How to search for sales page templates

When you go looking for a content management system for your online business, one of the best choices for the beginner is WordPress.? With the large variety of WordPress sales page templates available, even those with almost no technical skills can create amazing, professional looking websites with ease.

When searching for sales page themes for your online business, you may encounter some new terms that you may not be familiar with.? While you could find some perfect WordPress sales page templates by browsing through the thousands of available sales page themes, you will find this to be a very time consuming task.? It will make your job much easier if you understand some of the terminology used to define WordPress sales page templates.

Columns -? WordPress sales page templates are often defined by columns.? Columns refers to the vertical lines of content on the page.? While most sales page themes consist of two columns, one for the content and one for the sidebar menus and widgets, there are also single, three and four column WordPress sales page templates that lend themselves perfectly to different online marketing plans.

Sidebars – WordPress sales page templates usually have at least one sidebar and, many of them, have two sidebars.? The sidebars are editable regions of your WordPress sales page templates where you can place WordPress widgets, menus or even custom html code for advertising.? Common variations include left sidebars, right sidebars, both sidebars or two sidebars on one side.

Rounded Corners – We have all seen those professional websites with the perfectly rounded corners.? Believe it or not, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make this happen.? If you want these perfectly rounded corners on your websites, make sure your search includes WordPress sales page templates with rounded corners because it is much easier to start with sales page templates that include this feature than it is to add them in later.

WordPress Plugins – Plugins are those nice little add on’s that make your WordPress sales page templates stand out.? Plugins can increase the functionality of your page, improve your search engine optimization or even help you connect your online business to social media networks.? While not technically a search term for sales page themes, knowing this term is important to insuring that your websites are as unique as you are.

Fluid & Fixed Layouts – This can be an important search term in your quest for the perfect WordPress sales page templates.? Fluid layouts are able to flex to accomodate your content, allowing the best fit for your website visitors screen size.? Fixed layouts have a set, or fixed, position.? This fixed positioning means that your websites content will have to conform to the imposed limits of the sales page themes layout no matter what size monitor your website visitor is using.

By understanding the basic terminology involved when searching for WordPress sales page templates, you can quickly narrow down your search to include only WordPress sales page themes that offer the feature you want on your websites and make the process of finding perfect sales page templates much easier.? A good place to start looking for these templates is at

Owner of Internet Sales, Web Design, Hosting, and Marketing.

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How To Get Higher Search Results Easily and More Traffic To Your Site Fast

SeoPressor or Seo Pressor as some say, is a premium wordpress seo plugin that focuses purely on-On Page Seo. It does not do anything for off page seo and link building. For those of you that don’t know alot about seo, i’ll explain the basics of search engine optimisation or seo in short:

Theres simply 2 parts to seo, On Page and Off Page Seo

On Page Seo consists of optimising all your content in your blog posts or website pages so that your content is search engine friendly, therefore friendly to a search query.
Off Page Seo involves building links from other sites to yours. If the site has a higher page rank than you,thats even better.

What Daniel Tan has done is hes studied google, not other so called experts and read all the avialable information that google has in order to create a wordpress seo plugin called seopressor that simplifies all your on page seo. Daniel Tan has created seopressor so that the plugins code does all the hard work. He has made it very simple to use yet highly effective.

Theres absolutely no technical skills required to use seopressor effectively. The only thing it doesn’t do at the moment is add no follow to outgoing links. This is needed for better on page seo and higher search engine rankings so you l’ll need to install another wordpress plugin or add them manually to do this. Daniel informed me today that this feature will be added in the next huge upgrade.

How Does Seopressor Work?

This Seo plugin will analyse your content the same way the google bot scans your content then runs it through a program based on all the information google has disclosed about its own formula. Seopressor then gives you a seo score and tells you what you have done correctly and what you need to do, based on seo best practises, to get your seo score as close to 100% as possible.

Some of these changes can be set by yourself using seopressors settings and be done automatically. You can make other basic changes manually like correct use of headings.

