Everyone who is intending to make money from his site on the net will have realized the importance of attracting visitors to his site. And attracting visitors to your site can be easily achieved if you have numerous backlinks to your site. The more you have of it, the more traffic you are bound to attract.

Everyone also knows how tedious and time consuming it is to create backlinks manually. You must be really hankering for a backlink churner to help you out. Well, that is what Automatic Backlink Creator is all about. It is an automatic backlink builder for your site. Since ABC does the monotonous job for you, now you can utilized the time saved for developing new content or even fresh business proposals.   

It is a universally acknowledged fact among site owners that you need backlinks to succeed. Though it is a dreary and uninteresting job, only with many good backlinks will you get your site a high Page Rank. And that is the primary reason why the ABC Plugin was created in the first place – to help you out of the tedious job and save your time by taking on the responsibility of generating backlinks for you automatically. 

What ABC does is to build your backlinks in a natural manner spread over a period of time. Such white hat tactics of ABC allows you to get premium rank as also for your contents to remain on the search engine for a longer time. ABC follows the rules of the game laid down by the algorithms of the search engines. The Automatic Backlink Creator is a plug-in for WordPress site and automatically creates backlinks for you. All you have to do is to submit from within the plug-in your keywords and URL to the database of ABC and watch the progress of your site rocket to the higher ranks. Your contents are spread over numerous sites by ABC with the help of backlinks in a very organic manner, enabling your site to be indexed fast by the search engines of Yahoo or Google.

The ABC also allows you to spin your articles from within the plug-in and submit them to the database of ABC. ABC then submits to various different sites with the backlinks available and thereby increases traffic juice to your site. Your keywords which you have submitted are the anchor words linking your URL ,these anchor words are on widgets around the net with direct hyperlinks to your WordPress site. The ABC plug-in will also submit your content with your submitted links on various internet sites which meet the required criteria of the algorithms of the search engines.

The premium version of Automatic Backlink Creator comes at a measly price of $37 per month. When considering the benefits and hi-end features of ABC, you have a sure fire deal cut out for you. You have got a monster of a backlink cruncher at your beck and call and best of all, you do not have to sweat at creating backlinks for your WordPress site!

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