Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes
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Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

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WordPress Themes with Killer Options

WordPress Themes with Killer Options
Custom WordPress designs-easy enough for a moron to customize. Impress your clients, get more dates, and sleep better because your making mad cash! Lifetime membership for updates and support. Themes start at .
WordPress Themes with Killer Options

Easy Video Press – Turn Your WordPress Into A Marketing Machine
Easy Video Press is your all-in-one solution to easily Publish, Customize and Monetize videos on your wordpress blogs.
Easy Video Press – Turn Your WordPress Into A Marketing Machine

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Are You Doing Business Without These Best WordPress Themes?

Looking at the abundance of business websites powered by WordPress, it’s apparent that it has tremendous appeal to internet marketers. And it’s not terribly surprising, either. This content management platform is free to use, easy to install and even easier to manipulate. You don’t need to have a degree in computer science or programming to use it. The list of available plugins is extremely long, numbering in the thousands. You can literally get your site to look and behave any way you want it to-all within the WordPress mainframe. Plug-ins are easy to install, especially if you download them right from the WordPress Codex. Below you can read about several WordPress plugins that we feel will help you in your business.

You should look into the importance of 301 redirects, and you can use the Redirection plugin to handle that. It also helps you keep track of all of your 404 error messages. There’s nothing worse than a site you really want to check out, but then you get a 404 error message and no way to see it. What will happen is any 404 error will cause a redirect to a url you specify. This is a great way to keep people on your site. There are a lot of options available with this, so you can look very professional in the event of a 404 error. SEO Friendly Images is incredibly helpful for internet marketers who plan on displaying a lot of images within their text. You already know how important it is to make sure that the text of your website has been optimized for the search engines. It will also help if you optimize all the images on your website, or blog. SEO Friendly Images will speed-up your image SEO by assigning proper image alt tags and the title tags. There’s an auto detect feature that can tell if there’s no image optimization, then it will do it for you. If you have a lot of pics, you’ll save a lot of time.

Add a dash of your self in your site with a plugin called the WP Greet Box. It has settings, of course, and depending on how they arrive at your site they’ll hear a personal greeting from you. You can set it up so that if people come from Google, then the message will be: “Welcome Google user!” So depending on your marketing, you’ll customize the message to greet people from any website. It will encourage your visitors to feel welcomed and appreciated for visiting. It will also serve to remind people to do some bookmarking for you. You’ll really ramp-up your marketing online if you take advantage of WordPress. What was once thought of as a platform only for bloggers is now a fully functional web site creator for internet users of every stripe. WordPress can be used effectively by almost anyone. There are marketers all over who are beginning to incorporate blogs into their businesses. This is something that people can use even if they’re never thought about using it previously. With plug-ins you can get WordPress to do whatever you want it to do!

Here is information about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>best wordpress themes</a>. Take a closer look into the<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>best wordpress themes</a>.

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best high grade wp themes and plugins

WordPress is very useful and a lot popular blogging computer software which is developed in php languages with MySql database. As WordPress is very flexible and it has numerous plug-ins that exist on web at no cost, it adds various functionality in your method. You can now download WordPress themes that aren’t only newest but you are also supplied free of charge and which is often changed quickly. Your wordpress powered web site may be changed in accordance with your decision. WordPress themes could be changed and really should be changed regularly WordPress Theme ought to be chosen properly being an excellent you’ll make your Blogging career plus an incorrect you will ruin it.

The WordPress Plugin Database is really a categorized listing of WordPress plugins, complemented with a WordPress Plugin Manager that enables one-click installs,” repeat the database developers. “For users, offers a browseable listing of plugins, and RSS feeds you are able to sign up for to get notified of recent plugins and updates. For developers, makes it simple to publicize your plugin and maintain users informed of latest versions.

In terms of WordPress plugins, there are numerous them intended for free of charge on the web that can help to liven up your WordPress blog. You can examine out your WordPress Plugin site to get a complete listing of WordPress plugins readily available. However, before I continue, do be aware that the WordPress blog has to be a self-hosted one out of order so that you can manage to install plugins.

WordPress is an excellent platform to perform your personal blogs but WordPress plugins turn it into a lot better to control spam comments, Search engine optimization, search for broken links, place revenue producing ads also to support your WordPress database for example. Devoid of these plugins you’ll call for technical expertise way beyond the typical blogger, as well as enough time plugins save in performing things such as developing a “Contact Us” page and sorting out those spam blog comments.

Among the best reasons for blogging using WordPress may be the unlimited methods for you to customize your blog. This customization may be accomplished from your numerous plugins you are able to install on your own blog. Nevertheless, it’s really a daunting process to undergo many of these plugins and work out which ones you truly require. That’s the reason why I needed to generate this post and explain to you Specifically which plugins you will require. Checkout great classipress coupon , then check out discount tweet adder .

