Affiliate Site Builder: Why WordPress is Best

Having a good affiliate site builder is essential if you are an affiliate marketers who is serious about making money online. A good site builder will make site design and customization simple and fast so you can showcase a wide variety of different products and services and change things around easily if need be.

WordPress, a free blogging platform, is the ideal ‘base’ for affiliate sites. WordPress sites have many advantages over traditional websites yet on the outside they can appear to be exactly the same!



2. It’s quick and easy to install on your site. If your host has something called CPanel with Fantastico, all the better.

3. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of website design. WordPress is mostly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so little knowledge of HTML is needed.

4. It’s easy to create different kinds of sites with free or paid ‘themes’. WordPress themes change the overall look of your site with little more than a click of a button. By using different themes, you can create everything from simple squeeze pages to full-featured online store fairly easily.

5. It’s simple to add special functions and features with free or paid ‘plugins’. WordPress plugins are small pieces of code that will make your blog do many useful things so you don’t have to learn how to program them in, such as:

– cloaking affilate links
– tracking visitors
– adding audio and video
– rotating ads that you want to display
– adding more security to keep hackers out
– blocking spam

6. Search engines love WordPress blogs. Google and other search engines often index blogs more quickly than standard websites. Blogs tend to have a structure that search engines like, particularly if the content is updated often.

7. Ever improving. WordPress’ creators have high standards. Improvements are frequent and worthwhile and always free. No need to ever pay for an upgrade!

For these reasons and many more, WordPress is the ideal affiliate site builder, offering numerous design options and features that would be more complex to set up with traditional web design software. If you are like most marketers, you would prefer to focus on making money online instead of fussing over design. Installing WordPress allows you to do exactly that – you can set up pro sites quickly and easily at a very low cost.

Lillea Woodlyns is a business blogger who teaches people how to use WordPress as an affiliate site builder. She recommends that you consider the excellent premium WordPress theme for affiliate marketers at

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Use These Membership Software Programs to Set Up Your Site

To start with, membership software is really a program implemented to manage free or paid membership to a particular website. It can also prohibit access to specific areas of the internet site for those people who have paid a regular membership fee or perhaps have signed up for one.

Essentially, you will likely be able to locate no cost membership software in addition to open source programs which can be used to create a slew of membership websites.

CiviCRM is mostly a customer relationship management software module that is created for the use of non-governmental and nonprofit organizations. It’s produced to allow users to deal with a large quantity of data about its activities, volunteers, donors at the same time as suppliers, clientele or employees. Essentially, CiviCRM could be employed along with Joomla and Drupal. A couple of the institutions which use CiviCRM currently include Amnesty International along with Wikimedia Foundation.

Another membership software solution is Drupal. It is actually an open source and no cost information management product created in PHP. Mostly, it is utilized as a back end system for as much as 1% of all the world’s sites. Its standard release is known as Drupal Core and offers functions such as account upkeep, account registration, menu administration, and system administration. You should take note that while Drupal offers a sophisticated user interface, no skills in programming are needed for the basic set up of a site or the administration page.

Joomla is also an open source management no cost program made use of to publish content material on intranets and also the internet. It’s developed in PHP and its data is saved in MySQL. Among its features are RSS feeds, printable variations of internet pages, and also page caching.

Believe it or not, WordPress likewise includes membership plugins available. It is ideal to be made use of for membership web sites which provide frequent content material which don’t have to be arranged in a particular way. One excellent method to change WordPress to a membership website is by using Amember ? an external script that integrates with numerous scripts.

In essence, Amember could possibly be set up to enable a user to sign up to be a VIP member, gain access to the internet site, the help desk and VIP forum all when using the same password and user name without the need to register countless times. Sadly, Amember is not able to safeguard your site content because it can only add or delete people from your database in WordPress.

It truly is significantly simpler to generate a membership site using the Wishlist Member WordPress plugin. All a person needs to undertake is upload the plugin, activate it and type in your Wishlist Member license and voila! It is possible to now start your personal membership website. Overall, the best membership site is a site that fits your wants, requirements, and unique specifications.