Seopressor also makes sure you have enough keywords in your content. This is called keyword density and seopressor will also let you know if you have to many keywords in your content so that google cannot accuse you of keyword stuffing and penalise you.

Seopressor only takes care of your on page seo so you will need to use a keyword tool to choose your main keyword before you start. I use the free google adwords keyword tool which makes it very simple to choose your keywords and complete basic keyword research in 5 minutes or less.

Yes i know there’s great free info out there at search engine land and the like but who’s got time to spend learning seo? If your not an seo expert and want to save time like me, i prefer a simple plugin that does a great job and gets the results. You can always learn seo yourself and complete all the work it does manually or you can use seopressor which will do it automatically or simply tell you what you need to do.

My name is Brad Dalton and I’m a full time WordPress SEO Expert helping Companies and Individuals improve and increase thier SERPS and site traffic.

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Revolutionary WordPress Search Engine

Revolutionary WordPress Search Engine
Amazing WordPress add on that adds a stand alone search engine to your WordPress blog. It engages more users with your blog & also adds a new revenue stream to your WordPress blog. Watch the live demo. Make your WordPress blog stand out in the crowd.
Revolutionary WordPress Search Engine

WordPress Money System
Learn exactly how to make money online using free WordPress themes. This complete video training will take you from No WordPress knowledge to making money online. Even if you have no experience using WordPress! Learn how with this easy and fun way system.
WordPress Money System

WordPress SEO Positioning – How To Get Amazing Search Results

When getting into SEO positioning on a WordPress site, there are some things that you need to know. The first time I ever built a site, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a general idea that I wanted to rank well in the search engines, but I didn’t know how – not at all! Luckily, I stumbled on WordPress and have been hooked ever since. Initially, I loved how easy WordPress was to use. Then, after doing lots and lots of testing, I discovered that it naturally ranked in the search engines like Google and Yahoo at the drop of a hat. After that, I was hooked.

WordPress sites and blogs rank well for a multitude or reasons. What I’m going to do is show you what makes WordPress different and try to explain what that means for you.

WordPress Coding

Although not overly glamorous, WordPress uses standardized and validated HTML and PHP programming. Templates for the CMS, which are often freely available, make use of the same standardization – meaning Google and the other search engines like the way the site is coded and designed. This gives you major bonus points!

WordPress Post Pinging

WordPress makes use of pinging services for all its content which gives it strong SEO positioning. Meaning that when you post a new article or a new page, that new page gets cascaded out to about 30 different ‘pinging services’. These pinging services’ primary job is to alert the search engines and other content portals that there is new content on the site that needs to be indexed!

Keyword Phrases in WordPress

One of the best parts about WordPress is the modularity – or the way that you can plug and play with the plugins and themes. There are two WordPress plugins that get help you SEO your site very, very well. Those plugins are All In One SEO and Google XML Sitemaps. Additionally, SEOpressor takes care of a lot of SEO related tasks for you.

The last thing you need to get started with your SEO positioning is the proper keywords. To find these, make sure you check out Google’s Keyword Tool. The keyword tool is free and allows you to see what people are searching for and what kind of volume we’re talking about. Out of that list, pick 5 or 10 keyword phrases that you want to target in your site!

Get free, instant access to a complete On-site / Off-site SEO report on <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>SEO Positioning</a>.? Also, make sure you check out our <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>SEOpressor Review</a> to get started with WordPress SEO quickly!

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Search Engine Optimization ? Advanced Strategies ? Steps To Setting Up An Autoblog For Seo Optimization

For example, a real estate website could automatically pull postings from their local MLS listing service and create effective web posts on a realtors blog about each properly by listing information and pictures for visitors, this type of auto blogging is fairly common in the industry and saves agents countless hours of copy and pasting listing details from other websites.

Let’s take a look at how to run an effective auto blogging package, it takes a little experience and technical knowledge but these may be easily overcome hiring a web professional ?for the more complicated parts of the process.