Checkout great wp robot coupon code , then check out 1 cent hostgator.

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WordPress Themes ? brings back the spirit of blogging

Premium wordpress themes with beautiful faces really had brought back the real spirit of blogging. There are several wordpress theme designers and developers in the world to add beauty and functional features to your website.


You can go for premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins, premium joomla templates, oscommerce templates, ecommerce templates, magento themes are more to increase the performance of your website. Most of the theme providers bring you exclusive collection of themes to select from. You can go through the same and can select one which suit your unique blogging or business needs. Premium wordpress themes add beauty to blogging. This easily attracts countless people towards your websites and keeps them tight with you.


There are several factors to consider while selecting your wordpress theme provider. The most important factor to consider is the experience. They should have incredible experience in the world of wordpress and joomla theme designing and developing. Only an experienced wordpress theme provider can bring the attractive faces of themes to arrest the eyes and hearts of present generation. Themes should be simple, attractive and effective. It should have the ability to drag the attention of the people within the first look itself.


Other important factors to consider are affordability and reliability. Since there are several theme providers to bring you the best in premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins, premium joomla templates, ecommerce templates, oscommerce templates and magento themes, you can select the right provider who can assure quality service on affordable rates. There is no need for you to spend for poor service and to wait for a long time to get your word press themes. themesandmods is one of the best providers or quality premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins and premium joomla wordpress themes at affordable rates. The site really knows the value of time and hence provides quality service within in committed time.


This site brings the largest collection of premium wordpress themes, premium wordpress plugins, premium joomla templates, ecommerce templates, oscommerce templates and magento themes to select from. themesandmods is your favorite shop to visit to add aesthetic and functional features to your website.

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A brief demo of how to use the new Apture WordPress Plugin. Its a great new Web 2.0 service that I highly recommend if you are a blogger or content publisher.
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Get quality WordPress Themes

In these days, many web developers and programmers offer striking and stylish wordpress themes to give unique and exceptional touch to your blog. WordPress themes and plugins are the essential aspects that the blog should have to enable easy maintenance and convenient blogging. Where you to get suitable and satisfactory wordpress themes to adorn your website? Though there are many online sites which offer wide range of wordpress themes and plugins, all are not authentic and reliable.


While selecting from online sites, you have to ensure that the site offers wordpress themes rich with high quality and great appearance. It is not a good idea to select wordpress themes from individual web developers. One of the major reasons is that individual developers do not have good collection of many wordpress themes to choose from. This is where wholesale dealers of wordpress themes receive importance. Getting sites which offer wordpress themes of many popular web developers is not a difficult task. Just elaborate your search over the internet where you can get great results for your search. Wholesale dealers will offer the wordpress themes of your search.


No need to search at your area or inquire among friends and relatives to get references of niches offering different types of wordpress themes and plugins. Turn your foot to computer room and type quality wordpress themes on the text box of search engine. You will get amazed viewing the results that the search engine offers on wordpress themes. You have to select any of the best and affordable sites for quality wordpress themes and plugins. While searching online, you will be able to compare the rate tags and quality of themes. This will help you select the better out of the best. If you wish to get more details about the site or the themes and plugins they offer, ping their exceptional customer care service. Make try on themes and plugins via themesandmods! No doubt the rest will be best for you.


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themesandmods offers amazing array of wordpress themes and plugins at affordable rates. The site provides OS commerce templates, premium wordpress plugins, ecommerce templates, magneto themes, premium joomla templates and much more.

themesandmods offers amazing array of wordpress themes and plugins at affordable rates. The site provides OS commerce templates, premium wordpress plugins, ecommerce templates, magneto themes, premium joomla templates and much more.

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Free Sports WordPress Themes Use On Baseball Hockey Football Basketball

Free Sports WordPress Themes

???? If you own a sports blog and would like a theme that goes along with what your writing about graphics make a huge difference.? This is what people see first.? WordPress is an all in one CMS.? It gives you so much more ability then blogger.? The only problem that wordpress has is that it does’nt offer a large variety of themes to pick from.? Getting a quality basketball theme sometimes can run you thousands of dollars.? Let’s say you would like to write about golf or gymnastics. To have a theme built can be expensive.? Having access to a free wordpress theme site will give you the opportunity to choose what you want and if you have some html experience you can easily change the header and sidebars-but many times this is unnecessary.? Being able to do so much with a free theme that’s what it’s all about.? Knowing html will give you an advantage but with these free sports wordpress themes you don’t need any knowledge.? Have you ever uploaded wordpress to your hosting before?? Listen I have a 12 year old that saw the video twice and le learned it.? So while you might think your a beginner you to can also upload your wordpress site-it literally takes a few minutes. Now I know you think blogger is the way to go but wordpress gives you the ability to have a sitemap for all major search engines, anotherwords when you post your writings search engines will pick it up immediately.? These are called plugins and can be easily added through your admin panel.? You can add banners, adsense, whatever you like.? Now this is where you can make some good money.? If you have a sports niche or have a ebay partner account-it’s like automatic money.

