Automatic Blog WordPress Plug In Review

This automatic blog wordpress plug-in review will go over the features and functions of the latest automated blog plug in for wordpress created by Nikola Jankovic .

Set-It-And-Forget-It Blog Posting

Automatic Blog WordPress Plugin is an easy to install, simple to use wordpress plugin that pulls FULL Articles from into your WordPress Blog. The whole set up (installating and configure) can be finished in less than 3 minutes.

You also have customization features so that you can chhose when a nd how often to post as well as several other options to focus content in your particular niche.Furthermore the user is presented with a full menu of useful options that allow them to customize the application for their particular niche market or service.

Saves Time? Increases Productivity

You should know, there’s no need to worry about copyrights laws. Automatic Blog plugin grabs the article with the author resource box, in a format that conforms with the ArticlesBase TOS (Terms of Service).

Automatic Blog is a good tool for anyone who manages one blog or several blogs as creating high quality and releveant niche content constantly requires either time or money or both.

Here are the main features of automatic blog WP Plug In:

1. 300 plus word articles

2. Easy to install

3. Quality content

4. Set it and forget it

5. Unlimited domains license

6. Works automatically

Why is fresh content vital to blogging success? Featuring regular blog posts will increase your readersship and following as they can expect a daily or weekly basis of new posts from you.

There are some alternatives to writing totally original content such as RSS feeds, PLR Articles and outsourcing the writing to ghost writers. Each one has good and bad points.

RSS Feeds are a good option but only pull a few sentences. For the visitor to read a complete article they are generally hyperlinked away from your site.

PLR (Private Label Rights) Articles have their place, but most are basically rehashed and blasted around the internet. Often it’s easier to just write your own articles.

Outsourcing is probably the best alternative if you can locate a good writer and have the cash flow to pay them.

Automatic Blog offers another alternative in a simple to install and set-up wordpress plugin. Using Automatic Blog you get the simplicity of an RSS feed, the versatility of PLR articles, with much better quality and the ease of outsourcing without the expense.

Automating your blog posting, saves time which you can now spend on those tasks directly related to creating profits.

To summarize this automatic blog wordpress plugin review, once setup and configured, Automatic Blog plugin is totally automated posting articles on topics you select, by activating a keyword filter, from over 300 categories.

If you are tired of having to constantly create new content for your blog then Click Here and find out how to automate your business today!

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Keyword Winner SEO Plugin Review – An Awesome Way To Get Your Blog Posts On 1st Page

Keyword Winner SEO wordpress Plugin is a brand new Seo Plugin developed by Daniel Lew who is a successful marketer and developer from Thailand. Here is a sneak peak review of this plugin. There are over 14 Billion Websites on the internet, you need to get to 1st position on Google’s Page 1 to get any sort of decent traffic. Who wants a boat load of decent SEO Traffic from Google ? We know that Google LOVES WordPress.

And now YOU can DOMINATE Google for non-competitive keywords using your WordPress Site and this Premium SEO WordPress Plugin.?An unbelieveable new WordPress? SEO?plugin is available that helps you rank well for non-competitive keywords, which almost GUARANTEES that you can scoop a first page rank for keywords that you are targeting.

>> See it in action on video here?

How it works?

As you make your blog post title, this new plugin suggests other keywords to use that could get you ranked in Google a lot sooner and a lot higher up the results page. This puts your keyword selection right into your WordPress control panel. The makes it easier to target the RIGHT HEADLINES and get on the 1st page of Google EASILY.

If your Keyword isn’t in your TITLE then you’re not going to rank too well in the SEO industry, and that’s a FACT!?The Plugin uses these colour systems:

* RED – 1,000,000+++ competing pages or higher (1,000,000 or more)
* ORANGE – 1,000,000— competing pages or lower (from 100,000-1,000,000)
* GREEN – 100,000— competing pages or lower

Less competitive phrases are highlighted green, and more competitive phrases are highlighted red. You will get instant drop down suggestions on other keywords and see the search trends as well! This is one of the easiest to use SEO Plugins in history and is revolutionising the way we do SEO today!

You really need to see it in action to decide for yourself Here.

There are two options available,
a) Single site licence,
b) Unlimited site licence,

Both comes with Lifetime Upgrade as well as a 60 Day money back “risk-free” guarantee.