Install WordPress

Step one of course is to install WordPress a great and flexible blogging package that happens to be free. ?There is a ?5 minute’ quick WordPress setup FAQ online.? It is really pretty simple.? However, once you’ve done it a few times you can join me in saying that. You can download WordPress directly and install it on your web host of if you’re less technical you can setup your hosting with a good host provider that handles WordPress on the Linux platform and can push cron jobs and use their automated process to easily install WordPress with a quick click of your mouse.

Install Appropriate Plugins

Plugins are add ons to WordPress, they’re like super powered steroids that make WordPress do extra stuff. In this case, you’ll need to download and install Feedwordpress or your ?auto posting’ software to make WordPress import RSS feeds from around the Internet.? There are a ton of WordPress Plugins and they really help out immensely if you know which ones to pick (both free and commercial) to assist in your autoblog process.

What’s an RSS feed? Well simply put, its call Real Simple Syndication.? Like a news feed to a newspaper from a main news source. RSS feeds are used to let one computer or software program talk to another, basically it’s a specially formatted file that tells one website about the content of another website.

You’ll need to use it to automatically pull content from one website to display on other.

Now, to make sure you’re really cutting down on your workload, there are a few more Plugins that you’ll need. See, FeedWordPress will fetch thousands of posts ? some are duplicated so lets add some WordPress Plugins to make your life a little easier.

WP Auto Tagger will add keywords to each post automatically, this helps cut down the work you’ll have to do to each post if you’re using feed WordPress though others do this automatically.

Delete Duplicate Posts is a quick way to make sure you don’t have duplicate posts in your database if feed WordPress or others are being used that create these posts.? Again, you’ll hear this often, there are some programs that don’t require this plug-in.? If they do, it is only intermittent and it can be ?shut off’ when not needed.

Setup Your Feeds

Now that you have your blog setup and running, you’ll need to add feeds from popular sources to automatically populate your blog. For example, you may wish to add a feed from Google for blog posts FeedWordPress. Once this is done, your website will scan the blogshere on a schedule, looking for all new posts about the subjects you choose.? This can create duplicate posts, junk posts and a ?runaway blog’ if you’re not careful.? And it only does RSS feeds.? There are other ways to autoblog, which I’ll cover on the blogs and websites I frequent. You can do the same with Google News, to ensure you always know what’s happening.

Manage Posts

When you setup FeedWordPress it asks if you’d like posts to be held for moderation or posted, it’s best to always hold posts for moderation while you’re getting used to the system and make notes of things you need to delete or edit before they go live.? You really want to edit posts if at all possible when Autoblogging, however, I like to have ?main categories’ I add my posts to, those that are the main visual categories and I use a lot of ?long-tail-keywords’ with some auto posting or Autoblogging software that basically forces the feed to provide the most relevant information or nothing at all.? I am still up late going through 5,000 posts as I write this??.

Advanced WordPress users will also be able to build special functions into their websites to automate complex parts of the process. As you’re are reading this, however, technology is in place that eliminates most of need to learn Linux cron.


The final step of auto blogging and one that I believe is often overlooked is the final approval of an article. Personally, I believe it is critical that people (not machines) do a final scan of each article being posted and ensure it is accurate, maybe this isn’t true auto blogging but it’s impossible for robots to ensure everything is right so a quick scan of the article will ensure that you’re sharing the right information with your target audience.? Again, 5,000 posts??4,999?. 4,998?..

Who is Auto Blogging Right For?

There are a lot of industries that Autoblogging simply wouldn’t work for I do believe that scanning trusted data sources and automatically processing listings for car dealerships, financial reports, real estate, news services, syndicated news etc. is a wonderful use of RSS and auto blogging technology.? There are some reputable blogs you can hit and again some tools allow keywords to strip out unnecessary content.? Overall it works out pretty well.

I use it on all of my sites and other clients sites to get good relevant content, news, research or other information that would be critical to complete a website or blog which could normally take a very long time to complete (even 1 to 2 years of work, relationships, writing, networking, et al.)

