Embed Flash Video In A WordPress Blog

There are many reasons why people want to add Flash videos to their WordPress blog sites. Maybe they want to introduce their website and products to their visitors, use as a training aid, show a webinar or simply show the new baby to distant relatives. What ever reason, website videos are used more and more every day.

If you have a real estate agency what could be better than a walk through tour of a property, a walk through of a yacht if you are a yacht broker or tours of sports clubs, hotels, workshops or what ever product you want potential customers to see.

You can hardly visit YouTube or Google Video to find a video about your hotel or sports club, you will have to make your own video or have it made for you. But let’s not talk about hotels and sports clubs, lets talk about you and the eBook or software program that you want to promote which is the reason lots of us have.

To get Flash video up and running we need to download some files and prepare our site. So lets get started now.

Step One: Preparing your site.

There are several plugins available for embedding flash video on your website, some are better than others and some are more user friendly. WP-FLV is one, FLV Embed is another and WordTube is the one that we will be using here. Visit the site, read up on the plugin and download it. Unpack the zip file and upload the folder into the WordPress plugins folder. Note do not change the folder names. You will also need the free, for personal use, Flash Media Player from Jeroen Wijering. Download the player from the website, unzip it and upload only the mediaplayer.swf file into the wordtube folder. Activate the plugin.

Go to your admin area, then Options, Manage, WordTube to set up the options. You can use the default upload folder or change it to another such as wp-content/videos. You can upload your files via Manage-Media Center. Note for streaming videos the Flash player will not show a preview, therefore you need also to upload a image (thumbnail) file. After uploading your video you can insert the tag (MEDIA=ID) into your post where you wish the embedded Flash video to be displayed. ID is the number of the video in the Media Centre. Make sure that you use UPPER case otherwise it will not work.

Bruce Walls writes about the benefits of using video on your website for driving traffic. Read the second part of this article

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WPtap Releases New Mobile Video Theme for WordPress

WPtap, a pioneer in mobile application development for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android platform, has released a new great-looking mobile theme for WordPress ? On Demand Mobile v1.0. This is the first mobile video theme/plugin that WPtap developed in collaboration with Press75.com, a WordPress theme development website. Tailored to Press75’s On Demand video theme, On Demand mobile provides a fully featured video solution on mobile platforms.

Feature Highlights:

Fully supports self-hosted MP4 videos on iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Touch-based Blackberry and Nokia phones
HTML5 optimized. Fully supports Vimeo, Youtube (and other sites that support HTML5 video standard) embedded videos on iPhone/iPod Touch, Android etc.
Designed in On Demand style and optimized for mobile UI
Fully supports Press75’s Simple Post Thumbnails WordPress plugin
Fully supports Press75’s Simple Video Embedder plugin
Video rating features
Customizable site logo
Customizable site icon on iPhone home screen
Selectively display/hide categories/pages
WordPress 2.9 compatible

Standard Features:

Mobile web-application appearance and functions
Full WordPress search, pages, archives, categories, tags and links support
Theme native social bookmarking support
iPhone/iPod touch native post e-mailing support
iPhone/iPod touch native RSS subscription support
Ajax comments, posted in real time
Admin inclusion/exclusion of author name, date, category, and tags in your post appearance.
Admin inclusion/exclusion of site categories, pages, login form shown in the theme’s menu
Auto image re-sizing for best appearance on iPhone (Both portrait and landscape)
Fully support iPhone, Android, Blackberry Storm series, and Nokia S60+ series.

On Demand Mobile v1.0 is currently highly praised by their customers. WPtap will update it to v2.0 later.

WPtap.com is a child company of PPL Development LLC. Based in Nevada US, the company has been a pioneer in mobile application development for Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android platform since 2005. Our stated mission is to make everyone’s website mobile-ready. Our team has strong expertise in mobile website/application design and development, and has accumulated extensive experience in multi-mobile-platform integrations. Our unique technical background enables us to develop top quality cross-platform mobile solutions for your websites.

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Thesis Theme WordPress Video Package
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WordPress Video Tutorial: Why You Need a WordPress Tutorial

A WordPress tutorial can teach how to use WordPress in blogging, but by far the best way to learn is by means of a WordPress video tutorial. Why video and why WordPress? Let’s take the last question first.

Why WordPress

Most people use either Blogger or WordPress for their blog, and there appears to be an ongoing debate as to which is best. I prefer to design my own blogs using Drupal,but that’s not related to this topic. With repect to the Blogger and WordPress debate, there is only one answer for serious bloggers.

WordPress. That is in now way being derogatory towards Blogger – just fact: run from Google’s hosting site kown as Blogspot, Blogger is an easy blogging system to use, and being easy, it has very litle opportunity for customization; however Googe users can use Google’s toobar to add posts or online content to their blog at the clickof a button. However, WordPress wins hands down when we consider serious boggers seeking more detailed customization.