Are you interested in starting a WordPress membership site? If so, be sure to visit my site to find out exactly how to set up membership site functions effectively.

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Leads Site ? why a blog is a better option

WordPress blog

WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world. It has the best support and a huge ecosystem of products that provide additional features to the blog. Some of those products are WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. Therefore build a WordPress blog.

Marketing your blog

Once you create content online it is time to market it. The best approach is to rank high on Google for searches related to the content you publish on your blog. There are a huge number of tools, especially designed for a WordPress blog, that enhance the Google Search rankings. An example is “All in one SEO tool” Plugin for WordPress.

Creating your blog

It may seem difficult to create a WordPress blog. But the popularity of a WordPress blog has resulted in various automatic options to create a WordPress blog. Installing a WordPress blog using HostGator hosting services is a one-click operation.

Blog Appearance

The popularity of WordPress blogs has resulted in large community of developers offering Themes. These Themes create the appearance of your blog. There are several free WordPress themes available online. The best themes for a WordPress blog are those that are free and that are simple yet professional.

Optimize your blog

There are several free and simple tools to increase the speed at which your blog is rendered. This improves the user-experience. There are tools to track popular sections on your blog. You can track blog contents based on categories or based on tags. You can then integrate it with Google Analytics to view all this information in a quick and meaningful fashion.


You can read about my blog ideas at . I also strongly suggest you to check out training for network marketing at . I have achieved the most popular article by Google Search, targeting one keyword, using a simple technique recommended in the training. Use it and quickly generate money and leads.

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Transform your WordPress site into an Amazon Affiliate store

WPAssociate Amazon WordPress Plugin helps you?transform your WordPress site into an attractive affiliate?store in an easy way; no programming experience necessary. Choose looks, products and?placement and you’re ready to go. The only thing this powerful plugin won’t do is tell you which products will make you the most money. You can always try Amazon’s best?sellers if you just want to get the inventory out there and see what’s selling.

WPAssociate gives you real time access to products and their pricing information so you?can stay on top of the game. This is a great, hassle-free plugin that can help you generate?passive income with as many niche sites as you can dream up. Customers respond best to?reviews, pictures and good information. WPAssociate does most of the work for you by?generating one line of code that packages the products image and description together for?you to copy and paste in your post, page or template.



This may be a smart design but it’s not a get rich quick plugin. Affiliate marketing still?takes research and hard work to see that passive income trickle into your pocket. Try?adding a bit of your own text to the information that the plugin is already pulling from?Amazon, to give your site a personality of its own. Great affiliates know this tip well?and really craft their words to help grab those 15% referrals that Amazon offers on?some of its products.

WPAssociate will save you money; it is designed to save you loads of time by providing?error free links and images with an easily customizable template and widget area. This?brainy plugin also provides you an easy option to add your AdSense or banner campaigns, boosting each of your sites revenue margins to the max. It’s SEO friendly to help you?rank in the search engines and the front end is translatable into any language.




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Website creation for novice site owners, Checkout WordPress

There are millions of websites out there and most of the site owners have no idea how to change the website content themselves. So they need to hire a technically skilled professional that can help them update their website. Some Site owners know little html programming and know how to edit some content on their exiting web pages, so they have a limited knowledge in website editing.

It has been dream for the site owners to have full control over the website, the way their website looks, adding custom features, and most importantly add, modify or remove content by themselves without the need of a webmaster. Fortunately this is not a dream anymore. There are certain tools out there that can help end users setting up a website in no time and let them change the look and feel very easily.

WordPress is one of those few powerful tools out there that allows site owners full control on the website. Adding a new web page has never been easier. If you want to upload an image to a web page, just few click and you will be prompted to select an image file from your computer and the next minute that image will be added to your web page. Changing the website design is matter of few clicks. WordPress was built as a blogging tool but because of its popularity and enhanced features it is now so much flexible that you can create full working website from the control panel.