So if this sounds like it might be something you’d want for your website, you may want to look at hiring a professional to set this up due to the technicalities and / or finding the best quality software package to simplify the process.

Joshua Penman is a freelance IT Consultant, SEO Consultant and Web Developer.? His most recent work is for where you can find more Search Engine Optimization Articles, Tips and Resources.

Reprint rights are granted in full as long as the footer of this document and the full document remains intact in its entirety.

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Using Site Maps in WordPress for Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s pretty common knowledge that using Site Maps are an important part of getting your website or blog ranked highly in the Search Engines. They help the Search Engines find and index all of your content, they give you an opportunity to create keyword-laden internal links, and they also help your real-world visitors find what they are looking for.

There is some confusion however about the topic – mostly because there are actually two very different types of Site Maps (or Sitemaps) that should be utilized on every website.

The good news for WordPress users is that there are a couple of plugins that make it very easy for you to take advantage of both types of Site Maps. Let’s take a look at both types of Site Maps and how to implement them using WordPress.

Onsite Site Maps

The first type of Site Map is what most people are more familiar with. This Site Map is simply a page on your site that has a link to every other page on your site. This is helpful to search engines as they follow links in order to find all of your content so having all of your content listed in one place makes it easier for them to find all of your pages. This type of Site Map also helps your visitors find the content they are looking for.

XML Sitemaps

Sometimes referred to as ‘Sitemaps’ instead of ‘Site Maps’, this type of Sitemap is similar in that it is a list of all the pages on your site. However, instead of publishing this as a page on your website, you actually submit this type of Sitemap directly to the major search engines. This not only makes damn sure they know of all your pages, but also gives you an opportunity to tell them which pages are most important and how often your pages change.

What’s more, using the Sitemap systems of the major search engines, you also get a ton of information about your site ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. These systems will let you know if they are having any problems crawling your site, what terms your pages are ranking for, and much, much more. Be sure to check out Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo Site Explorer.

WordPress Plugins

As is often the case, WordPress makes it very easy to implement both of these types of Site Maps via a couple relatively simple plugins. Both of these plugins automate much of the process freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your website. For instance, they both update the Site Maps automatically when you add new pages or posts. You just need to set-up the plugins and then the system will handle everything from there!

The plugin I use for my onsite Site Maps is called ‘Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Plus’. This handy plugin gives you a number of options for your Site Map such as whether to show pages or posts or both, how you want them ordered, if there are any pages you don’t want included, and if you want to use a multiple-page Site Map for larger sites.

Once you have installed and configured the plugin, you simply take the ‘shortcode’ they provide, create a new page in your WordPress called ‘Site Map’ and paste the shortcode into the content area. The system will then replace that shortcode with your actual Site Map when visitors click on that page. With this plugin, your Site Map will always be up to date as you add or delete new pages on your site.

For XML Sitemaps I use the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin, which actually works also with Yahoo, Bing, and This plugin will automatically build the XML Sitemap for your entire site AND publish it directly to the search engines once you set it up. This plugin also offers several settings to customize how the plugin operates based on your particular website and preferences.

There you go, install and set-up these plugins and you will have an automated system to make sure that the search engines and your visitors will be able to find all of your content. Getting your site ranked high in the search engines is a lot of work, but this is one simple step you can take that can certainly strengthen your efforts.

Best of luck!

Philip Light is the founder of WordPress Central Station – a single place to learn WordPress yourself or to have WordPress Professionals help you along. Check out our illustrated Using Site Maps with WordPress guide for step-by-step help setting up the plugins mentioned above.

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Search Engine Optimization Plugins For WordPress

One of the easiest and most well-known blog software out there is WordPress. In fact, if you are still not producing your own blog, it is recommended you ask your system administrator or web department to integrate a WordPress blog into your company site. Not only will it make your web presence more timely for your customers and provide them with up-to-date information on your firm’s activities, the blog will also help in your search engine optimization efforts.

