TextPressor is a WordPress plugin produced by internet marketer Kamran Chowdhury. This WordPress plugin allows you to routine content to seem in your blog site when you want them to. The plugin was produced to conserve world wide web entrepreneurs time so that they could concentrate on their other marketing actions. It permits you to avoid the process of manually posting content to your blogs by putting it all on autopilot.

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Thorough Overview

Based on Kamran Chowdury, the TextPressor WordPress plugin enables you to routine posts of numerous posts for your blog site by just pushing a button. Obviously there is just a little far more to it than that, but we’ll give him somewhat of advertising license right here. What he emphasizes mostly is always that this plugin helps make posting to your weblog substantially easier, and for all that it does, this seems to be the situation.

Whenever you buy and install the TextPressor plugin, you are able to upload and queue a huge selection of articles all on the same time. If you’re wondering why anyone would publish numerous articles and just allow them sit about till they locate a program that helps them post them, it should be specified that Chowdhury is primarily talking about PLR posts. When you purchase PLR articles, you get a entire batch of pre-written content at once. As soon as you tweak them to fit your particular weblog, you then need to manually publish them on the dates that you want them to seem. Unless of course, obviously, you’ve got a helpful plugin that will take care of this chore for you. And that is exactly where Text Pressor comes in. You’ll be able to upload as many posts as you want in to the plugin, then schedule when and exactly where you want every 1 to appear. Chowdhury explains it as scheduling them to “drip” into your blog on the right time. That’s as great an explanation as any!

TextPressor costs , and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It also arrives having a person manual along with a bonus software program program called EzineAutoBlogger, which permits you to automatically grab up to one hundred content from Ezine Content for use inside your blog site. Chowdhury also promises full support for anybody who purchases the plugin and has any problems or issues.


Feedback on the TextPressor WordPress plugin has been mixed. There did seem to be some glitches with the plugin when men and women first bought it, which led to complaints about misplaced and jumbled content. Chowdhury did handle these problems, even so, and right after he updated it, feedback received significantly far better and folks seemed happy with it. This bodes well for his promise of providing assistance. For those that have WordPress blogs that they use to support with their advertising, this tool might be worth the cost.

Domain “Whois”

The Whois details to get a web site lists the proprietor and their contact info. The Whois info for “TextPressor” is public that is normally a great thing. This indicates the owner of this site has absolutely nothing to hide.

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