The first thing every website should have is caching. WordPress is a very flexible tool – it can be changed very easily. This includes the design and the content of the website.

But this flexibility costs something. It is slower than traditional static Html pages. That is why we need a cache.

A website cache simply converts dynamic WordPress pages to static pages. Those static pages are faster to load and display for the user. “WP Super Cache” WordPress plugin is the most downloaded and used plugin for caching. It is easy to install and maintain. When you install the plugin, do not forget to set it ON.

Note also, that in the configuration page, there is a button you must hit to apply the cache settings to your hosting account. It is in the section “Mod Rewrite Rules”.

It is also good to enable a compression – see the section “Super Cache Compression”.

Consolidation and compression

WordPress websites tend to have complex pages. They include pictures, various plugins and other files (CSS files, JS files, etc.). It takes time to load all these components and display them in a browser.

And this is where the Minify WordPress plugin comes in. Minify plugin combines and compresses JS and CSS files to improve page load time. The Minify engine returns a consolidated and compressed script or style to use by WordPress.

For example, instead of loading 10 files, a browser only loads 5 files, thus the page is displayed faster.


What gets measured, gets done. Bear this in mind even before you start optimizing your website. Use tools like Page Speed (which is a Firefox plugin, recommended by Google), or similar tool, Yslow.

These tools will not only evaluate the performance of your web pages but also present suggestions on how to improve them.

Last tips

Do not work too hard on the website performance, and do not spend too much time on it. Implement just those 20% things that will get you 80% results. I believe that these two plugins are those 20% you need.

Do not push it to the limit, unless you have hundreds of visitors a day. And if it is the case, you should afford to hire a professional help and invest in better hosting or dedicated server and other things

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