So you want to add a feature to your website? there are thousands of WordPress plugins that you can install, they will allow you to have complex features in your website that you never thought you could do by yourself. For Example, there are plugins to add a testimonial page to your website. You will install the Testimonial ?Manager plugin, and within few minutes you will need to follow few steps to add your first customer testimonial and it will show you on the testimonial page within minutes.

The first step will be setting up a WordPress Hosting account. The hosting company will install the WordPress script for you and provide you the control panel page link with login details.

Yasir Ikram is web designer who also runs a web design company || ||?For WordPress Hosting

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How To Get Higher Search Results Easily and More Traffic To Your Site Fast

SeoPressor or Seo Pressor as some say, is a premium wordpress seo plugin that focuses purely on-On Page Seo. It does not do anything for off page seo and link building. For those of you that don’t know alot about seo, i’ll explain the basics of search engine optimisation or seo in short:

Theres simply 2 parts to seo, On Page and Off Page Seo

On Page Seo consists of optimising all your content in your blog posts or website pages so that your content is search engine friendly, therefore friendly to a search query.
Off Page Seo involves building links from other sites to yours. If the site has a higher page rank than you,thats even better.

What Daniel Tan has done is hes studied google, not other so called experts and read all the avialable information that google has in order to create a wordpress seo plugin called seopressor that simplifies all your on page seo. Daniel Tan has created seopressor so that the plugins code does all the hard work. He has made it very simple to use yet highly effective.

Theres absolutely no technical skills required to use seopressor effectively. The only thing it doesn’t do at the moment is add no follow to outgoing links. This is needed for better on page seo and higher search engine rankings so you l’ll need to install another wordpress plugin or add them manually to do this. Daniel informed me today that this feature will be added in the next huge upgrade.

How Does Seopressor Work?

This Seo plugin will analyse your content the same way the google bot scans your content then runs it through a program based on all the information google has disclosed about its own formula. Seopressor then gives you a seo score and tells you what you have done correctly and what you need to do, based on seo best practises, to get your seo score as close to 100% as possible.

Some of these changes can be set by yourself using seopressors settings and be done automatically. You can make other basic changes manually like correct use of headings.

Seopressor also makes sure you have enough keywords in your content. This is called keyword density and seopressor will also let you know if you have to many keywords in your content so that google cannot accuse you of keyword stuffing and penalise you.

Seopressor only takes care of your on page seo so you will need to use a keyword tool to choose your main keyword before you start. I use the free google adwords keyword tool which makes it very simple to choose your keywords and complete basic keyword research in 5 minutes or less.

Yes i know there’s great free info out there at search engine land and the like but who’s got time to spend learning seo? If your not an seo expert and want to save time like me, i prefer a simple plugin that does a great job and gets the results. You can always learn seo yourself and complete all the work it does manually or you can use seopressor which will do it automatically or simply tell you what you need to do.

My name is Brad Dalton and I’m a full time WordPress SEO Expert helping Companies and Individuals improve and increase thier SERPS and site traffic.

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Redirect Mobile Users to a Mobile WordPress Site Using WPtap Mobile Detector

As we all know, mobile devices have become important tools to access a website. However, mobile devices are diversified, i.e. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and others. Maybe it seems a little difficult to make all those devices access your website. Actually not. WPtap Mobile Detector plugin is here to help.


Mobile Detector is a WordPress plugin designed by It can automatically detects the type of mobile browser that you site is viewed from, and activates the mobile theme you have chosen for it. User can install multiple mobile themes and link it to different mobile browsers for best performance. If you have a separate WAP or mobile website, this detector also allows you to redirect your mobile traffic to the WAP/mobile site. And it is totally FREE!


The following steps are for you to use Mobile Detector.