Money Can Be Made With Free Themes

???? WordPress plugins have come a long way. There are many that allow you to use for free.? These can be used in various ways.? Some of the best free wordpress plugins are the seo and sitemap plugins.? Once you post an article the engines will crawls your site immediately giving you immediate presence within the three major search engines.? Free themes give you the ability to add these plugins right from the admin panel.? That’s right you can search for these and add them by just downloading them from the admin panel.? You can add videos automatically and banners.? You can also add tags that are Se friendly.? Why would you pay for a theme that will cost you quite a bit of money when you can get it for free.? I have seen newbies that have no idea on theme management make 500.00 a day with these free themes.? You can even add a free autoblogging plugin in which you don’t have to do anything, rss feeds get pulled in from various sites that you like and you can have your link attached giving you the ability to make money with doing absolutely no work.? By having access to thousands of themes you can make endless amounts of money.? You just have to find the niche you like.? Once you have found your niche just browse through these free themes to see which ones you’d like to use.?

Rank Higher In Search Engines

???? OK the easiest way to rank higher in search engines is to add a free link exchange which is a plugin that wordpress offers.? By adding this plugin other wordpress users automatically will be adding your link as you will them.? It’s like or called a linkwheel.? Now this plugin is free but you first have to be authorized to use it.? This takes roughly a few days-then you just a code to your sidebar and your done.? So link building is actually automatically done for you.? When you see clickbank ads saying that no website is needed to make money this is what they mean,? thousands of people are using this strategy daily across the globe.? Use your head and use the google keyword tool to get a niche that you know a little about.? Pull up a keyword phrase and have your domain close to this.? Then use it in the title of the blog, this will help you rank higher.? Lastly put having the ability to choose between wordpress themes makes you more credible to your readers.?

The Deepnet WordPress Plugin allows WordPress publishers to quickly and easily insert any Ad of their choosing anywhere in their Blog. Monetize your blog like never before. Right now, Amazon Affiliate Ads are the sole category of advertising available in our database. However, the Ad content of our database is set to grow exponentially in the incoming few months. Using the Deepnet plugin could not be any easier. Go to your blog from any computer. If you are not logged in, then login by toggling login mode (ctrl+x). Once logged in, go to any page of your blog. Toggle Ad Insertion mode by hitting ctrl+x. An option to insert an Ad will appear next to each and every paragraph. Select the paragraph where you would like the Ad to go, and click Insert_Ad. Search our Ad database using the set of keywords that best describes the content of that particle post. A preview of all appropriate ads will be returned in the search results. Select the Ad that you like best and it will instantly appear in your Blog post.
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By Susan Gunelius, Guide to Web Logs

Take your blog to the next level with these blog marketing and promotion techniques and tips.

1. First Steps

2. Networking

3. Sharing

4. Microblogging

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

5. Participating in Blog Events

6. Search Engine Optimization

7. RSS, Feeds and Subscriptions

First Steps

Follow these steps to start the process of building an audience for your blog.

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

* Submit Your Blog to Search Engines to Boost Traffic

* Using Blog Trackbacks

* 15 Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

* 10 Free Blog Promotion Tips

* 11 Free Link Building Tips

* Link Building vs. Linkbaiting

* Where to Find Linkbait Blog Post Ideas

* Introduction to Guest Blogging

* Top 10 Tips for Guest Bloggers

* 10 Blog Resolutions


blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

Learn how to leverage the social web and build relationships to increase traffic to your blog.

* What is the Social Web?

* What is Social Networking?

* MySpace Overview

* Facebook Overview

* 5 Steps to Add Your Blog to Your Facebook Profile

* 4 Steps to Start a Facebook Group to Promote Your Blog

* LinkedIn Overview

* Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page


Learn how easy it is to share the content on your blog through the social web.

* What is Social Bookmarking?

* Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

* Overview of Digg

* 5 Tips to Use Digg to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

* Overview of StumbleUpon

* 5 Tips to Use StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

* Overview of Delicious

* 5 Tips to Use Delicious to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

* What is Sphinn?

* Entrecard Review

* Interview with Entrecard Founder and CEO Graham Langdon

* Tutorial: How to Sign up with Entrecard


Learn how to use microblogging to drive traffic to your blog.

* What is Twitter?