Be The first to take advantage of this and see watch your headlines soar to the top and watch your competitors drop! Get 1st Page for non competitive highly searched headlines guaranteed Get it here right now: >> Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

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WP Syndicator Review: Is it the best WordPress Plugin ?

The plugin does what it says concerning the box: It syndicates your posts, developing again links instantly. Secondly and maybe a great deal far more importantly there is the Research engine marketing and advertising benefit with the hyperlinks you receive from syndicating your content to all these net internet sites. * Automatic deep linking to every syndicated weblog publish from greater status and authority internet internet sites.
It’s superb for just about any blogger of anybody who makes use of WP for their world wide web site.

What does this imply and what can it be utilized for? Very initial of all, there’s the website website visitors you can receive with the Web 2.0 web sites by posting your articles product on them.

Nicely, I’ve turning into actively playing with this plugin for the final week or so therefore substantially I’ve observed some really intesting outcomes that this wp syndicator plugin is straight accountable for and I understand that for any fact.

Here’s a quick WP Syndicator Review

So What’s WP Syndicator?

John Taylor & Andy Fletcher have released their latest product WP Syndicator, on Friday August 13th 2010.

WP Syndicator is generally a plugin for WordPress than automatically syndicates composed content material around many foremost Web two.0 world wide web sites. syndicates your content throughout a number of well-liked Internet 2.0 sites.

It does take a tiny time to set it up with all of the different accounts, but as soon as which is accomplished, it actually can be considered a one-click answer. To become truthful with you, I believe its a genuinely great device, It’s by drastically the most sophisticated wordpress written content material syndication plugin, helping you make 1 of one of the most of every article you submit on your internet site.

Does WP Syndicator Plugin Perform?

* WP Syndicator will really advantage any wordpress blogger, particularly those guys and women looking for a competitive benefit in the research engines.

* An boost in site site visitors especially from micro-blogging net sites within your syndication network.
Bottom line: It is most most likely the simplest way I’ve ever noticed, for buidling a handful of backlinks and giving a small “SEO boost” to each one of the posts.


* A significant saving in time versus manual content syndication.

Jeff Fritsch<br /><a title=”WP Syndicator Official Website” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”” target=”_blank&quot;”></a>|<br /><a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Read More about WP Syndicator</a>}

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YAK Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin Review

Amongst the other e-commerce plugins I have reviewed such eShop and WP e-Commerce, YAK Shopping Cart has come to my attention and the author Jason R Briggs describes the plugin as follows:

YAK is an open source, shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It associates products with weblog entries, so the post ID also becomes the product code. It supports both pages and posts as products, handles different types of product through categories, and provides customisable purchase options (cheque or deposit, basic credit card form, standard PayPal integration, PayPal Payments Pro, and

Therefore I was interested in testing to see how it would compare to the other plugins I?ve tried. So let?s get straight into the pros and cons of this plugin.


Includes Sales Reports And Graphs

YAK shopping Cart comes with a Sale Report option under the Tools menu.? In comparison to other plugins it is definitely a positive with more reporting available to see sales progress. The reports in this plugin are:

?Best sellers for the year
?Best sellers for the month
?A simple graph to see the? sales for the month

A Good Range Of Payment Options Available

YAK Shopping Cart has many payment options readily available and it?s built into the plugin. Unlike other e-commerce plugins which are limited or require you to purchase additional payment gateways, YAK covers a majority of them. This plugin offers:

?Manual Credit Card Processing
?Credit on Accounts Receivable
?Paypal and Paypal Pro
?Google Checkout

As long as you have an account with the above payment merchants, it?s not too hard to link your shopping cart to them. Though, I?ve noticed they are still lacking payment options such as cash, cheque / money order and cash on delivery. Also YAK does offer a secure SSL connection for all of the above payments.


Documentation And Help Is Hard To Find
I found the plugin quite easy to install but found it very hard to navigate through YAK?s administration panel. It is partly due to a lack of documentation on how to use this plugin. Without documentation most people would struggle to use YAK and would not find it to be user friendly. Additionally I was very surprised to find I had to pay for a handbook to get the documentation, giving the impression the plugin was designed solely to make money not from usage but documentation. I would have rather paid for a plugin with documentation than be given a plugin that you have to waste time figuring how to use it yourself.

