SEOPressor Word Press Plugin Review – Is it Worth For the Money? Has Anyone Really Had Success Using SEOPressor to Rank High in SERPS

Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor Word Press Plugin Review – Is it Worth For the Money? Has Anyone Really Had Success Using SEOPressor to Rank High in SERPS

Do you have a WordPress powered website?

Are you ready to?push your website on the first page of Google?

Then all you need is Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor wordpress?plugin. SEO is not a daunting task anymore….you can just simply use this tool?easily to gain first position on Google SERPS.

Read my Full Review on Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor WordPress Plugin right below

SEOPressor is a WordPress tool that will help you with your on-page optimization.

As you may know, on-page optimization is an important? piece of the puzzle when doing SEO. I used to ignore on-page optimization and focus more on link building (off-page optimization) until I’ve started using SEOPressor.

I do now have a blog that is rank #2 in a keyword with 2,750,000 competing pages.

Eventhough I regularly build links to it but whatever I do it doesn’t want to go up higher than #8. After installing SEOPressor, I’ve found out that the page does not have good on-page optimization.After a week of letting SEOPressor do it’s job, my blog finally made it to #2. All previous links were valued more because of the on-page optimization!!!

Thanks to SEOPressor

SEOPressor – What it does….Let’s take a look?

Analyses Title, H1, H2 and H3 Tags
Analyses Keyword Density and Content Length
Analyses The Exact Placement of Your Keyword??
Analyses Images and Links?
Analyses Font Decorations?
Intelligently Bold, Italize and Underline Your Keywords?
Intelligently Add ALT Tag to Your Images?
Capable of Testing and Rating Each Post and Page?
Calculates SEO Score To Reveal Your On-Page Optimization?
Comes With Secret Algorithm That Correlates With Google?
Recalculates and Assigns SEO Scores When Post Changes?
Easy Content Management With SEO Scores Beside Your Posts?
Intelligently Gives Suggestions On What To Tweak?
Pump Your WordPress Site High Up In Search Engines?
Drives Red Hot Targeted Traffic To Your Website

So my review for SEOPressor WordPress plugin – There are many things you may not know when it comes to SEO, this tool makes it simple and easy. Must have plugin for all WP admins!

Visit SeoPressor Now?and take a drive to Number 1 on Google results page

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Using SEOpressor For Instant Search Rankings

When getting into SEO positioning a WordPress site there some things that are apparent, like themes and plugins; and something that aren’t. WordPress, whether it’s self-hosted or hosted on, ranks well in search engines. Hands down, it’s the best platform for anyone who is looking to get their articles shown on the front page of Google. Primarily, the CMS is coded well and maintains impecable standards – which attribute to it’s natural ability to rank well with Google.

There are a couple reasons why WordPress ranks will in the search engines. Reason that may or not be readily apparent to most users.

WordPress Programming

Although not overly glamorous, WordPress uses standardized and validated HTML and PHP programming. Templates for the CMS, which are often freely available, make use of the same standardization – meaning Google and the other search engines like the way the site is coded and designed. This gives you major bonus points!

WordPress Post Pinging

One of the best things about WordPress is its use of pinging services for SEO positioning. What that means is that when you post something new to your blog or your website, an alert is sent out to about 30 ‘pinging’ services letting them know that you have fresh content. Some of the services include Google, Yahoo and lots of other directory/search engine type sites.

Keyword Phrases in WordPress

My favorite part of using WordPress for SEO is all the plugins and things that you can implement that help customize your posts and pages for the best SEO scores possible. These plugins include All In One SEO and XML Google Sitemaps. With these two plugins, you can completely optimize your posts and your site to get the best possible SEO scores and rankings. Also, SEOpressor does a lot of this stuff for you.

After you get your WordPress site setup and SEOpressor working just right, you’re going to need to make sure you get the right keywords in place. The best place to start your SEO positioning is by using Google’s Keyword Tool. Using this tools, you’ll be able to see who’s searching for what and how often. It’s an SEO guy’s dream come true! 10 years ago, that sort of data would have cost thousands of dollars!