As you may see in many of the articles here, SEO experts place a very high value on content. This is the area where blogs shine.? In a blog, there is relevant and timely content that visitors are very willing to consume. Such timely content is getting more of the spotlight especially with the search engines’ push towards real time search.

Content by itself however won’t do much for your search engine rankings. Although content may be king, without a court and servants for support it will fail to make a difference. Fortunately, there are a number of high quality WordPress plugins that will help support your content. If you are working with an SEO consultant, you may also ask him how to best choose the plugin that will work well with his planned campaign. Just search for these plugins in the WordPress site.

All in One SEO Pack. This WordPress plugin is perhaps the most widely known and used SEO plugin, and with good reason. In fact, if you search Google for wordpress seo plugin, the link for this plugin appears in the first page of the results. This speaks highly of the authority and relevance the plugin has gathered (see past articles for a discussion on authority and relevance and how they affect search engine results). The reason this plugin is so popular is because it has mounds of features including:

?Creation of canonical URLs. This makes it so you can have multiple duplicate content on your site. It is well known that duplicate content can negatively affect your search rankings, but there are times that you cannot avoid having them (like when doing A-B testing, or if your site naturally involves duplication, like a tutorial on different programming languages). Having a canonical URL means search engines will index the canonical page, so that your site benefits from the increased ranking as a whole.

?Optimizes page titles automatically. One of the often disregarded search engine optimization technique is title optimization. Most of the time, it is because it is very hard to update titles, especially when content frequently changes. With this plugin the title optimization is automatic, so you don’t have to spend more time on title optimization, and spend more time creating content.

?Works out of the box. If you’re a first time user of WordPress, you may get daunted by the number of features it has to offer. What more for fine-tuning search engine optimization settings. The reason this plugin is preferred by a lot of beginners is because it is a turnkey solution. Once you install the plugin, it is already effective even in its default state. Once you get more advanced in SEO or in WordPress itself, you can start tinkering with the settings while still being effective.

Contact Form Plugin. You might wonder what a contact form plugin is doing in a search engine optimization plugin. The thing is that search engine optimization can only do so much with keyword selection and placement. You often would also like to know what your customers are thinking, in their own words.

Having a contact form plugin helps in search engine optimization because it allows you to get valuable feedback on the pages you publish. For example, you can use when you are testing out a new keyword. If your contact form data contains people asking more about topics that mention or are related to your keyword that means your visitors are actually seeing and understanding the keywords you placed. A contact form plugin can gather data that which a tracking software (like Google Analytics) cannot. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. One of the ways you can increase usability and page views (thereby keeping your customers to your own site even more) is by providing them with links to related posts within your own site.

One of the search engine optimization techniques is to network your own pages. Not only does it give a better user experience, it also ensures that your pages have a link pointing to it. The best way to do linking is not to simply link haphazardly (it is very annoying for readers to arrive on a page that is remotely related to what they have been reading) but to link to related content, so that the context in the mind of the reader is kept.

Most of the time though this technique is not well practised.? This is mainly because it is hard to keep track of related posts. This plugin automates that chore for you. It uses a special algorithm that takes into account tags, post titles, categories and even content, to generate which posts are probably related to what. More importantly, the generation is dynamic, so even posts that are a year old will still have links to related posts well after the publication date ? without even updating the post. This feature makes related post management a breeze.

Sexy Bookmarks. Oftentimes, search engine optimization consultants miss integration with social bookmark sites like digg or reddit. This plugin ensures that your readers do not have to break their workflow just to submit your site into these social bookmarks.

Instead of the usual tiny icons that are often lost among the numerous widgets on your page, Sexy Bookmarks instead entices the reader to submit it. Moreover, it has a large database of social bookmark sites that are updated frequently. This means that you only need to update the plugin once support for a new and coming social bookmark site is available. Some examples of recently added sites are:


The Article is written by providing Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Optimization Services. Visit for more information on Products & Services___________________________Copyright information This article is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, including live links & this copyright statement must be included. Visit for more services!