Lack Of Functionality For Products

After setting up a product in a post and linking it to YAK I?ve found it to be really basic and lacking a lot of functionality. There are no fields to insert product images. It was not easy to find the fields for obvious product attributes such as weight and quantity. I felt lost when trying to add products.

Not User Friendly And Lack Of Design On The Front End

As I have mentioned already without documentation a user has to spend time working out how this plugin works. What makes it worst is that each section in YAK?s administration is not self explanatory. At first after installing the plugin I went to find a menu called YAK, but after realising there was nothing there I found it had been added to the Tools menu. It added 3 new links: Orders, Products and Sales Reports. I think the developers at YAK thought I could work out how to use this, but they were wrong. It made more frustrated!
To mention, there is a YAK link under Settings which does allow you to change the options for Basic, Products, Download, Payment, Special, Advanced, Shipping, Promotions. It did alleviate some of my frustration when I found this, but I still couldn?t see much on the front end. As you can see, a very poorly designed plugin and lack of user friendliness on both the front end and administration.


I decided to let this plugin go as I had spent over 3 hours just understanding how the plugin could fit into a WordPress blog. Overall there is a lack of user-friendliness and without the user manual it is very difficult to work out yourself. For users who want something simple and a shopping cart that works straight away, YAK is definitely not your solution. I would go back to using WP e-Commerce or eShop any day.

My rating for this plugin is 1 out of 5 stars.

Tyrone Shum is an internet business marketer. You can read more Internet business articles at Internetbusinesspath .

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A Review Of Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program – Marketing With Best WordPress Plugins

{Do you ever become frustrated at how difficult it is to find the best information about how to start a profitable internet business? When it comes to internet marketing, like any other skill, the most surefire way to make progress quickly is to find a good teacher. A good mentor can drastically reduce your learning curve in internet marketing.

Well known internet marketer Alex Jeffreys has made a name for himself not only as a successful marketer but also for his coaching skills. If you want to get insider information that is not available elsewhere, take a look at Alex’s new program, Marketing with Alex 3. Alex’s coaching has already helped many students in the past; many were able to start profitable businesses from scratch.

In order to succeed with online marketing you have to remain savvy to all the new technology, techniques and systems that keep coming out. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own personal coach who could help to keep you current with the internet marketing world? Alex Jeffrey’s, who is known for his Internet marketing ventures, is going to launch his online marketing coaching program called Marketing with Best WordPress Plugins – Alex Jeffreys Limited Coaching Program. This is a unique opportunity for you to get coached by a mentor who has been there, done that. This is something quite different from what anyone else is offering today.

First of all, the information you get will be highly valuable, current and not outdated in any way. With Alex, you are getting a caring and dedicated coach who does everything possible to make sure you really understand how to put what you learn into practice. This program is called 3.0 because he released two previous versions, which were so successful that there was a great demand for a new one. There is no substitute for having a great teacher. Alex is also someone who, not that long ago, had to find his own path to success. He began with nothing, and built his business in a matter of several years, using strategies he himself developed. He made a name for himself by developing a system for creating highly responsive and large mailing lists. His marketing strategies are designed to not merely make sales, but to create long term, trusting relationships with buyers. In this review we will take a deeper look at Marketing with Best WordPress Plugins so you can decide if it’s something that can help you.

Many people start off on the wrong foot with internet marketing by not knowing how to set up an efficient system they can follow -with Alex’s coaching, you will learn how to go about everything in the most organized way possible. You have to have a real plan to follow and be able to make best use of your time. The long term goals of most marketers includes automating your business, another topic covered by Alex in his course. You also probably want to learn the best way to set up and run blogs; Alex will teach you how to create popular, high traffic blogs that people will frequently visit.

You probably know by now that a list of subscribers is something everyone needs; Alex is famous for his skills in this area, and he will give you a system to build a great and responsive list of your own. Since list building is a critical element of any online business, this is one area that gives out massive value in terms of quality information. Having a list is great, but you also need something to sell them; Alex will give his students a free product that you will be able to promote to your list right away. In addition to this, driving traffic is another important area that is covered by Alex in great detail. You don’t need the same kind of generalizations you can find anywhere on the web; in Alex’s course, he’ll give you the exact system he’s developed for driving targeted visitors to his own sites on a daily basis. He will also give you some seldom-taught tips on something many would like to do, but very few know how: establishing yourself as a leader in your niche and creating authority sites. Nowhere else can you find this subject covered so thoroughly.You will not be able to find another course that teaches this information in such a precise manner. Marketing with Best WordPress Plugins is unique when it comes to coaching programs. It gives you what no other course or eBook can give you.