SEOpressor Plugin

One of the things I like the most about WordPress is the fact that you can really do anything you want with WordPress. With it’s easy admin interface and upload tools, you can really write anything you want, anytime you want. The guys at SEOpressor really just took it to the next level and built a SEO WordPress plugin that makes ranking in the search engines super easy!

Download a copy of my free Internet Marketing Blueprint. It’ll walk your through marketing online, from start to finish. Also, make sure you check out the full SEOpressor Review for an in depth review of the WordPress plugin. There’s even a special bonus that we put together walking you through the whole SEO process we put our sites through before releasing them!

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SEOPressor WordPress Plugin – Fast Track To On-Page SEO?

A new WordPress plugin called SEOPressor was recently made available to the public by “The SEO Guy” Daniel Tan. There are many important factors of search engine optimization and many would argue that on-page SEO is crucial to getting your sites into the top rankings.

This SEO plugin for WordPress will remove any chance or opportunity for human error. When it comes to on page SEO for your posts and pages it is never easier because SEOPressor will offer suggestions to improve your on page relevancy. This is exactly the type of optimization the search engines are looking for.?

Then, is SEOPressor really the best gift to the internet marketing world?

The SEOPresor plugin was specifically designed to work hand in hand with WordPress. You probably already know, how much Google loves WordPress.

With all the new products and software available today being billed as search engine optimization tools, it is perfectly understandable why people are apprehensive about another new product. They do not want to be sucked into another product that under delivers or overly promoted and does not perform to their expectations.

Well, after reading every word of this article you can decide for yourself if Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor plugin truly is? the fast track to on-page SEO.

The beauty behind the nuts and bolts of this WordPress plugin is that it will systematically analyze the various aspects your on page optimization while providing you with a truer picture of your website. When it comes to keywords, SEOPressor will provide an exact standing of how your keywords are getting ranked and whether they should be reformatted by making them bold, italicize or underline to improve their rankings.

The plugin software will intelligently add ALT Tag to your images. It will also check your Title, H1, H2, H3 title tags. There are many little things that matter but the SEOPressor plug in will keep a sharp eye out for all on page factors that are relevant to the search engines.

SEOPressor is not like any other tool you currently use, it doesn’t just alert you to various problems and it is intelligent enough to give you suggestions to further optimize your pages.

Know how your website is performing on an SEO level.

With the click of a button you are given an SEO score of your post or page letting you know instantly the true value of any additions made to your website. The moment you make changes to improve your score, the plugin will give you the updated score and offer suggestions to improve your sites relevance to the search engines.

The developer of SEOPressor is not a stranger to SEO. Daniel Tan is not nicknamed “The SEO Guy” for nothing. He makes a living with search engine optimization and owns his own SEO Company.

You could say “Daniel Tan is like E.F. Hutton.”

Remember the saying “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Well, at the Warrior forum or in the internet marketing world it is not any different. Now that Daniel Tan has offered his personal plugin to the public, people are taking action because of his reputation alone and that on page search engine optimization is vital to any successful business.

The SEOPressor by Daniel Tan will literally foolproof your WordPress websites on-page factors because it automatically checks but most importantly suggests changes to various components of your pages. This plugin can be easily managed through your WordPress dashboard.

Where is the real power of this SEO tool?

The real power lies in the secret algorithm it uses so that it can be in direct correlation with the way Google ranks pages.?

Having an SEO tool with this much power can give you peace of mind knowing your keywords and pages are highly relevant to the big search engines. This means your site will be on its way to the first page along with the many benefits of free traffic.

When you use SEOPressor you will be able to scale back with your off page efforts because in the search engines eyes, your site is highly relevant. The search engines would rather show a site that is highly relevant than a site that has a ton of backlinks but the site is not optimized. That is one reason why a site with less backlinks can out rank a site that has so many more.