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Friday Traffic Report review of the KQF feed poster wordpress plugin.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Whether it?s a corporate blog, a news-type blog, or even a personal blog, optimizing your blog for the search engines is a must. There are some simple changes that you can make to WordPress and Moveable Type that will make your blog more search engine friendly and make the search engines beg for more (more post and content, that is!).

Optimizing a blog is just like optimizing any other website. The content and pages (posts) must be unique, they must be search engine friendly, and it needs links from other websites. If it?s a new blog, then you first need to make sure the blog software you?re using is set up so that it takes advantage of all of the possible optimization features. Then, announce it to the world, work on getting some links to it, and start making posts.

WordPress Optimization

If you?re using WordPress for your blog software, it?s important to make sure that your site is search engine friendly, meaning that it can easily be spidered by the search engine spiders. Just like optimizing a website, it?s important to have good title tags and meta tags. Keep in mind that blog software usually uses the title of your post as the title tag, so include keywords in your titles as much as possible. It?s important to set up your blog?s software so that the URLs don?t contain a lot of variables. Instead, use URLs that include the post title or post name in them. For example, if you?re using WordPress you?ll need to set the permalinks so that it uses %postname% in the URL. You can also set up a specific category for the post archives, and you might consider using a keyword that?s related to your blog instead of the default, which is typically the word ?archive?. Fintan Darragh of has a great blog post called ?Ultimate WordPress SEO Tips? ( Mr. Darragh talks about permalink optimization and says, ?The goal: stick more keywords up into the URL and remove the faff which nobody uses, to make the URL search engine and people attractive. Having keywords in your URL is an absolute must, especially when it?s as easy as WordPress makes it.? He also goes on to talk about getting rid of useless tags like the month, day, and year, as well as one important detail: whatever you do stick with the site structure you choose?otherwise you might end up with a lot of useless links to your site. Other tips that Mr. Darragh mentions are optimizing your page titles and your post titles–and installing a few plugins that are useful such as the ?Related Posts Plugin? and the ?Technorati Tag Generator?.

There are several other places where you can get specific tips about setting up WordPress in a search engine friendly manner, including: * SEO at Aleeya Dot Net –
* The Best WordPress SEO Possible –
* Search Engine Optimization for WordPress –
* Search Engine Optimization for Blogs –
* DYI Search Engine Optimization – One of the best tutorials out there is one called ?DYI Search Engine Optimization? by Lorelle VanFossen. Specifically, Lorelle ( has some great tips, including how to optimize your code, develop strong intrasite links, write with strong keyword usage, use categories and tags, and how to use ping services. Lorelle says that ?the goal is to help search engine crawlers move through your website collecting information to be stored in the search engine?s database. The key to your blog?s data making it successfully into a search engine?s database is to: 1) Make sure there are no road blocks in the path of a search engine crawler.
2) Make sure the crawler can move through your blog, examining all your web pages.
3) Provide adequate keywords and key phrases which clearly help categorize your content.
4) Provide clearly labeled tags and categories recognized by tagging service crawlers and many search engines today.
5) Take advantage of pinging services.? There are several WordPress Plugins available that will help you take advantage of internal linking (like the Related Posts Plugin) which will link to other posts in your blog that are on the same topic.

Other plugins that might be helpful are plugins that automatically generate a Google Sitemap file as well as plugins that help you categorize the site such as the WordPress Subdomain Plugin (

