Bobby Jason Review

SO! You are able to inject Amazon products into ANY weblog post making use of no matter what key phrases you like!

Do I actually have to explain something else?

Cost? Well, I was planning to cost it at 9.95…

Okay, I wager you are contemplating, “HOLY CRAP – why that pricey?” – appropriate?

Well, consider it – you get the product to get a 1 off fee – and you can then use it for the rest of one’s lifestyle to create income; PLUS you will get an email directly absent whenever I release a new edition – Free FOR Existence (whilstever I’m still coding anyway!)

BUT – you are right. That’s a ridiculous value; it could be awesome however it doesn’t tidy the home for you personally does it?Click Here To Grab Your Copy

I’ll go straight for that destroy. Get it These days – and you are able to have it for just .95


* WordPress Plugin for .95
* Free UPGRADES whenever they are available
* Totally free Assistance – Deliver me an e-mail, I’ll be happy to help
* Free Ebay Plugin – that’s appropriate – offer a huge amount of things!

YOU Might be UP AND Running IN AS Little AS 5 MINUTES!

Don’t neglect, I’m giving 50% commission on this, so you only have to promote TWO of them yourself and you’ve got your dollars back again! This internet site and the products and providers offered on this site aren’t associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Amazon, eBay, or WordPress, nor have they been reviewed tested or licensed by Amazon, eBay, or WordPress.

I’ll go straight for that destroy. Get it These days – and you are able to have it for just .95


* WordPress Plugin for .95
* Free UPGRADES whenever they are available
* Totally free Assistance – Deliver me an e-mail, I’ll be happy to help
* Free Ebay Plugin – that’s appropriate – offer a huge amount of things!

YOU Might be UP AND Running IN AS Little AS 5 MINUTES!

Don’t neglect, I’m giving 50% commission on this, so you only have to promote TWO of them yourself and you’ve got your dollars back again!

This internet site and the products and providers offered on this site aren’t associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Amazon, eBay, or WordPress, nor have they been reviewed tested or licensed by Amazon, eBay, or WordPress.Click Here To Grab Your Copy


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Add Chitika | Premium to your WordPress blog or site using the WP Chitika | Premium plugin. Quick and easy to setup in under 5 minutes!
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Image Overlay Ads Review

Image Overlay Ads is a software tool that you can use to generate a good online income with only 15 to 20 minutes of work per day. There is no need to have any special technical skills to be able to use this software – it is a simple to install plugin that will explode the revenue that you can generate from your website. This is the one shortcut that is completely legal to use but also extremely effective.

With Image Overlay Ads you will be getting your hands on a one of a kind plugin that will give you a unique way to generate even more income from your websites. Once you have it set up you will start to see more and more revenue on auto-pilot. You will be able to get all the subscribers and all the money you desire virtually overnight. The plugin will place an advertisement on each of the images that you have on your website and since the eye is automatically drawn to images when a website is visited then this means that more people will see your advertisements and click on them. It can be installed on your website in only ten clicks and you will see a major increase in the amount of advertising revenue being generated by your website.

Image Overlay Ads works with all modern browsers and supports Facebook, digg, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adsense, and many, many more. The WordPress plugin will work on any WordPress website, it works with any advertising network, and it supports both flash and rich media advertisements. This plugin will give you the capability to imbed videos inside of images, allows you to get opt-ins from within any image (and works with all major autoresponders), and works with all different image sizes. You can get access to the plugin, a tutorial on how to use the plugin, traffic strategies, and an introduction to CPA networks for a low one-time payment of only . The entire system comes with a sixty day money back guarantee, so if for any reason it does not perform exactly as you desire then you can request a full refund.

The Image Overlay Ads software is currently being used by some of the most successful internet marketers on the internet. These marketers include Mason Joseland, Marvin E. Casas, Larry McBride, and Mitchell Blake. They recognize the value of this plugin and if you have been looking for a new and unique way to generate revenue on your WordPress website then you will want to give this plugin a try.

Read More Here…

Justin Brown is the owner of several websites.? He has been working for 18 months in the Internet Marketing field, and earning a full-time income while doing it.

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Clever Plug-ins for WordPress – SEO Booster PRO Review

The next step after choosing a topic and creating a WordPress blog about it is to optimize it so that more people can see what you have to offer. This can be either done manually or with the help of software that automatically performs different SEO functions.