Download Mobile Detector from It is totally free for users.
Install the plugin by uploading “wptap-mobile-detector” under ?~your site/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
Activate the plugin. You will now see the Mobile Detector Admin Panel under your WordPress Dashboard.
In Settings, you can select a different theme for each type mobile device your website will be viewed from. The built-in device list includes iPhone/iPod, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, iPad, Opera, Palm and Windows smartphone.
If you have a separate WAP or mobile website. You can set ?Mobile Themes’ as ?None’ and fill in the URL your website will be redirected to. Then update your changes.
You add additional mobile devices that are not included in the above list. Just go to ?Add Device’ page, and tap in the mobile device name and mobile device agent. Then click on the ?Add’ button.


With WPtap Mobile Detector, you can make your website viewed from mutiple mobile devices. Convenient and simple! The mobile detector has been integrated into all WPtap mobile theme/plugins, which are designed specifically to mobilize you WordPress site. For more information about the plugin and WPtap mobile themes, please visit


About WPtap:

? is a child company of PPL Development LLC. Based in Nevada US, the company has been a pioneer in mobile application development for Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android platform since 2005. Our stated mission is to make everyone’s website mobile-ready. Our team has strong expertise in mobile website/application design and development, and has accumulated extensive experience in multi-mobile-platform integrations. Our unique technical background enables us to develop top quality cross-platform mobile solutions for your websites.

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Using Site Maps in WordPress for Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s pretty common knowledge that using Site Maps are an important part of getting your website or blog ranked highly in the Search Engines. They help the Search Engines find and index all of your content, they give you an opportunity to create keyword-laden internal links, and they also help your real-world visitors find what they are looking for.

There is some confusion however about the topic – mostly because there are actually two very different types of Site Maps (or Sitemaps) that should be utilized on every website.

The good news for WordPress users is that there are a couple of plugins that make it very easy for you to take advantage of both types of Site Maps. Let’s take a look at both types of Site Maps and how to implement them using WordPress.

Onsite Site Maps

The first type of Site Map is what most people are more familiar with. This Site Map is simply a page on your site that has a link to every other page on your site. This is helpful to search engines as they follow links in order to find all of your content so having all of your content listed in one place makes it easier for them to find all of your pages. This type of Site Map also helps your visitors find the content they are looking for.

XML Sitemaps

Sometimes referred to as ‘Sitemaps’ instead of ‘Site Maps’, this type of Sitemap is similar in that it is a list of all the pages on your site. However, instead of publishing this as a page on your website, you actually submit this type of Sitemap directly to the major search engines. This not only makes damn sure they know of all your pages, but also gives you an opportunity to tell them which pages are most important and how often your pages change.

What’s more, using the Sitemap systems of the major search engines, you also get a ton of information about your site ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. These systems will let you know if they are having any problems crawling your site, what terms your pages are ranking for, and much, much more. Be sure to check out Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo Site Explorer.

WordPress Plugins

As is often the case, WordPress makes it very easy to implement both of these types of Site Maps via a couple relatively simple plugins. Both of these plugins automate much of the process freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your website. For instance, they both update the Site Maps automatically when you add new pages or posts. You just need to set-up the plugins and then the system will handle everything from there!

The plugin I use for my onsite Site Maps is called ‘Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Plus’. This handy plugin gives you a number of options for your Site Map such as whether to show pages or posts or both, how you want them ordered, if there are any pages you don’t want included, and if you want to use a multiple-page Site Map for larger sites.

Once you have installed and configured the plugin, you simply take the ‘shortcode’ they provide, create a new page in your WordPress called ‘Site Map’ and paste the shortcode into the content area. The system will then replace that shortcode with your actual Site Map when visitors click on that page. With this plugin, your Site Map will always be up to date as you add or delete new pages on your site.

For XML Sitemaps I use the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin, which actually works also with Yahoo, Bing, and This plugin will automatically build the XML Sitemap for your entire site AND publish it directly to the search engines once you set it up. This plugin also offers several settings to customize how the plugin operates based on your particular website and preferences.