Sure, you can ftp Blogger to your website and run it from there, but if you do the same with WordPress you have an infinitely larger number of possibilities that Blogger cannot even begin to compete against.

WordPress Video Tutorials

If you want to operate WordPress form your website you have to do it right, and it takes some knowledge of how your web space works and also of your online databases. However, learning is well worth it, and there are WordPress video tutorials online that can help you to do so easily. There is a lot involved, but all you have to do is copy what you see on the video and you will get the same result as the video does.

Not only that, but in order to make best use of it, you have to learn the benefits of using plugins, widgets and themes and how to use them to your advantage. These are what make your blog what it is: add Adsense bocks, a calendar or a blogroll – or all three. If you understand how to do it, you can alter the entire appearance and functionlaity of your blog.

WordPress Templates and Themes

WordPress templates are what give your blog its online appearance. Your theme can be chosen according to style or color. For example you can a space-oriented style, woodland, nature, medical, etc. The themes and templates contain graphics that can represent any topic that your blog is based upon. An environmental theme, for example, could be based upon melting icebergs, or pets on a theme displaying any animal you want to choose. There are thousands of WordPress templates available online, both free and paid.

WordPress Plugins and Widgets

Plugins are small applications or code that carry out certain actions. As an example, there are plugins that optimize your posts for Google, amd you also get one that sends a tweet to Twitter when you make a new post. It will shrink the tweet to a TinyURL link. You can download a plugin to your blog that will allow you to add a calendar in any format you desire.

A widget is a small icon that activates these plugins when clicked upon. If you use a good Worpress tutorial, all that will be explained, but if your are doubly fortunate to have a WordPress video tutorial, then you will be able to see what is being done and follow it exactly with your own blog and make it work as it should.

There is now doubt in my view that Blogger is inferior to WordPress as a blogging system, as long as you run WordPress from your own website, and you will also need a WordPress tutorial, preferably a WordPress video tutorial, to ensure that it is installed correctly and that you understand how your blog can be modified and customized to what you want it to look like.

Good Luck!

If you really want a great-looking blog, check out Pete’s WordPress video tutorial course at WordPress Tutorial and learn how to design fabulous bogs that will make your friends jealous.

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Video Blogging and Video Comments Plugin for WordPress

With the recent times the blogging experience has evolved greatly and the blog lovers are continuously on the track of finding new and innovative ways and means of blogging creatively over their topics of interest. As a result of this, video blogging has developed greatly as a new way to blog among the blog lovers. WordPress has also come up with various video blog plugins which help in creating unique featured blogs quickly in no time. And when there are several plugins for creating video blogs, there has be some great ones for commenting on video blogs as well.

The main beneficial feature of creating a video blog is that one is eliminated from the need of keeping all the spell checks and grammar checks in mind while blogging and can creatively create a video in their own voice and blog easily about any topics of their interest. And of course, even if you wish to past comments on such video blogs there are several video comments plugins which are good with wordpress. Let us have a look at stylish features of some of the best video plugins and video comment plugins.

Contus Video Comments:

Contus Video Comments is a great and easily installable wordpress video comment plugin that lets individual paste video comments easily instead of word comments. All it requires is RED5 or FMS to store the video comments. The user will be required to provide the server path from their wordpress settings page and they are done. Whoof! Some of its smart features include its support for RED5 and FMS server, easy setup which is very user friendly and it stores the video comment very easily once it is finished and does not take much time to upload the same. It is scalable and has flexible re-record option.

Contus Flash Video Player Plugin:

Contus FLV plugin is still another similar free service which allows its users to create flash video in no time. One can also post video comments along with it. This FLV video player plug is very easy to download, user friendly and lets the user have complete control through its admin panel. It can play numerous formats of video blogs in wordpress including MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V formats. Its other user friendly feature includes smart tool tips, playlist option with sort order. The visitor can directly play youtube videos like a youtube player using Contus FLV WP plugin.

Comment Sorter:

It is yet another great WP video blog comment plugin which allows its users to manage the comments, trackbacks and pingbacks with great ease. It allows the user to sort the comments and post them in order which shows the latest comments on top rather than at bottom. You can also disallow the trackbacks and pingbacks and let your visitors see only the comments on your posts. You also have the ability to assign global options to your comments that you can’t normally do in the WordPress admin panel.? What you can creatively do using this video blog wordpress plugin is prevent the trackbacks form showing, sort comments by date ascending or descending, sort comments by name ascending or descending.

The Contus Vblog concept is all set to bring new revolution in the concept of VBlogging by bringing totally new and rich experience. With similar video blog software and wordpress video plugin you can explore the whole new horizons of wordpress video blogging and make your visitors love your video blogs too.

Sriram (a) Ram has more than 10 years of experience in IT Outsourcing Industry such as Software Development, Tech Support, Transition and IT infrastructure services

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