Movable Type Optimization
If you?re using Movable Type for your blog software, then it?s also important to make sure that your site is search engine friendly and can be spidered by the search engine spiders. Just like optimizing a website, it?s important to have good title tags and meta tags. Keep in mind that blog software usually uses the title of your post as the title tag, so include keywords in your titles as much as possible. Miles Evans ( TypeSEO.html) says that ?Movable Type is optimized quite well out of the box, but there are a few quick tricks to easily providing the spiders with some dynamic content.? He goes on to say that you need to optimize your template. ?For my main home page and category index pages I hardcode most of my meta data. Your meta tags will be at the top of the template within the tag. You can get fancy on your index pages but I cannot really see why. Optimize these two templates by hand for whatever keywords you are targeting site wide.? Mr. Evans also has another article titled, ?Best Movable Type Plugins? ( TypePlugins.html) that talks about his favorite plugins that help him get great search engine rankings. His favorite Movable Type Plugins for SEO are Dashify, MTPaginate, MT Blogroll, MT InlineEditor, MT-Textile, BigPAPI, as well as Ajaxify (a set of plugins that adds several ajax/javascript widgets into the Movable Type interface), CheckLinks, FormatList v1.0, and Better File Uploader for uploading files. Nicholas Carvan ( has a great article about Movable Type optimization called ?Optimizing your Movable Type blog for Google? ( Type_blog_for_google.html). In it he talks about PageRank (and how it relates to your internal linking on your blog), having keywords in your URL (which is important for all blog optimization) and blogrolling. He defines the term blogrolling very well, saying, ?Blogrolling: Inbound links are gold, but in Google’s eyes, not all links are equal. In particular, Google isn’t wild about links contained within JavaScript – apparently they can index them, but that doesn’t mean they always want to.?

Once you?ve set up and configured your blog?s software, it?s important to make sure that you leave it alone?if you change your page URLs then any links that you?ve received from other bloggers may not be valid anymore. If you need to change your site?s structure (perhaps you?ve been blogging already and wish to use the tips from this article to optimize your blog), then you might want to take a look at the Objection Redirection WordPress Plugin( if you?re using WordPress. The Objection Redirection Plugin gives you a simple interface to redirect users (and search engine bots) to the proper page, especially if you?ve changed your site?s structure.

Start Blogging
The best thing you can do is to start blogging. Go ahead and post to your heart?s content and write, write, write about your topic. The more content you can provide the better?and it seems as if adding content on a regular basis really helps, as well. Feel free to link out to other blog posts that are related to the topic you?re writing about. For example, before you publish a post, go on over to your favorite blog search engine and find another recent post on the same subject?and link to the post. Linking out to other bloggers will get their attention, and hopefully they?ll end up linking to you as well. If other bloggers have trackbacks turned on then their blog will link back to your post. Some trackbacks are moderated, so it might take some time before your link shows up on the other blog. And some bloggers have trackbacks turned off, so a link back to your site might take some manual intervention. Categorize your posts as much as possible, and feel free to add categories as you blog?it will help the internal linking structure of your site, and help the search engines and users find on-topic posts.

Promoting Your Blog
Whenever you make a post in your blog, your blog software will attempt to ping certain sites to let them know that you just updated your blog. There are many blog ping services out there, including Ping-O-Matic and Pingoat. Your blog software can be configured to ping sites automatically, and I?ve posted a list for WordPress of ping services on by blog ( If your blog is new or you would like to get some more links, you can submit your blog to blog directories as well as other sites that will list your blog (don?t forget to submit to, Yahoo! Directory, and the Best of the Web Blog Directory). has a great article about promoting a

SEOPressor and WordPress ? Best match for good search engine ranking

If you need to find out what you can improve on your website to do better online, there are things that you can find that will help you. When you want to start doing more business online, you can find SEO services that provide a search engine optimisation analysis(which can be very expensive) or buy SEOPressor WordPress plugin. SEOPressor will tell you what areas of your website you need to change and improve to help you get higher listings with the search engines. The more that you learn about how you can improve your website, the more that you can start to make the changes and do more business.

SEOPressor is a very effective way to analyze the content and SEO that you are using on the website. Once you are aware of what kinds of things you need to change, you can improve the listings in the search engines. There are a lot of ways in which this wordpress plugin can help improve your listings and you can also use them to see what kind of things you can easily change to either the content that you have or the links that you are using. One of the most common areas that the analysis will find to improve on is the use of keywords.