?Now, do you believe SEOPressor is the fast track to on page SEO?

Go watch this free video to see the SEOPressor plugin for WordPress in action or you can visit to discover more about the fast track to on-page SEO and 1st page rankings.





Chuck Smith?been involved with internet marketing for the past year and a half. I got started after searching on line how to make money on line. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. After a little more research I was bitten by the internet marketing bug. I haven’t looked back since. Who has the time! lol


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SeoPressor WordPress Plugin Ranks Your Blog Posts on Google Page One!

On 28th June, a ground breaking WordPress Plugin was released.This plugin is how Daniel Tan (owner of SEO Company) helped thousands of his clients rank their websites on Google #1! This is not just a simple plugin. It is a plugin that has taken many websites from nowhere to first page ranking! Finally, SEO secrets EXPOSED! Getting #1 Google Ranking for any phrase. How about #1 ranking for this term “make money twitter” – 219 million competition!

Daniel Tan’s site is the #1 ranking site against insane competition of 219 million pages in Google! He revealed for the first time, the method he used to get #1 ranking in Google with such a high competition! And the answer is just a PLUGIN! What if you can get all your sites to Google first page and quadruple your traffic with just a few clicks of your mouse?I am currently rewriting all of my posts and articles with this plugin and already I am seeing them rank higher on Google.

Here’s what the plugin does for anyone using WordPress for their site or blog.

> automatically add bold to my keywords in every post and article

> automatically add italic to my keywords

> automatically add underline to my keywords

> automatically add ALT tag to my images

> automatically add keyword to my titles

> gives me a SCORE on my pages

> Gives me strong correlation with Google’s top pages!

> Intelligently tells you what to do next!

> Tested and proven algorithm for high ranking!

> Feeds right into Google’s PATENT of search tech!

SEOPressor has raised a lot of questions about how it works since its release earlier this month. Daniel Tan, the developer, now unleashes the secrets about how his product almost always manages to bring websites of any niche to the number 1 position on Google.

The newly released WordPress plugin SEOPressor has caused quite a stir in the Internet market because of its claims to be able to bring any WordPress website of any niche to the coveted #1 position on the Google search engines. The plugin has reached quite the limit of popularity already with several tens of thousands downloads within its short promotional period itself. Released in June 2010, this amazing and simple plugin has ranked little known pages of popular sites and blogs, into popular well read and money making first page results over thousands of competing products. This product has been developed and marketed single-handedly by the SEO Guy Daniel Tan, who is quite known for other products within the same niche.

What gave a boost to SEOPressor in its early days was the fact that Daniel Tan managed to shroud its methods in a veil of secrecy. The results were there for all to see, but the developer did not reveal much about the method of working of his website. However, owing to a large public demand, Daniel Tan has become vocal about the way SEOPressor works.

The basic rule of working of SEOPressor is on-page SEO, which is done in a variety of ways. The plugin is a completely automated solution which manages tasks like calculating keyword density, formatting keywords for search engine optimization, calculating the SEO score of a WordPress Page to determine how well it will be ranked on the search engines, management of content such as posts and so on. These things would ordinarily take a webmaster a lot of time to carry out and even then they would not guarantee any results, but SEOPressor is designed to perform these important aspects of on-page SEO in an automatic and efficient manner.

Additionally, SEOPressor also performs a lot of analysis on WordPress websites that helps the webmaster to determine the real worth of the website. It analyses the title tags, the proper placement of the keywords, the images and links used on the page, the decorations used in the fonts and so on. By analyzing these features of the website, SEOPressor can rightly suggest any changes that need to be made so as to enhance the prospects of the website. Basically, SEOPressor improves the search engine ratings of websites, bringing them to the number 1 position on Google, which is instrumental on bringing a large volume of traffic to the website.

