come throughout the product you required and added them manually to every page and most on the time it absolutely was very hard to find a product that did not match your written content, after a while this became definitely frustrating for internet designers.

Not applying scripts and applications like the vast range of Amazon WordPress plug-ins today is like proceeding back for the Stone Age. These days getting advantage of such tools is really a must. Lengthy time ago when these operations took so lengthy that it affected the function of the internet site by itself things like written content and style were overlooked. this really is what creates automation so important.

The aim of an affiliate marketer marketer in standard terms is to make money on his or her web internet site or in this situation a website making use of such plug-ins, users may make it pretty effortless to connect a reader with the weblog itself and also the item they intend to buy. this in by itself can make a a lot a lot additional enjoyable knowledge for the reader helping them discover what it’s they are searching for.

If you might be new for the globe of affiliate marketing and advertising then it isn’t that hard to recognize, several assorted organizations on the Web are looking to sell their products or services, they provide you with the possibility to market their products and their providers on your internet website, just before internet marketer advertising you’d of had to deal with the items themselves such as shipping, organizing and paying for the buyer to receive the items but now all you need to complete is send site visitors out of your website to their web website, once the reader makes a purchase you happen to be credited with a percentage with the sale and it is that effortless.

Additionally, neither have been you involved while using handling of collections, nor did you make the payment processing. What you did was just showcasing the goods in front of your site’s website readers and just for executing which you get paid!

Inside the affiliate marketer world targeted precise targeted visitors is exactly where the money is created, bloggers invest so significantly time trying to obtain large top quality precise targeted visitors to their blog in order to make a sale, the slowly much much more and a whole lot much more folks are realizing that adding this sort of applications as Amazon plug-ins can make it pretty simple to produce a steady earnings.

You’ll discover previously extremely a few WordPress Plugins, which occur being devised to rapidly support a person to construct a review web page for an Amazon merchandise. These web sites are built utilizing the autopilot system which requires minimum intervention in your portion thus supplying you time to concentrate on other activities. The specific affiliate merchandise relevant to some keyword are automatically retrieved with this mechanism.

One particular may also conveniently manufacture critique web sites for these products containing the authentic customer reviews and feedbacks although utilizing help of these Plugins.

Amazon plug-ins can provide this sort of a wide variety of auctions using the ability to display off to pull items at after matching our webpages contents currently being out to display this kind of points as the descriptions, images, the pricing structure, the manufacturer with the item by itself and present discounts offered. These kinds of plug-ins may be seen rather well with the internet site generating it appealing and neat.

Of course it is feasible to include Amazon widgets, tracking for your clicks, all assorted reporting from the traffic and very much much more.


Jason r appleberry has been within the Affiliate business enterprise for a extended time and has designed a site about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Amazon wordpress plugin</a>. In accomplishing so he has gone above essentially the most essential causes about buying <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Wordpress Amazon Plugins</a>. You might uncover information on other affiliate networking information and services.

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Add Extra Plugins to Your Site Using Freelance PHP Programming

How does it feel to work on a website or opening it when the pages are opened smoothly and without any substantial delay? I am a fan of the social networking sites and spend enough time there and I like tweeting and working on facebook but, one thing makes the difference I have set these two sites as the default in my browser and as and when I open my browser the facebook gets opened within seconds and the same is not with twitter. It takes some extra time. Usually there is no problem but at times it baffles me. The reason is obvious. It all depends on the interface of your website. Since facebook is made in PHP it runs smoothly and that is not the case with twitter. The facebook application developers kept this in mind and we are relatively easy while working in it.

The interface means a lot in the popularity of a website. Everyone likes its pages to be opened quickly. PHP provides this facility and that is why its use in web development has grown tremendously. And that is a reason we have a whole lot of freelance PHP developers in the market. These PHP programmers will work for your website and give you the website ready that functions smoothly. Since freelance programmers often work on their own and their reputation is associated with this work the output is generally very good.

Not only they create a whole new website for you, but if you are already having a website, thanks to wordpress, and then at sometimes you need to install some plugins that wordpress is not providing you then you can take the help of the wordpress plugin developer and they can also make custom wordpress templates and custom wordpress themes for you. That is the benefit of having freelance web developers. Because you can not go to a company just to add a plugin in your wordpress website and even if you do the expenses will be out of bound.

One more thing that can be achieved is the cloning. You have seen facebook and you may have seen similar websites as well then you know what website cloning is. Site clone just gives you the pleasure of working in the same interface that your favorite website is in.

With the use of PHP the website clone seems an easy task and not a tough one. You can create the replica of the original website and apart from the names of websites no visible differences will be seen. PHP which was earlier called personal home page has really lived up to the expectations and can give you almost anything you need in this virtual world.

