Importance of WordPress Membership Plugins

Word Press is the best plateform for making a blog, website or community, it allows you to start anyone of these with a couple of clicks and 10 minutes. Some people use it as a simple content management system solution because it is very easy to add new content to the site and it is equally easy for other people to provide their own content in the form of commenting. WordPress is so powerful because of the different and powerful techniques, that can be used for free in any WP site. There are plenty of templates available so you can freely decorate your blog without any coding requirements and you can outfit your blog with plugins to add extra functionality. One of the most powerful plugins that you can attach to your blog or wordpress plugin, is a Word Press membership plugin which can be used for marketing and promoting your content. Here are some of the features that make these plugins so important.

Better Lead Management

Combining WordPress with the features of your hosting provider, you can get a bird’s eye view on who is visiting your site. You can see the number of unique visitors and where they are in the world, but you cannot see any statistics related to their interest. If you create a special sign up form where people can fill up their information, you can get a better idea on how many people are actually interested in your site. These people become “members” and you can manage the list through the lead management system that many of these plugins offer. If the person that has signed up did it truthfully then you will be able to see the name, email address and any other details that you made them fill out, allowing you to understand your target market better. Many of these plugins allow you to have 3rd party auto responders, this is great because you are able to build lists and send them different emails depending on how they joined the membership site.

Messaging the Right Way

Once you have set up your membership site, sending your list different promotions, announcements and great content can all be done witha click of a button. No one but the people on your list will get these messages and no one but your members will be able to see and use the content on your blog/website. This is the main marketing component since you can send promotional content without being labeled as a spammer since every member willfully signed up and agreed to receive announcements from you.

Features that make your life easy

Making sure that you keep providing your members with additional content that is of high quility, making sure that member continue to keep subscribed. If you find this routine to be a bit much on your online schedule, you can use WordPress membership plugins to do some of the work for you. Once you have done the necessary configurations, you can schedule your plugin to deliver certain announcements or updates automatically. Plugins with drip marketing is good since the plugin automatically sends large pieces of marketing information in segments.

Convenient Transacting

Word press in general will be harder to add a payment gateway, but with the help of a good membership plugin, you will be able to set it up in seconds. Several membership plugins provide a simple interface for others to securely make payments so they can stay subscribed to exclusive paid features or online products. Wish List, MemberWing X and Digital Access Pass are some examples of a plugin’s that provide PayPal Express Checkout functionality along with support for major credit cards.

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