There you go, install and set-up these plugins and you will have an automated system to make sure that the search engines and your visitors will be able to find all of your content. Getting your site ranked high in the search engines is a lot of work, but this is one simple step you can take that can certainly strengthen your efforts.

Best of luck!

Philip Light is the founder of WordPress Central Station – a single place to learn WordPress yourself or to have WordPress Professionals help you along. Check out our illustrated Using Site Maps with WordPress guide for step-by-step help setting up the plugins mentioned above.

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10 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site

Mobile technology is going big. Every other user is now viewing your website from their iPhone or other smart phones. It is essential that you create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress site. Majority of top sites and blogs have already made their sites mobile friendly, but there are tons of other sites and blogs that lacks a mobile friendly version. In this article, we will share some ways you can create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress blog for your users and for yourself.

For Users

In this section we will share all the ways that will create a mobile friendly version of WordPress for your users.

1. WPtap is a WordPress specialist in developing mobile themes/plugins that can instantly convert your WordPress site into web-application experience when viewed from iPhone, iPod Touch, touch-based Blackberry, and Android smartphones.

WPtap offers both free and paid themes.4 fine-designed themes are available at WPtap: Tap News(iPhone App style mobile theme); Video Tube ( for video blogging and content sharing on mobile site); News Gallery(for image-centric and magazine style WordPress websites); News Press(for News, Blog, and other text-centric WordPress sites).

WPtap Pages is another advanced new design from WPtap.With features like elegant slideshow and thumbnail images, it makes a perfect choice for directory listing and product showcases.

They also provide theme customization service for users. So far, they have got a lot of positive feedback from customers. (

2. Mofuse has a free option to make your blog mobile friendly for various devices including, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and others. Top blogs like Mashable, Readwriteweb, Makeuseof are using Mofuse. Mofuse displays your RSS Feeds to your users. Their free option does not give you enough freedom which is why we did not use their service, but it is very easy to setup. They also have a WordPress Mofuse Plugin.

3. WordPress Mobile Edition is a plugin by Crowd Favorite. This plugin shows an interface designed for a mobile device when visitors come to your site on a mobile device. Mobile browsers are automatically detected, the list of mobile browsers can be customized on the settings page.

4. WPTouch is a mobile plugin/theme for your WordPress website. It automatically transforms your WordPress blog into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, or BlackBerry StormTM touch mobile device. WPTouch has a very good admin options panel. Make sure you check out their gallery for screenshots.

5.?WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog. It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about.

6. MobilePress is a free WordPress plugin which turns your WordPress blog into a mobile friendly blog when viewed on a cell phone. MobilePress also allows you to create custom mobile themes for different handheld devices and mobile browsers such as the iPhone, Opera Mini and Windows Mobile.

For Administrators

In this section, we will share how you can create a mobile friendly WordPress Admin Panel for administrators (you). This will allow you to manage comments and create new posts using your mobile device.

7. WordPress for iPhone is the official iPhone app that lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone or iPod touch. With support for both and self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher), users of all experience levels can get going in seconds.

8. WordPress for Blackberry is the official WordPress for BlackBerry app allows you to write posts, upload photos and videos, edit pages, and manage comments. Both and self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher) sites are supported.

9. WordPress for Android is the official WordPress for Android is an Open Source app that empowers you to write new posts, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications. Download it now and get blogging in no time.

10. WPhone creates the option to use a custom admin interface designed for mobile phones. It has two options called Rich and Lite. Rich option is designed for the iPhone / iPod Touch and other phones supporting full Javascript and CSS featuring fancy AJAX and sliding menus. Lite option is a lightweight, simple version designed for all other phone types (no Javascript or anything else required).

The above are the top 10 great ways to create a mobile friendly WordPress website. Each has their special traits. Personally, I prefer to WPtap. It is really a professional team in designing mobile themes.