Hire a Professional Freelance PHP MySql Programmer, WordPress plugin developer,custom wordpress themes, oscommerce developer, freelance programmer,website cloning, php programmer,

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Cute Profiles is a free WordPress Plugin which will bring all your Social Profiles at one location ie either left or right side of your blog pages in a well decent floating manner, saving your sidebar or footer space for ads or other important data and widgets

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3 SEO Plugins for WordPress That You Must Have

We all know that once our blog is up and running it needs to be helped when getting into the search engines. Let’s face it simply building a blog is not enough. If you want visitors you must go get them.

The best way to get visitors is by optimizing your site.? Lucky for us there are plenty of plugins that will help us do this.? Here are three that I use and feel will be most helpful to anyone with a WordPress blog. All of these are free.

All in One SEO Pack ? Of all the thousands of WordPress plugins on the web this would be the one I would recommend to get first. It’s one of the most popular plugins ever for WordPress, and for a very good reason

The All In One SEO Pack allows you to make your home page title, home page meta description and meta keywords better.

Home Title allows you make your homepage title separate from any other pages on your site. It’s recommended to make your home title include the keywords you are trying to target for your site. This is the title that will come up in organic searches so you want it to be descriptive of your blog.

Home Description allows you to fill out the meta description for your home page. This is the description that will appear in search engine results for when your home page is being displayed in a search list.

Home Keywords are the Meta keywords you want to have included on your home page. These keywords should reflect keywords found within your site. Make sure you include any keywords you want to rank high for in search engines when filling this out.

Besides entering this information for your home page you can also enter specific title, descriptions and keywords for each post on your home page. The best thing about this plugin is that you can do so much on page SEO tweaking with very little effort.

Google XML Sitemaps ? Ok, this may be my favorite plugin. This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search. Before you create your sitemap there are numerous option that you can select.

There are check boxes that you can check off to tell it what content to include when generating the sitemap. For example you can include homepage, posts, categories etc. You can also exclude and categories you want to by just checking the box.

The change frequency section gives you the ability to select when you want the different parts of your blog are crawled by search engines.? I know this is called Google XML Sitemaps but it does work for, Google, YAHOO and MSN.? Make sure to install this one asap so you can reap the benefits.

SEO Friendly Images ? Not may bloggers think about optimizing their images. Images can actually get you more traffic since people are always looking for images of various subjects. This plugin helps you with making sure that you have “alt” and “title” tags on all of your images so that the search engines can properly index them.

There are parameters that help you build relevant terms that people may be searching for.

Here are some parameters that you can set up.

%title ? replaces post title

%name ? replaces image file name (without extension)

In a post titled Car Pictures there is a picture named Ferrari.jpg

Setting alt attribute to “%name %title” will produce alt=”Ferrari Car Pictures”
Setting title attribute to “%name photo” will produce title=”Ferrari photo”

Well there you have it. By installing these three plugins you will have all the SEO bases covered or blog optimization.

Steve Laba is an internet marketer and eBay PowerSeller with over 10 year of experience making money online.

If you would like to learm more about many other internet marketing ideas please go to There is also a FREE 0 gift waiting for you.

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Utilise Wp Plugins With Your PPC Campaign

The Best WordPress Plugins 2010 is possibly the world’s premier blogging platform, and is being employed a lot more and more usually as a Articles Management Technique (CMS) as properly as a system for classic linear blogs. With the continued recognition of ‘magazine style’ themes, which resemble standard web sites, WordPress’s reputation seems assured. A single of the reasons for its success is how simple to use it is, even for the greenest of newcomers with the rawest of coding knowledge.

If you are utilizing top wordpress plugins to generate the site by means of which you hope to realize your Web Advertising and marketing dreams, it is effectively really worth thinking of switching your CMS to WordPress. This is all the much more genuine if you are preparing on (or are currently) making use of spend-per-click (often referred to as just PPC) marketing. Whilst WordPress itself gives minimal assistance for inserting PPC adverts in to posts, subject material and around a website, there are lots of ‘plugins’ that specialise in just that.

In Wp speak, a ‘plugin’ is the technique utilized to include yet another layer of functionality to WordPress. Plugins perform from inside the most important Wp dashboard, and all are free of charge to install and use. You can, for instance, use plugins to include your stat counter codes to a web site, or to support cache pages greater.