TO get more information about visit} <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Best WordPress Plugins Review</a>? and <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Best WordPress Plugins</a>

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A Quick Review Of The Sociable WordPress Plugin ? Providing Social Bookmarking Icons For Convenient User-Initiated Submissions

One way to help promote your WordPress blog is by making it easy for your readers to share your blog entries to other people.? Familiar with refer-a-friend scripts that webmasters use?? There are similar tools for WordPress blogs that will empower your readers to conveniently tell their friends and tell the world about the agreeable (or disagreeable) nature of your blog posts.


One such tool is called Sociable, one of the most popular and most enjoyable WordPress plugins available today.


Basically, Sociable allows the blog owner to play small icons called chicklets on any area of the blog pages.? These chicklets correspond to social bookmarking websites.? Whenever a reader wants to share the blog entry to other people, or whenever a reader wants to bookmark the specific page in an online storage device, he would simply click on the chicklet corresponding to the social bookmarking service he is signed up with.? Thereafter, the blog entry will automatically be saved under such a social bookmarking website.


How cool is this, really?


Sociable makes it very easy for your readers to return to the particular blog entry anytime they please.? Sociable also makes it very easy for your readers to share the URL of your blog entry to other people who are may be interested with the same.? With the ability to submit the blog entry to websites like,, StumbleUpon, Furl, Digg, Blinklist, Fark, Spurl and Newsvine, among many others, readers can conveniently help with the promotion of the blog entry and the blog as well.


Sociable is likened to a viral marketing tool, where an engaging blog post is the viral marketing seed.? Sociable facilitates the smooth spread of such a seed, leading to an exponential growth of visitors for your blog pages.


Let?s take the case of, for example, which is one of the social news networks that Sociable targets with its system.


If a reader of your blog submits a blog entry your published to Digg, and many Digg members decide to digg it, your blog entry has a chance of being listed on the first page of the said Web 2.0 site.? Being on the first page of Digg will send thousands of visitors cascading to your website overnight.? The results are astounding.? Some blogs report more than 100,000 unique visitors a few hours after a blog entry of theirs reaches the first page of


By using Sociable, you?ll entice your readers to submit your blog entries to Digg as well as to other similar web services.? Why?? It?s because the process has been simplified for them.? This WordPress plugin has made it very easy for them to do so.? Just by clicking on a button, or a chicklet as the case may be, they?ll be able to send the blog entry?s URL to the social bookmarking service of their choice.


Sociable has become an essential WordPress plugin in this day and age, one that your blog can?t live without.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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A Review Of Brian?s Threaded Comments WordPress Plugin ? A Simple Addition That Can Spell A World Of Difference For Your Blog

One of the best features of a blog is its power to enable visitors to leave their comments about a particular entry.? This feature is, in fact, what makes blogs amazing options for marketing purposes.? Comments transform blogs from being more than mere content management systems to being interactive tools that can build great relationships between blog owners (the businessman) and his readers (the businessman?s prospects).


Just imagine what this comments feature can do:


-????????? By enabling visitors to leave their comments, blog owners can garner essential feedback and suggestions on how to make their blogs and their businesses better.

-????????? By allows visitors to leave their comments, businessmen can transform their blogs into efficient post-sales service tools for technical or purchase-related support.

-????????? Comments are also good for SEO purposes.? They provide the dynamic, constantly updated content that search engines love.? As a result, search engine spiders are more likely to visit blog pages where comments are enabled and activities are high.

The problem with WordPress blogs is that their comments feature is pretty straightforward.? People comment, and their words are published right below the blog entry, and that?s it.? Several comments will merely form a series of text, arranged in the order of when they were posted.

No other options are provided.


Thankfully, Brian?s Threaded Comments was invented.


Brian?s Threaded Comments is a WordPress plugin that provides a wonderful solution to the dull and limited functionality of WordPress? default commenting system.? Brian?s Threaded Comments, as its name implies, allows blog owners to automatically arrange comments into threads for easy reference and management.


