If you have been on the web developing an online business for any time, you will have discovered that WordPress is one of the marketer’s best friends. Discover the top wordpress plugins for your new website.? It can help so much from making a solid foundation for your website to integrating the sales process to your readers.

I am among the legion of fans and to make the job so much easier we install what is known as plugins. By tweaking the settings and at times installing relevant upgrades it helps? us to optimize our site for the web.

For those just starting out with a new blog or even those with a established one here are my top 5 recommendations.

1) All In One SEO Plugin – This should always be your first choice when you craete and
install a new wordpress site. By using this valuable plug-in you can easily create relevant
tiles, descriptions and keywords for your site and through the use of categories and tags,
you can generate keywords rich posts and pages to optimise your website for he search engines.

2) Ultimate Analytics? Plugin – You will discover that Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and also free tracking tool available. In order to be successful you need to test and for that you need to track your visitors. Find out where they are coming from, how they found your site and also how long and at what pages they tend to view. This plug-in will allow you to do this.

3) XML Sitemap Generator Plugin – If you have more that 2 pages of content on your website, Google prefers to see a site map. This tool will generate a new site map each time you update with new content and submit to the search engines, include Google.

4) WP-Ecommerce Plugin – IF you plan to sell something at a later date, this great plugin will easily allow you integrate with Google checkout or Paypal by adding a shopping cart. It won’t get much easier than with this plugin.

5) AddtoAny and TweetMe Plugin – This “AddtoAny” tool will allow you, as the name suggest, allow users to your site to make use of the social booking services such as Digg or Facebook to share the content on your site. The “Tweetme” button is basically the same facility that allows users to tweet your content on Twitter.

With wordpress plugins the possibilities for any site appear to be just endless. You will be
losing out by not making use of these free tools.

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