Normally, you can use plugins to insert PPC codes in to the subject material of your web site. All you have to do is configure the ad code, insert it in to the plugin instruction box and then decide on where by and when it is displayed. The ad will then seem naturally when a publish is published. Common alternatives for this free of charge service contain Adsense Now and Adsense Anytime; despite the names, they perform with any PPC process, and give your web-site an ease of use that hand-coders and other CMS customers can only aspire to. For more information please read on crawl rate tracker.

TO get more information about visit} <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>favorite wordpress plugins</a> and <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>google xml sitemaps</a>.

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Internet Marketing Course ? 4 Recommended Plugins for WordPress Blogs

WordPress is probably the best interface for anyone who wants to setup a blog style website but has little or no html coding knowledge. I had to write html codes for websites generation when I was in college. When WordPress was born, it is heaven to many. I personally believe that WordPress was one of the key reasons to an explosion of websites launches over the past decade.

The following are essential WordPress Plugins for anyone who wants to monetize a website, especially one with a blog style.

1. Akismet

Most Blog style websites have a comment box at the bottom of every post that allows the readers to leave their feedback or comments. These comments are great for SEO traffic. However, the comment box is also a magnet for spam.

Akismet is a Plugin that checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam and allows you to review the comments before approving it. To activate Akismet you will need a API key which is free for personal websites use.

Although Akismet is a good tool, you will want to check your comments folder regularly because some good comments may actually get filtered out. This plugin works like a computer anti-spam software that automatically put junk mails into your junk box. If you know how it works, it is not perfect. But this is not to say that you don’t need an anti-spam software.

2. Social BookMarking Links Plugin

This plugin automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites! Furthermore, you can also send a link to your post via email, AIM, Facebook, Twitter and more. WordPress version 2.6 or above is required though.

When you integrate social bookmarking with your posts, visitors can bookmark your web page with their social bookmarking accounts and that creates great backlinks for you that are well-liked by Search Engines.

3. Google Sitemaps Plugin

Google sitemaps creates a compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. It supports all of the WordPress generated pages as well as custom created ones. What’s cool about this plugin is that every time you create or edit a post, your sitemap gets updated automatically and all the major search engines that support the sitemap protocol such as, Google, Bing and Yahoo are notified about the update.

This simply means your blog pages will be more SEO friendly.

4. Google Adsense

This plugin provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. It is a very simple and yet almost maintenance free way of generating passive income from your blog. After you install and activate the plugin, go to the widgets under appearance and then add the Adsense tool to the sidebar or any where you like on your blog.

Before you install this plugin, please ensure that you have an approved Adsense account from Google, which may be a painful process for some because Google mercilessly rejects your application if it thinks you are generating junk sites.

For more WordPress tutorial and SEO tools, check out Adam Short’s Niche Profit Programs which offers countless video tutorials for the serious Internet Marketers in mind.

Get Educated. Market Smart!

92% of Marketers will FAIL to make decent money in Internet Marketing. I highly recommend the Niche Profit Program to anyone who truly wants to succeed in Internet Marketing, legitimately. Additional Resources: FREE Traffic Video Tutorials

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How to Make Money with WordPress – Important Plugins

Do you need to earn some additional money to suppliment your income? Perhaps you want toreplace it entirely? Then learning how to make money with WordPress may be your ticket tofinancial freedom.

What makes WordPress so special? Plugins.

WordPress plugins are what I like to call supplemental tools. Once installed these little tools provide additional functionality not found at the core of WordPress and can extend WordPress’s web-design capabilities to do almost anything you can imagine. There are thousands of plugins. Some are free and some you pay for, but in my experience you can easily make do with the free ones. There are even plugins for Amazon and Adsense to make it easy for you to make money with WordPress.

Here is a list of WordPress plugins that I found to be a Must-Have:

All in One SEO Pack -Will help you optimize every aspect of your On-Page SEO factors. When learning how to make money with WordPress, this is key.

Google XML Sitemap – Automatically generates a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog

Akismet – Stops Comment & Trackback SPAM. It checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen

Google Analyticator – Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics on your website/blog, and eliminates the need to edit your template code

RSS Includes Pages – Gives WP Pages the ability to use the always good RSS power

Secure WordPress – Do I need to say more?

Google Website Optimizer – Test and Optimize your landing pages to increase the value of your existing websites and traffic

WP Super Cache or WP Total Cache – Easily optimize the speed and user experience of your site with caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer – You HAVE to get this. A MUST MUST MUST HAVE – BUT you have to download it from the owner’s website. You have to subscribe to his list.

GoCodes or Pretty Link – for cloaking, redirecting and tracking affiliate links

Deans FCKEditor – Replaces the default WordPress editor and gives you additional writing tools for easier writing

Once you understand how to make money with WordPress plugins, and the ease in which you can build a new revenue-generating website after another, you will be able to duplicate this process over and over. These plugins simply help you to create and monetize your website, but over time you will need to reinvest some of your earnings into more advanced plugins for increased profitability.