* 10 Ways Bloggers Can Use Twitter

* Understanding Twitter Terminology

* 10 Types of Twitter Posts

* Top 10 Twitter Etiquette Tips

* Review of TwitThis

* Free URL Shorteners

* How Short Are URL Shorteners?

* Sites to Find Free Twitter Badges

* Tutorial – How to Find Friends and People to Follow on Twitter

* What is Plurk?

* What is Jaiku?

Participating in Blog Events

Blog events are not only effective in giving your blog a traffic boost, but they’re also fun!

* Promoting Your Blog with Blog Carnivals

* How to Start a Blog Carnival

* Sites to Promote a Blog Carnival

* What is a Blog Contest?

* Top 10 Tips for Successful Blog Contests

* 3 Free Sites to Promote Your Blog Contests

* 10 Blog Contest Giveaway Ideas

Search Engine Optimization

An easy way to boost traffic to your blog is through the searches people conduct via search engines. Get the basics here to help you optimize your blog for search engines.

* Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips

* 5 Tricks to Boost Google Page Rank for Your Blog

* Top 4 Keyword Research Tools

* Beginner Blog Search Engine Optimization Tips from SEO Expert Gab Goldenberg

* Intermediate Search Engine Optimization Tips from SEO Expert Gab Goldenberg

* Advanced Search Engine Optimization Tips from SEO Expert Gab Goldenberg

RSS, Feeds and Subscriptions

Learn what RSS, feeds and subscriptions are and how you can use them to increase your blog’s traffic and turn casual visitors into loyal readers.

* RSS Overview

* Tutorial: How to Subscribe to Blog Feeds with BlogLines

* 5 Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Subscribers

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author is renowned blogger can make money
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6 WordPress Plugins to Increase Comments

Boost Blog Conversation and Traffic with These WordPress Plugins

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

By Susan Gunelius,

See More About:

* wordpress

* blog comments

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

Each of the WordPress plugins listed below will encourage visitors to join the conversation on your blog. Conversations are the first step to building a strong blog community. They also encourage repeat traffic as people want to be a part of the ongoing discussion. As the conversation and your blog’s community grow, so will your blog’s traffic!

1. CommentLuv

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

Adding the CommentLuv WordPress plugin to your blog is a great way to show your readers that you value them and the comments they leave on your blog posts. With CommentLuv, every comment left on your blog automatically includes a snippet and link back to the commenter’s most recent blog post (assuming the identifying information in their submitted comment form tracks back to a blog with a feed from which the most recent blog post can be scraped). Bloggers love this WordPress plugin because it can increase traffic to their own blogs more so than a traditional comment link from their names can.

2. Show Top Commentators

Most people are inherently competitive and like recognition. The Show Top Commentators WordPress plug-in leverages both of those innate desires by recognizing and rewarding the most vocal people in your blog’s community. Using the Show Top Commentators plugin, you can create an automated list (which you can reset on a daily, weekly or monthly basis) that displays a list of people who are the most frequent commentators on your blog. The list includes a Google-friendly link back to each commenter’s blog or website. A word of caution, many users report an increase in spam comments when using the Show Top Commentators WordPress plugin. However, the plugin does include settings to help you filter out spam comments.

3. Subscribe to Comments

The Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin is a must have for any blogger looking to increase comments on his or her blog. With this plugin, your blog readers can subscribe to receive email alerts when new comments are left on posts they’re interested in. It’s a great way to draw people back into a conversation that they’ve already expressed interest in.

4. Do Follow

The Do Follow Plugin for WordPress removes the NoFollow tag from all comments left on your blog thereby rewarding commenters by ensuring links left within their comments count in Google searches.

5. WordPress Thread Comment

The WordPress Thread Comment plugin enhances the functionality of commenting on WordPress blogs by enabling people to comment on any existing comment within a thread of comments and view those comments as a threaded or nested conversation. Some users report having to modify the email messages and other wording that is programmed into the plugin to clean up grammar, etc., but the functionality is great, particularly for blogs that receive a lot of comments.

6. Most Commented

The Most Commented plugin automatically generates and displays a list of the posts on your blogs that have the most comments. The theory is that people will be interested in posts that other people are talking about. Posts with a lot of comments attract people to click on the links and take a closer look to see what the buzz is about.

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WordPress Links to Boost Traffic and Money

5 WordPress Plugins to Help Bloggers Make Money5 WordPress Plugins to Boost Page Views7 WordPress Plugins to Boost Blog Traffic

More WordPress Plugins and Tools

10 WordPress Plugins That Save Bloggers TimeWordpress Themes Optimized for Google AdSense5 Sites for Free WordPress Themes

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* Blog Comments – What Are Blog Comments?

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is provided free in internet

author is renowned blogger can make money
is provided free in internet

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