If you have few blogs then it may be easy for you to do everything on your own, but if you are running a large number of blogs then automated software can be very useful thing to have. SEO Booster is one such software offered by It tracks, analyzes and utilizes the incoming searches from the search engines.

CleverPlugins develop WordPress plugins that can help you in your work or automate different function that you need to perform as a Blogger. Here are the different ways in which SEO Booster PRO can help you.

Your incoming visitors from Google are automatically tracked by SEO Booster PRO. It researches the current ranking of the keyword, and starts promoting the best suited keywords.

With the recently added v1.5 feature you can automatically boost your title-tags. It?s a very useful function for fine-tuning your WordPress Theme. The plug-in shows you the most popular incoming searches for even better onsite SEO. You can find keywords that can be targeted to further increase the number of visitors to your blog. You can save the data on a spreadsheet by exporting it.

With the SEO Booster PRO you can choose the settings that fit your requirements. The software upgrades are given to you for free. Whenever there is a new version available, you will receive it in your email. You are also given a personal license to use the software so you don?t have to buy it again for another blog.

You can ask any questions that you have about the plug-in through the website?s support page or you can send an email to .The price of the product is .95 and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Click Here For More Clever Plug-ins WordPress-SEO Booster PRO Review

Chris is an author, gamer, and internet enthusiast.

Click Here For More Clever Plug-ins WordPress-SEO Booster PRO Review

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Autoblogged Review: How to Profit from Autoblogging

First off, let me answer a common question that I hear a lot.

Is autoblogging a scam?


Now, I am going to speak from my own experiances with numerous autoblogging platforms and systems.? It is NOT as easy as they would lead you to believe.? You can’t just install the software, walk away from your computer, and have thousands of dollars from autoblogging a few weeks later.

It takes some effort.? For me it took about 6 hours a week for the first month and now I spend about 30mins to an hour each day checking my autoblogs and making sure everything is going smoothly.

What does it take to start autoblogging?

Buy a domain name and pay for a hosting service like Hostgator
Some basic knowledge of WordPress (very easy to use, tons of tutorials online)
A few hours of registering new accounts at Social Bookmarking sites, article directories, etc that you will use to create links back to your blog (needed for search engine rankings)
Quality autoblogging software

Now that’s all pretty straight forward easy tasks that anyone can achieve pretty quickly with little to no experiance with autoblogging. Yet, you won’t be successful with just these methods.? You need to do more to get the real traffic and start making some money with your auto blog.

How to be successful autoblogging?

KEYWORD RESEARCH – taking the time to find a keyword that has low competition and high volume of search results is mandatory. This will make or break your auto blog (use Google’s keyword tool)
Using SEO plugins for wordpress – this is key for search engine rankings and will make your efforts above payoff (I recommend All-In-One SEO plugin)
Make sure to give the authors of the content credit – Google prefers this and you will never be penalized for “duplicate content”
Select high quality RSS feeds and articles to use for your content – make sure its relevant, well written, and diverse

How to monetize your auto blog?

Adsense is great – one of my auto blogs gets about 1000 visitors daily, one click on an adsense ad and I receive .40 – .85
Affiliate marketing – good commission but you need to build the blog focused on these sales, check out Clickbank for ideas
There are other methods, but these are what have worked for me.

What is the best autoblogging software?


There’s a number of good choices out there on the market for autoblogging on WordPress platforms. I’ve tried autoblog samurai and a few others until I found the Autoblogged software. Autoblogged has given me very few problems and works consistently on all the auto blogs I own and operate.? It also integrates very well with ALL the WordPress plugins I’ve ever used.

Most importantly for myself, I made money!

Adsense earnings for my first two autoblogs, one on woman’s health and the other on Apple products and technology, came in around – dollars a day in the first two weeks.? After a bit more effort they average up to dollars a day and now are fully auto-pilot. Not huge money, but you could make many many auto blogs; which I am now doing.? Though I am very happy with averaging -0 dollars a day currently, I am already expanding to make more profits.

Autoblogged is the platform that has given me the most success. And, I’m content with the success and future growth my auto blogs are heading for.?



Jamie Vars – looking to share my passions and success in life with others.

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Auto Blog Software Review

I have several blogs and never seem to have time to update them. Maybe you are in the same boat? Well, I decided to try an automatic blog software which is called automatic blog wordpress plugin created by Nikola Jankovic. I wanted see if it would produce good results with content.

It has really done well for me as it has a simple 3 minute set up and customizable features so that you can set up only articles for your specific niche or topic. It also allows a random posting feature so that your content is never posted at the same times each day or week.