If you would like to learn more ways to make money using WordPress, I am compiling all of my articles here: Part Time Jobs from Home.

I run a website that helps people just like you get started in internet marketing. Please visit to find information on starting an online business from scratch. You will find resources to all the tools, training, support, and services needed to help you learn how to make money with WordPress.

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Essential WordPress 2.3 Plugins

With the addition of the Plugin Update Notification into WordPress 2.3, it is now more important than ever before that plugin authors maintain and update their plugins on a regular basis. Failure to do so may see their plugin dropped from while user’s migrate to other more up-to-date plugins.

Some of the most popular WordPress plugins have already been tested and listed as WordPress 2.3 compatible plugins. Sadly many will never be compatible as their authors have given up development.

Developing a successful and popular blog or website is made easier by using WordPress, even more so now that canonical redirection and update notifications are included by default. Bloggers wishing to grow their site, increase traffic, manage content, and monetize their pages will however need to install some of the excellent plugins available. Here’s a short list of must have plugins:

“Akismet v2.02”, without this many bloggers quickly become bogged down in dealing with spam. The Akismet plugin sends a query to the Akismet servers with every comment posted and checks the users email address and their comment for spam. Akismet will automatically reject spam giving webmasters peace of mind and restoring ‘blogging innocence’.

“Backup WordPress”, the easiest and quickest way to backup your entire WordPress install, including database, themes, uploads, in fact even the entire site with core files. We all know operating a popular site requires time and effort, and when a site goes down its good to know you have a backup.

“No follow case by case”, for webmasters who really don’t want comment authors getting any link juice from their hard won efforts to build their PR. Linking to potentially bad neighborhoods or sites that aren’t in your niche can damage our site’s SERPs, luckily the no follow tag is honored by most major search engines. No follow case by case allows you to select any comment link that shouldn’t be followed, or leave the default setting which automatically applies the no follow tag to all comment links.

“Google Sitemaps Generator”, designed to work with Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search, this plugin will generate your sitemap in plain text and compressed format, then ping Google, and Yahoo when you update your site. The generated sitemap will also include a priority rating for each entry based on the number of comments received.

“Mint Popular Posts” utilizes Mint, one of the best tracking packages for complete analysis of your website traffic. Find out which pages your visitors are reading, which links they’re clicking, which ad’s they’re clicking, and more.

Did I miss important plugins? Yes, what about Advertising plugins? for plugins which support AdSense, there are 2 plugins that are listed in the plugin compatibility list at the time this article written, they are “AdSense Deluxe” and “AdSense Manager”, but here is another new plugin but it’s not free (although it’s pretty cheap), “DynamicAds”, it’s compatible with WordPress 2.3 and one of the the plugin’s features allows you to control how you want to rotate your ads in various locations on your site.

Those are the essential plugins that need to be firstly installed to your WordPress website.

This article was written by DynamicAds, DynamicAds is an Ad Placements Rotator plugin for WordPress that is fully compatible with WordPress 2.3, it allows you to control how you want to rotate your ads at various locations on your site. Visit us at

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Automate Your WordPress Blogs With Autopost Plugins

WordPress appeared in the Web scenario in the year 2003 and gradually became popular as one of the most reputed CMS software. Now it is being used for thousands of websites all around the web. Although it is considered to be CMS software but more precisely, it is considered as an open source blogging tool which is available either as free software or as hosted option. Apart from that, WordPress also bring in various additional features that are known as the WordPress Autopost Plugins. All the plugins help the bloggers to customize their blog which will suit both the web audience and the genre of the website.

Novice bloggers often ask about the uses of WordPress plugins? So let me tell you, that they are one of the most essential features necessary for operating the software and helps in customizing the blog. Even according to experts they are certainly an essential component of WordPress. WordPress Autopost Plugins enhances your web presence and give you an opportunity to promote your blog, however; if someone ignores this new blog technology then he is certainly living in a fool’s paradise. Times are changing fast and Web technology is getting more and more advanced these days, so cope up with the changing realities.

For putting the best use of WordPress Autopost Plugins it is not necessary that you will have to be an expert about web technology and internet. The process of installing the plugins is pretty simple and even maintaining them is just a child’s play! As compared to other software, it is fairly easy to operate WordPress and it is pretty user friendly.