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How to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site with WPtap

Mobile devices have become an important tool to visit website. So it is essential to make a PC website optimized on mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, touch-based Blackberry, and Android smartphones. WPtap is offering such a solution for you. WPtap is a WordPress specialist in developing mobile themes/plugins that can instantly convert your WordPress site into web-application experience when viewed from iPhone, iPod Touch, touch-based Blackberry, and Android smartphones.


With WPtap, it is easy to make your website mobile-ready. Now the following steps can guide you create a mobile site. (You must Have a webhost capable of running WordPress 2.3 or higher (PHP 4/5 Supported); Have FTP access (if you’re not using WordPress 2.5 or newer) to install the theme plugin folder)


Firstly, you should download WPtap plugin from WordPress Plugin site, once downloaded, unzip the folder somewhere on your computer where you’ll have easy access to it. When you unzip it, you should see the ?wptap’ folder.


Next, upload the entire ?wptap’ folder to the WordPress ?your site/wp-content/plugins’ directory on your webserver (Please note: It is under the ?plugins’ folder, not the ?themes’ directory!)


Once uploaded visit your WordPress admin panel in your web browser. Navigate to the ?Plugins’ tab, and activate the WPtap Mobile Themes plugin. All available WPtap themes can be located under ?~/wp-content/wptap/themes’ directory. For example, you will see ?News Press’ and ‘News Gallery’ folders in this folder if you have installed both themes.


Your site now is equiped with WPtap News Press (black), and is mobile ready.


If you have already installed WPtap on your site and would like to add/remove other WPtap themes (as we develop more amazing-looking themes), simply find the theme package and upload it to (or remove it from) the ?~/wp-content/wptap/themes’ directory. The theme will be automatically added to/removed from the drop-down theme list on your WPtap control panel.


An easier way to manage themes on your site is through the ?Theme Management’ at WPtap Admin Panel, where you can add or remove your WPtap themes.


WPtap offers both free and paid themes.4 fine-designed themes are available at WPtap:

1.????? Tap News (.99): Tap News theme is the first iPhone App style mobile theme developed by WPtap. The theme features elegant iPhone-style sliding layout, and it will truly turn your site into an iPhone application. Other features include thumbnail pictures, full support for twitter, social bookmarking, and email.It is a great choice for News bloggers, and it is a perfect alternative to an iPhone or Andorid application for your site.


2.????? Video Tube (.99): Video Tube theme is specifically designed for video blogging and content sharing on your mobile site. It fully supports iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and touch-based Blackberry devices.With all WordPress features and customized insertion functions, it makes adding Youtube and MP4 videos to your mobile site exetremely easy!


3.????? News Gallery (.99): News Gallery theme is designed with the photography blogger in mind featuring frontpage slideshow, thumbnail picture, and gallery style layout options. It is the perfect choice for image-centric and magazine style WordPress websites.It comes with six stylish colors designed to fit your sites’ unique profile and style.


4.????? News Press (Free): News Press theme is a simple and elegant solution for creating an iPhone-friendly News, Blog, and other text-centric WordPress sites.? It comes complete with all the standard WordPress blog features: search, login, categories, tags, archives, photos & more. It also offers many customization features through a user-friendly WordPress admin panel. It will instantly turn your WordPress site into a mobile application experience.


What’s more, WPtap Pages is another advanced new design from WPtap. WPtap Pages is the integration of Plugin and theme. WPtap Pages mobile theme features WordPress Pages, and only Pages on Home page. With features like elegant slideshow and thumbnail images, it makes a perfect choice for directory listing and product showcases. Three different theme styles are included in this theme/plugin package. It is only .99 now.


They also provide theme customization service for users. So far, they have got a lot of positive feedback from customers. More Plugin and Themes will be available later.


More information at

? is a child company of PPL Development LLC. Based in Nevada US, the company has been a pioneer in mobile application development for Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android platform since 2005. Our stated mission is to make everyone’s website mobile-ready. Our team has strong expertise in mobile website/application design and development, and has accumulated extensive experience in multi-mobile-platform integrations. Our unique technical background enables us to develop top quality cross-platform mobile solutions for your websites.

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