Using the right keywords is very important and, if you are not sure how to use them correctly, you are not going to get the people to see your website when they are doing a search online. The SEOPressor wordpress plugin will allow the service to go through each of the pages and determine what needs to be changed to better use the SEO. It can be little changes like the titles that should be named differently or the keywords that you can try and use instead. Once you make the changes to your content and keywords, you can then use one of the tools to track how each of those keywords is doing and if they have helped improve the listings.

Without getting SEOPressor plugin on your website, it can be difficult to know what you need to do to get indexed. If you have submitted your website to the search engines and still have not been indexed or are showing up in the search results, you may need to redo some of the SEO that you are using. Sometimes the analysis will show you that you need to change the links that you are using. The links that you submit need to take users directly to that content on the website. If your links are not going to the page where that content is found, search engines will not be able to find it. This could cause your website to get not indexed.

It is easy to install SEOPressor plugin on your website and the sooner you get started with making the necessary changes to the content, SEO and links that you are using, the sooner your website can get indexed. It can also improve the listings that you can have and place your website higher on the search results. People are not likely going to find your website if it is not at the top of the search results, so it is important for you to do what you can to try to get and keep your website at the top. You can find the services that you need to help you use the SEO in your website and also in the links that you are submitting online. Choosing the best keywords to use is important and it can help you to find the people that you want.

When you have a free search engine optimisation analysis on your website, you can start to see that you are getting more people to your website and that you are also able to find better ways to market the website through the links that you create. Using the SEO in the links that you are submitting to other websites online is going to help you find the groups of people that you need and will also help you to attract those people to go to your website. SEOPressor wordpress plugin will help you learn more about how to improve your website and use the right SEO to do better.


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Using SEOpressor For Instant Search Rankings

When getting into SEO positioning a WordPress site there some things that are apparent, like themes and plugins; and something that aren’t. WordPress, whether it’s self-hosted or hosted on, ranks well in search engines. Hands down, it’s the best platform for anyone who is looking to get their articles shown on the front page of Google. Primarily, the CMS is coded well and maintains impecable standards – which attribute to it’s natural ability to rank well with Google.

There are a couple reasons why WordPress ranks will in the search engines. Reason that may or not be readily apparent to most users.

WordPress Programming

Although not overly glamorous, WordPress uses standardized and validated HTML and PHP programming. Templates for the CMS, which are often freely available, make use of the same standardization – meaning Google and the other search engines like the way the site is coded and designed. This gives you major bonus points!

WordPress Post Pinging

One of the best things about WordPress is its use of pinging services for SEO positioning. What that means is that when you post something new to your blog or your website, an alert is sent out to about 30 ‘pinging’ services letting them know that you have fresh content. Some of the services include Google, Yahoo and lots of other directory/search engine type sites.

Keyword Phrases in WordPress

My favorite part of using WordPress for SEO is all the plugins and things that you can implement that help customize your posts and pages for the best SEO scores possible. These plugins include All In One SEO and XML Google Sitemaps. With these two plugins, you can completely optimize your posts and your site to get the best possible SEO scores and rankings. Also, SEOpressor does a lot of this stuff for you.

After you get your WordPress site setup and SEOpressor working just right, you’re going to need to make sure you get the right keywords in place. The best place to start your SEO positioning is by using Google’s Keyword Tool. Using this tools, you’ll be able to see who’s searching for what and how often. It’s an SEO guy’s dream come true! 10 years ago, that sort of data would have cost thousands of dollars!

SEOpressor Plugin

One of the things I like the most about WordPress is the fact that you can really do anything you want with WordPress. With it’s easy admin interface and upload tools, you can really write anything you want, anytime you want. The guys at SEOpressor really just took it to the next level and built a SEO WordPress plugin that makes ranking in the search engines super easy!

Download a copy of my free Internet Marketing Blueprint. It’ll walk your through marketing online, from start to finish. Also, make sure you check out the full SEOpressor Review for an in depth review of the WordPress plugin. There’s even a special bonus that we put together walking you through the whole SEO process we put our sites through before releasing them!

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