Twitter Tools Part 2

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

Twitter Tools (part 2 of 6): ?Wordpress Plugins for your blog?

WordPress plugins that integrate with Twitter

This is part 2 of 6, twitter tools and apps ?Wordpress Plugins for your blog?. To keep things simple, we?re sharing a tidbit with a link to some of the more popular wordpress plugins that integrate with Twitter.

Twitter is becoming more popular and if you have a wordpress blog, it is a good time for you to incorporate Twitter into your blog.

Create Your Own WordPress Twitter Widget Step by step tutorial

Top Twitter Links by TwittURLs displays the current top posted twitter links.

Tweetbacks for WordPress The tweetbacks plugin imports Tweets about your post to your blog as comments.

Tweet This Tweet this plugin allows you to add a ?Retweet This? button at the end of your blog posts. Run, don?t walk, to install this now. This is so much more effective than an ?e-mail this? button according to everyone who has installed it.

Twitter Blaster The twitter blaster plugin lets your visitors update your Twitter stream.

Twitter Feed Like TwitterTools (see below), twitter feed is a fuller service plugin for all things Twitter. Allows prioritization, ordering and filtering of tweets.

Twitter Counter This twitter counter allows you to show the number of Twitter followers that your blog has. See the upper right hand corner of the screen on this blog for an example.

Twitter Tools The twitter tools plugin allows you to post tweets from your blog and the wp-admin panel. You can also archive your tweets and create blog posts from each of them. You can even create a weekly or monthly digests of all your tweets.

Twitter Widget Those who prefer the classic official ?Twitter Widget? can use this plugin to sleeve the widget into their WordPress installation. Based on the Javascript from Twitter.

Please leave us your comments about these wordpress plugins and any other twitter related plugins that integrate well with your wordpress blog?

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