There are several auto blog software plugins on the market, but I looked at several factors before deciding to use the automatic blog wordpress plugin.

One was the price point of course. It is fairly priced, and well under a hundred dollars. The second factor is many of the auto blog software plugins only allow one license unless you upgrade and with automatic blog wordpress plugin you can use it on unlimited blogs for one cost.

Finally, it pulls full articles from and for me that is much better then getting RSS feeds as they only show a couple sentences of content and the reader has to click on the link taking them away from your blog.

In summary, this auto blog software has produced good results for me in driving quality traffic to my sites and was well worth the investment.

When it comes to auto blogging software plug ins, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called automatic blog wordpress plugin Check it out!

I am from Wisconsin and I enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and helping people solve problems whether it is in making money, health and many other areas.

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Authority Pro-A Complete Review

To start with, I was looking for good software that will enable me built WordPress Theme website, maximizing the optimization potential with minimum effort.? That is when I discovered new Authority Pro software over the net that is a fully automated WordPress Theme and Plugin software that is very easy to use with dragging and dropping stuff.

Say you what, it saves a whole lot of time where you can just drag and make all your social media integration, blogs, adsense sites, review sites and so on. I use the software myself and I don’t think I will ever ever go back to plain old WordPress stuff for this software just gives me more just WordPress theme. It transforms for me all the WordPress into a niche domination engine. It builts for me everything I want to build in the interface itself. This is one particular feature that I appreciate most of its design and function.

Another feature that will impress a SEO perhaps is its customizable feature. I customized the Authority Pro from top to button to serve my purpose. There are 10 custom plugins and 11 widgets that help to organize and monitor everything like SEO, split testing, custom tracking and more.

Out of all of these my favorite feature is the squeeze maker templates that makes comfortably all the squeeze pages, covering nearly every imaginable design that has been tested and tested over and over again by the biggest players in the game.

I have got a copy of Authority Pro quite a long time back and using it for my entire task and slowly converting my entire niche marketing sites over to Authority Pro. Honestly it is bringing a big difference in the total optimization result than any other plain WordPress plugin software has done over the years.

I thank Alex Goad and Bryan McConnahea for building this software. It is really good. This WordPress Plugin software is quite distinguishable from the rest and so I recommend it to everybody.

Hi this is Larryel Dridge from New Jersey, USA. I am internet marketer and I am in this industry for nearly five years now. I use a lot of software for my business to make it more easy. Honestly this Authority Pro WordPress Plugin software was worthy reviewing about. Click here to visit the site.

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Auto Content Cash Review And Bonus $3,000 Value! – Scam Or Real Passive Income?

Is Auto Content Cash the real passive income system or a real SCAM? Let’s discover the truth in this review…

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult and boring task in internet marketing business is writing and publishing content day in and day out. Content is really the KING of a website. If you want to continually earn passive income from your website, you will need to constantly write and add fresh content to it.

If you have been doing internet marketing for a period of time, you know that writing and adding fresh content is very time consuming. The only solution is to pay other people to do it for you. However, for many people (especially the beginners), they don’t have the money to pay others to write for them. Also, hiring writers does not guarantee that you’ll get a good quality.

So, is there a solution?

Fortunately, the answer is “YES”!? The solution many internet marketers (both new and experienced) use is called: Auto Content Cash.

Auto Content Cash is a tried and tested system. It started as a project by 3 very successful internet marketers, namely Alex Goad, Brian Johnson and Jared Croslow back in Spring 2009. The project has now been developed into a full-fledged system.

The main components that power the Auto Content Cash system are as follow…

* Auto Content Answers Plugin – An advanced WordPress Auto Blog Plugin that Drip Feed’s Content from Yahoo Answers.

* Auto Content Video Plugin – WordPress Auto Blog Plugin that Drip Feed’s Content (videos, posts and comments) from YouTube.

* Deep Link Engine – WordPress Plugin that will help you build Backlinks automatically –> NOTE: You can download this plugin for FREE! Value! I don’t know how long it’s going to be available for free. So if you’re interested, CLICK HERE to download the plugin for FREE!

* ACC WP Plugins Pack – These are the Recommended WordPress Plugins used for Various Types of Auto Content Cash Sites.

In addition, you’ll also receive the Auto Content Cash Core Manual + complete video tutorials. This manual gives you the EXACT guidelines and walk you through the STEPS of creating Auto Blog. It also covers many advanced topics such as Mass Automation, Advanced Auto Blogging, Piggyback Marketing, Link Building and more.