Readers of a blog entry who wish to post a comment will have 2 options:


To create a new ?thread? that will invite further discussions about an aspect of the topic they want to introduce; or Post a comment in an existing thread that already discusses the aspect of the topic they want to react to.

Sounds simple, right?


However, this added option opens up a world of marketing possibilities.?


For example, businessmen can now use their blogs? comment section as a ticket system where concerns about the product or service can be shared via a thread and the businessman himself or one of his staff members can answer such concerns on their respective threads.


Also, businessmen can now make each blog entry a mini-forum by itself.? Threaded comments work like online bulletin boards, after all, where posts are organized according to topics and according to categories.


Most importantly, as many users of the Brian?s Threaded Comments WordPress plugin have attested to, this add-on builds a sense of community amongst the readers.? The organized nature of the comments section somehow invites them to participate and to look forward to future blog entries where they can also interact with the author and with one another.


The lifeblood of any blog lies in its readership, and Brian?s Threaded Comments Worpress plugin will ensure that your readers will be contented enough to come back over and over and again to enjoy your updates.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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A Review Of Stats WordPress Plugin ? The Statistics That Count Delivered To Your Dashboard

WordPress is a wonderful piece of blogging platform, which many claim is the best on the internet.? Its system is meant to be used as a blog, but most people utilize the same as a simplified content management system at par with Joomla, Mambo, FrontPage, Dreamweaver and other popular web publishing services available today.


Indeed, WordPress is fantastic, but is not without its shortcomings.


One of the primary deficiencies of this blogging platform is the absence of a statistics monitoring tool that will track the blog?s performance.? This is very important for serious bloggers and serious marketers because their success is directly related to how well their blogs will perform.? Every mistake must be pinpointed, every weakness must be determined, and every miscalculation must be distinguished so that appropriate adjustments may be made expediently and efficiently to ensure a better performance for the blog and greater profit for the blog owner.


WordPress? lack of a statistics monitoring tool is truly quite a disadvantage.


Thankfully, WordPress users came up with a plugin that remedies this deficiency.


Simply named Stats, this aptly entitled plugin pulls a particular blog?s statistics from Google Analytics and displays them on the WordPress Dashboard.?


Problem solved, right?? Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool, probably the best one the World Wide Web right now.? By pulling the data from Google Analytics with regards to a particular blog and displaying such data on the control panel of the blog itself, the blog owner will gain access to what he wasn?t able to enjoy before: a statistics monitoring tool for his blog pages.


Stats displays the following details on the WordPress Dashboard:


-????????? Number of page views;

-????????? Most popular pages based on page views garnered;

-????????? URLs where visitors came from; and

-????????? What links the visitors clicked upon leaving your blog.

If you?re wondering why these details aren?t as comprehensive and complex as those displayed at Google Analytics, it?s because Stats wants to keep things simple.? By providing only the details that matter, the WordPress Dashboard is freed from clutter.? By providing only straightforward statistics, the blogger will be able to concentrate on his primary duty: to write blog entries.


Besides, the developers of Stats believe that if the blogger wants a more comprehensive set of details to study, he can always take some time off his blog to visit Google Analytics.


The processing of the data to be transmitted to a blog?s dashboard runs on the developer?s server.? This frees your blog?s server from additional load and stress.


All in all, Stats is a wonderful WordPress plugin that is truly worth the download.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

Late last month I was given a copy of Maxblogpress’ Ninja Affiliate to review. Ninja Affiliate is a WordPress Plugin designed to make managing your affiliate programmes a lot easier. You know (or indeed you may not know) what it’s like ? a company changes their affiliate modules & you have to go through all your posts, changing your links. Ninja Affilate makes this easy.

Affiliate Managing Module

The main crux of the plugin is an Affiliate Managing Module. This allows you to create forwarders from your domain to affiliate programmes of your choice. So instead of having your links as, they will be They tout a number of reasons for this (people can’t steal your comissions being one), but the main reason I can see is that should an affiliate programme change it’s affiliate URL, you can update it within the administration section of WordPress & all links within your site will change to the new URL.

Previous methods I have used have been using static PHP files, which do the same thing, but having a place within the WordPress back end, can make it so much easier to manage your affiliate links.

