<p>There are so many things amazing about the WordPress blogging platform.? Its user-friendly interface, its interlinking features, its SEO potentials, its interconnectivity with other WordPress blogs, its ability to publish content so easily and so efficiently well, and so much more!

But the best thing about the WordPress blogging platform has got to be its highly customizable nature.

In fact, there is a big community on the web dedicated to create WordPress themes, WordPress modifications and WordPress plugins.


<p>Wordpress plugins are, without a doubt, the most enjoyable features of WordPress blogs.? WordPress plugins add to the functions that WordPress can accomplish.?


<p>There are WordPress plugins that are as trivial as providing weather reports, providing a ticker for the latest news in the field of sports or the stock market or the world, reporting post counts, providing a rating system for each blog post, and the likes.? There are also WordPress plugins that are as essential as putting a stop to spam comments ? which are prevalent these days ? and automating the publishing of posts.


<p>Among the most important of these WordPress plugins are those that automatically display AdSense blocks on a particular area of the page.? Without these WordPress plugins, bloggers will be pressed to manually tinker with the source code of the blog to incorporate their AdSense ads.? There are also WordPress plugins for other Pay Per Click (PPC) programs like AdBrite.


<p>Before magazine-style WordPress themes became popular, WordPress plugins that automatically embed YouTube videos were very popular.? They?re still widely used these days ? especially those that cater to other video streaming websites like DailyMotion and MegaVideo ? but the sheer convenience of having it as one of the features of an appropriate WordPress theme has lessened the plugin?s popularity.


<p>Yet another integral WordPress plugin is one that adds icons that, when clicked, will submit a particular blog entry to the corresponding social news network.?? WordPress plugins like this are responsible for driving fantastic traffic to the blog overnight.? Just imagine if a reader likes what you posted and he?ll have the option to immediately submit your blog entry to a social news website like Digg.com, and once submitted, Digg users will also enjoy your blog entry and they will vote for it.? You?d have hundreds and thousands of visitors to your blog in a matter of hours!? Other social news networks and social bookmarking websites are also included, like StumbleUpon, Technorati, Del.icio.us,? Slashdot and Reddit.


<p>Wordpress plugins add a limitless potential to the blogging platform.? Every day, a new plugin is created and published in the WordPress community.? The WordPress platform is an ever-evolving program because of the commitment of its devoted flock.


<p>And online marketing will only become better because of it!

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