WARNING: If you’re a newbie, make sure you read the core manual and watch all the video tutorials first. And then, start implementing your first niche blog before jumping onto the advanced stuffs like batch processing and mass automation – these methods are for the experienced marketers.


If you want to know how to create “set-and-forget” niche blogs that can generate passive income month after month, Auto Content Cash is the perfect system for you. It not only teaches you how to build passive income step-by-step but also gives you all the tools you need to create auto blogs.

Exclusive Bonus ,000 Value!

I have created an exclusive bonus worth over ,000 to go with Auto Content Cash system. If you decide to purchase ACC from the link below, I will send you ALL the bonuses for FREE!


For more detailed review, please go to Auto Content Cash Review + Bonus.

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MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Review Finally a Worthy Affiliate Link Plugin

Welcome Googler! If you find this page useful, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed or email to get free updates on Winning the Web.



, you’re constantly on the lookout for new WordPress plugins to expand functionality and to give you new tools to make blogging easier. Pawan Agrawal from MaxBlogPress is a great developer who has created a lot of widely-used plugins like the Stripe Ad, Favicon, and Max Banner Ads. I’ve tested a lot of his plugins on this blog and can confidently say that they are robust, innovative, and above all useful. Way to go Pawan.


Pawan’s latest project is called MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate and is a complete WordPress plugin that automatically converts keywords on your blog into affiliate links. If you’re trying to make money, this is a great solution with a ton of options.

Before Ninja Affiliate, I was using a similar plugin called WordPress Link Cloak but it did have a few limitations such as errors when displaying in RSS feeds and images, lack of click tracking, and inability to group keywords. You can also see a side-by-side comparison between MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate and WP Affiliate Pro.

Ninja Affiliate is by far the most comprehensive affiliate link plugin that I’ve seen and has solved many of my previous issues cloaking links. Below are some of its main features.

give links meaningful and easy-to-remember names
manage links by different groups
cloak links to prevent people from hijacking your commissions
insert affiliate links directly into the WordPress editor
limit the number of keyword-to-link conversions per page, assign the nofollow attribute and cache them to improve performance
change the text in the status bar for a link

Here’s a screen shot of my setting for PerformancingAds (<? did that turn into a link?).


Before I go on about how great this plugin is, there are a few minor bugs that I should mention. Hopefully, Pawan can clear these up soon.

status bar text doesn’t change in Firefox 3
I don’t know if it’s just me, but the backend interface doesn’t function properly. I need to check “cloak it” and “convert to keywords”, hit save, then go back to the edit page and enter in the text options, hit save, then check the “modify status bar text”, hit save, then enter in the text option, then save again. This is extremely annoying and time consuming but can easily be changed with a few design tweaks.

Other than that, Ninja Affiliate is great plugin that I would recommend to you if you’re a blogger looking to use affiliate links in your posts. It’s essentially the OIO Publisher for affiliate link management.

Pawan has set up a discount deal for all Winning the Web readers that goes until Friday, October 3rd 11:59 pm ET. The plugin normally sells for but you can get it for if you buy it here this week. Click here to visit official MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate site?



Thanks for visiting my Article.

My name is Martin Alzogaray you
In this Article you will find a way to make money online


My Blog:

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Comparipress Review – The Ultimate Price Comparison Plugin?

Ben Johnson – The Brains Behind CompariPress
If you’ve ever done any affiliate marketing for an extended period of time, Ben Johnson is probably a name that will ring a bell. Ben is the mastermind behind the Affiliate Wizard website, which is well worth your time and energy. He’s also partially responsible for the phpOstock plugin, which allows you to add listings to your WordPress blog. Ben is fast becoming one of the most respected names in affiliate marketing, and he’s got a new product aimed at making price comparisons easy to implement – CompariPress.

What is CompariPress?
Put simply, CompariPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to place price comparisons of products from various affiliate networks on your WordPress site. The affiliate networks include Amazon, the Amazon Marketplace, Linkshare, and Commission Junction. These vendors combined offer literally millions of products for sale from thousands of different perchance. Depending on the affiliate program, you can earn from 3% up to 20% commission.

Ben calls CompariPress a “Price Comparison Unit,” which allows you to list the prices of products from different merchants. So, let’s say that you write a review of an Apple iPod Nano on your WordPress site. You could show how 10 different companies (or fewer, or more) priced the iPod. Imagine having products from Amazon, the Apple Store,, MacMall, and Overstock on the same post.