However, Daniel Tan is still tight-lipped about one aspect of SEOPressor, which is about how the top results on SEOPressor are always in complete tandem with the top results on Google Analytics. This part of SEOPressor still remains shrouded in mystery, but that doesn’t deter it from being the most in-demand aspect of this software application.

WordPress is decidedly one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world today. Even though it is not a free platform, the professional manner of this platform is what makes it more popular. And that is the reason why a lot of online business entrepreneurs are using WordPress. As a consequence of that, several tools have been released in the market today by which people can enhance the prospects of their WordPress blogs, and SEOPressor is one such tool. Being a new entrant into this genre, we felt it apt to check out SEOPressor and find out if it is really worth all the talk that is going on about it.

What we found out, after testing the product for both performance and efficiency, is that this is a product that’s well worth all the investment made in it. In any case, people are always looking out for the best possible search engine optimization for their business website, and the fact of the matter is that WordPress SEO cannot get any better than what SEOPressor can provide. If used correctly, SEOPressor won’t just bring a WordPress website to the top page of search engines but it will also bring it to the top of the top page. Results can be expected to figure within the top 3 on the first page.

Here we shall take a look at why SEOPressor can achieve that. It is a fact that this is one SEO tool that works in a very different way from other similar products. Let us tackle these differences one after the other.

The Analysis

SEOPressor depends on a factor known as the SEO Score for calculating the worthiness of a particular website. What it will do is it will take some parameters into account and decide whether a particular website will rank well on search engines or not. This score is a very unique aspect of SEOPressor and the best thing about it is that its results correspond exactly with what a superlative tool such as Google Analytics will show you.

The Suggestions

SEOPressor almost dissects your WordPress website and tells you things about it??”innermost details that if you pay attention to could improve the prospects of your website to an amazing degree. It will tell you, for instance, if your keyword is placed in the right position or not, and what a better position would be. It will tell you about what kind of format you need to use for your titles”H1, H2 or H3″and it will tell you how the graphics on your website are influencing the prospects of your website. SEOPressor does not just tell you about your mistakes, but it will also tell you the solutions and will offer to do them for you as well. This is one software application that allows you to sit back and relax as it continuously keeps monitoring your website and tells you exactly what you need to do in order to bring up the ranking of your website.

The Newness Factor

This is one thing to consider. The product is quite new, and even WordPress is continuously changing, which makes it definitely a good thing to be new. For instance, SEOPressor is already compatible with the new WordPress 3.0, something that most other WordPress search engine optimization tools on the Internet are still trying to come to grips with.

The Convenience

This is what made this tool a big hit in its initial days. Even now, after several modifications, the plug-in remains just as easy as it was earlier. There’s nothing you need to install; it is just a simple download that you have to do. Despite the program itself being very complex, you do not need to be a technical whiz to figure it out. The developers have tried to keep their program as much self-driving as possible.

The Secret Algorithm

Since its release, people have wondered about how the results of SEOPressor can match so perfectly with the results of Google Analytics. Only recently was it announced that SEOPressor uses a secret algorithm that works in the very manner that the Google search engine works to rank its websites. Using this particular algorithm, it is almost a no-brainer for SEOPressor to understand what it actually takes for a website to shoot right up the rung on the Google search pile. This is the one thing that has made SEOPressor so famous.

The Developers’ Reputation Is Well Known In The SEO Field.

SEOPressor has been designed and developed by Daniel Tan, who is one of the greatest search engine optimization gurus in the world today. He has developed successful programs in the past such as the Backlinks Syndication System, the Rank Mover, the Ultimate RSS Joiner and the Press Release Cash Cow. All of these have been quite commended in the online world, which is the same thing that is happening with SEOPressor currently. Seopressor should be your TOP plugin for all of your WordPress blogs and sites.

The author has used this plugin for the past thirty days and watch traffic on his site and blog almost double. Over thirty five articles have come out of nowhere and now appear on page one and two of Google results within days. Check out the eight minute video and you’ll see what I am seeing. Click here to watch the video:

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