To make your blog an effective marketing tool, you need just “WordPress”. Turning your personal blog into an effective marketing wagon is the “Call of Web Technology” nowadays. People, who want to venture out with personal blog, treat WordPress as their first preference. This is the Number One choice just because of the ease with which one can use it. This is not all you can also attract hordes of traffic towards your blog because the search engine is in love with WordPress! WordPress Autopost Plugins provide additional functionality to a blog that helps to attract more traffic thereby increasing your web presence.

So when you are choosing any theme from the Autopost Plugins, you need to be wise in your approach. This is because your choice will determine the future traffic you will attract. Since Google reads the blog typically from left to right, the links are always shown on the left side. Google go through the links fast and considers it to be duplicate content. As duplicate content is not good for your site, so it is better to go for simple themes which will allow Google to read the new post first and this can only be possible when you are using WordPress Autopost Plugins.

Automatically post Amazon products, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions, Flickr images and answers, YouTube videos, targeted articles and Clickbank ads to your blog using WP Robot Plugin. Also find other WordPress autopost plugins at premium WordPress tools.

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Getting The Most Out of WordPress Using Free WP Plugins

For the most effective use of your website you need focused, targeted website traffic and if you’re not a strong programmer or fluent in HTML I would recommend to learn how to use WordPress cms. I highly recommend downloading the WordPress Unleashed home study video course from to get the most out of WordPress. You get over 2 hours of professional training videos also get free WordPress plugins with the course enabling you to make sales pages with paypal buttons on the fly. Get the course and you will soon become a WordPress expert

I do need to clarify that in this article I am referring to and not It is highly recommended that you own and host your own WordPress website and update it frequently to get more targeted website traffic.

There are thousands of good plugins that you can use to upgrade your WordPress site that will help with SEO , user interactivity and conversions. I have a list of plug-ins that I usually run through and ad to a brand new WordPress site, here are a few.

For SEO I would recommend you use the following suite of free wordpress plugins:
? 404 SEO Plugin.- Give yourself an SEO boost! Replaces 404 error with suggestions of related pages on the site.
? Anflex GA – Google Analytics for WordPress – Anflex GA enbeds Google Analytics for WordPress websites, provideing easy-setup external/download link tracking using Event Tracking method.
? Canonical URL’s – Adds rel=”canonical” URL’s of your choice to the of your posts and pages, instead of the default.
? Cotton Framework – The Cotton Framework provides a Cross-Browser Standards Compliant XHTML and CSS framework design and developed for Web Site and Search Engine Optimization following W3C Standards and Google Webmaster Standards.
? cbnet Ping Optimizer – To get more targeted website traffic you may need to make some optimization changes to your posts from time to time and if you like to revise or make changes to your blog posts and updates often a good idea is to install cbnet Ping Optimizer to avoid over pinging and getting flagged as spammy.
? Google XML Sitemaps -This plugin will help you get targeted website traffic by creating an XML sitemap that will help the search engines like Google, bing and yahoo to index your site better. It will also update the search engines that you have made a new post or page on your website.
? SEO Pressor – For onsite SEO this paid for plugin will save so much time in your onsite SEO whist also helping you to achieve excellent Google rankings, I use it on my site and recommend you do to.
? GD Press Tools – GD Press Tools is a collection of various administration, seo, maintenance and security related tools that can help with everyday blog tasks and blog optimizations.
? Robots Meta – This plugin allows you to add all the appropriate robots meta tags to your pages and feeds, disable unused archives and nofollow unnecessary links.
? SEO Friendly Images – Automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images. Improves traffic from search results and makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well.
? SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 – The purpose of this plugin is to strengthen our On Page SEO by adding new internal linking to the blog post using the most popular keywords used by search engine visitors to find the blog post from a search engine ( incoming search terms ).
? SEO Smart Links – SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.
? SEO Super Comments – Use your blog comments to get more traffic.
? SEO Tag Cloud Widget – SEO Tag Cloud Widget displays the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using a search engine optimized html markup.
? SEO – title, description and keyword overrides
? W3 Total Cache – The fastest and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.
? Yoast Breadcrumbs – Outputs a fully customizable breadcrumb path

Learning how to get targeted visitors to your site is the next step. Discover how to get more targeted visitors to your website by following a few proven steps

These are just a few WordPress plugins that will help you rank high in the search engines results pages and generate targeted free website traffic. Go here: Visit my website to discover how to set up a free auto-responder and power newsletter broadcasts and build your list for free, learn how get targeted free website traffic completely on auto-pilot using more free WordPress plugins.

There are many strategies to promoting your business on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you can get targeted visitors to your website. Setting up a website to promote your products or services is the first step.

<a target=”_new”rel=”follow” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Free WordPress Plugins</a> Becomme a WordPress expert with over 2 hours of professional video training.

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