The Advantages of CompariPress
The main advantage of CompariPress is that it helps two groups simultaneously – you and your reader. It helps you because you will receive a commission from the merchant (so long as you are approved by their program), and it helps the reader because he or she will find the best price on the product they’re viewing. You could even combine CompariPress with phpBay Pro to offer eBay listings.

How Does it Work?
I bought the CompariPress plugin the first day it was available, and I’ve already installed it on a number of sites and am seeing great results with it. As an experienced affiliate marketer, Ben knows a thing or two about flexibility, and the CompariPress plugin is incredibly flexible and customizable. You can customize the layout display settings of your products. I was able to purchase, upload, and configure the plugin in about an hour. It does take a while to configure the plugin, but that’s because it has so many options. You can also use it an unlimited number of sites. I tried Comparipress on a variety of WordPress sites and themes and encountered few issues. The only thing I had to do was have SOAP php extensions installed since my VPS server (hosted with ServInt) doesn’t come with SOAP preinstalled. It also requires SimpleXML and php 5.1.2.

Pros & Cons
The pros are pretty obvious – being able to list various products from a wide variety of merchants is impressive. That’s not to say it couldn’t stand some improvements. The manual has a couple of errors that slowed me down during the installation, and I wished I had greater control over the tables it displays. I also wasn’t crazy about the stock “Info” and “Buy” buttons that were included, but in the product’s defense, it does allow you to upload your own. For a v1 release, though, these issues are minor.

The Bottom Line
If you are a serious affiliate marketer, Comparipress might be the solution to your price-comparison woes. I know of no other plugin that allows so much flexibility for so little. There are similar products out there (Datafeedr, Popshops), but they all require monthly fees and still don’t have the flexibility of CompariPress, which is a one-time purchase and usable on 1,000 sites if you wish.

To see CompariPress in action, please visit today!

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TextPressor Review – TextPressor Scam or Any Good?

TextPressor is a WordPress plugin produced by internet marketer Kamran Chowdhury. This WordPress plugin allows you to routine content to seem in your blog site when you want them to. The plugin was produced to conserve world wide web entrepreneurs time so that they could concentrate on their other marketing actions. It permits you to avoid the process of manually posting content to your blogs by putting it all on autopilot.

Download TextPressor From This SECRET Link

Thorough Overview

Based on Kamran Chowdury, the TextPressor WordPress plugin enables you to routine posts of numerous posts for your blog site by just pushing a button. Obviously there is just a little far more to it than that, but we’ll give him somewhat of advertising license right here. What he emphasizes mostly is always that this plugin helps make posting to your weblog substantially easier, and for all that it does, this seems to be the situation.

Whenever you buy and install the TextPressor plugin, you are able to upload and queue a huge selection of articles all on the same time. If you’re wondering why anyone would publish numerous articles and just allow them sit about till they locate a program that helps them post them, it should be specified that Chowdhury is primarily talking about PLR posts. When you purchase PLR articles, you get a entire batch of pre-written content at once. As soon as you tweak them to fit your particular weblog, you then need to manually publish them on the dates that you want them to seem. Unless of course, obviously, you’ve got a helpful plugin that will take care of this chore for you. And that is exactly where Text Pressor comes in. You’ll be able to upload as many posts as you want in to the plugin, then schedule when and exactly where you want every 1 to appear. Chowdhury explains it as scheduling them to “drip” into your blog on the right time. That’s as great an explanation as any!

TextPressor costs , and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It also arrives having a person manual along with a bonus software program program called EzineAutoBlogger, which permits you to automatically grab up to one hundred content from Ezine Content for use inside your blog site. Chowdhury also promises full support for anybody who purchases the plugin and has any problems or issues.


Feedback on the TextPressor WordPress plugin has been mixed. There did seem to be some glitches with the plugin when men and women first bought it, which led to complaints about misplaced and jumbled content. Chowdhury did handle these problems, even so, and right after he updated it, feedback received significantly far better and folks seemed happy with it. This bodes well for his promise of providing assistance. For those that have WordPress blogs that they use to support with their advertising, this tool might be worth the cost.

Domain “Whois”

The Whois details to get a web site lists the proprietor and their contact info. The Whois info for “TextPressor” is public that is normally a great thing. This indicates the owner of this site has absolutely nothing to hide.

Check out TextPressor from This RARE Link.

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