Keyword Linking Module

The second module is keyword linking module, so any keywords upon your site can be automatically linked through to the affiliate product. You can see this here with the words ninja affiliate. It’s nofollow as well, which is what Google recommends affiliate links should be. Either way, it’s good practice.

There’s also a handy affiliate linker within the WordPress CMS, so you can copy & paste links quickly & easily.

Whilst good, it can be a bit much having every single combination of a keyword phrase linking to your site. I’d like an option to drop it down by one or two per page. Otherwise it does look a bit spammy in my eyes.

It’s also something that you can do yourself with a basic knowledge of HTML, but it’s a lot quicker doing it this way.

Statistical Tracking Module

The final section of the plugin is the statistical tracking module. Clicks can be tracked on where they come from. So the purpose is to identify top performing affiliate posts in terms of clicks (not necessarily conversions mind you), and optimise the page accordingly. It’s simple overview gives you two numbers ? raw & unique clicks, and it tells you what page they come from.

Again not ideal, but it’d be nice to see the referring page one step before, particularly to see where the visitor arrived at to your site (say, from a Google search, in which case what search terms did they use)?. Furthermore, outgoing click tracking can be done in Google Analytics & by tagging links, however every link would be tagged manually if this approach was taken, and that would waste time. Ninja Affiliate does save time.

Final Verdict

Nothing in this plugin you can not do yourself with a little bit of initiative with a plugin, Google Analytics or? PHP knowledge. Of course, not everybody has that knowledge and most people don’t have the time to edit everything. Ninja Affiliate does make managing your links (both affiliate and non affiliate links ? I have words such as “Facebook” & “Twitter” tagged) a lot easier. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s a bit of a time saver.

Whether it’s a money maker like the author’s claim remains to be seen.

You can purchase Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate by clicking on the link below.


Tips for using Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate
Don’t leave in a trailing slash – When I started playing with the software, some links worked & redirected well. Others didn’t. After close examination, links without a trailing slash at the end of them (eg. as opposed to worked. Not entirely sure why, but best to leave the trailing slash out.
Keywords > Long Words to Short Words ? when you are placing the keywords in the back end, I recommend you start with targetting long words, before going for short words.
Cloaking Your Links? One feature present is the ability to cloak your links. I don’t really recommend this as it looks spammy.
Click here to visit official MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate site?


Thanks for visiting my Article.

My name is Martin Alzogaray you
In this Article you will find a way to make money online


My Blog:

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Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

Are you affilaite marketer and struggling to improve your affiliate earning. Are you writing articles in your blog about different products to make a sale and earn money. If yes then here is a very useful and powerful plugin for you.

A plugin which will sky rocket your affiliate income, a plugin that will increase clicks on your affilaite links, a plugin that will convert keywords to affilaite links automatically.

Ninja Affilaite Plugin helps you in linking all keywords of your posts to its affiliate links. Thus you will earn money when some one click on the link and buy the product. After installing ninja affiliate plugin in your blog, you will be able to link all keywords with affiliate links from plugin contrl panel by just a few mouse clicks.

As you can see in the above screen shot. You have lots of features to link keywords with affilaite links, tracks its statistic and cloak links so that no one can steal your links.

The plugin has lots of other features that makes this plugin a Ninja one.

For Example if you want to open affilaite links in new window, then you can do this from the plugin control panel. Similarly you can add nofollow attribute to the affiliate links, so that no link juice can be passed on the links.

Create different groups for keywords to link to different affilaite links.

There is no need to edit individaul posts and link keywords will affiliate links, because Ninja Affiliate will do this automatically and you need only to mention the keywords in a post and the plugin will automatically link it with its affiliate link.

Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Features
Prevent “Affiliate Theft”
Create Professional Redirect Links
Easy Affiliate Link Management
Advanced Display Options
Use “No-Follow” Links
Insert Affiliate Links Directly
Manage Links by Groups
Transform Keywords to Links

What are you waitinng for, click on the link in signature and buy this awesome plugin. Double and triple your affilaite earning from your blog using this powerful wordpress plugin.


A perfect wordpress plugin that will sky rocket your affilaite income. Buy Ninja Affiliate Plugin for your wordpress plugin to start improving your earning.

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An easy video tutorial from that will have you installing WordPress plugins in minutes. Fear not! After viewing this video you’ll be ready to transform your WordPress blog into the automated, interactive site you want.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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