To allow your blog to be more interactive among your viewers it best to encourage them to comment on your blog.

Here are two plugins I used on my own blog.

This was the first Plugin, I have installed called Subscribe to Comments 2.0. It adds a “Notify me of followup comments via email” check box below the submit comment button. This is a great feature as users can keep track of comments, when a new comment is made to the post, an email is sent to the subscriber notifying them. This is much better then some plugin which don’t manage this subscriptions. Only readers who have made a comment can use this feature. That in itself encourages comments.

The Plugin is fairly easy to install as long as you know how to handle with FTP programs and upload the files to your plugin folder. You can download the plug for Subscribe to Comments 2.0 at

Show Top Commentators

In many cases, you will see this plugin installed in most blogs to encourage comments. This second Plugin is call Show Top Commentators. This Plugin encourages feedback and discussion by rewarding the reader for making a comment. The top commentator’s displays on the right sidebar along with the number of comment made and a link back to their site or blog.

The real incentive about this is that unlike links in the comments, the links on the Top Commentators are full links within any nofollow tag! What that means you will get the full attention of Google as well as FREE traffic! Just make sure your comment is a real comment and not spam!

Right now, the Top Commentators are reset once per month. The Plugin gives you the option to adjust the resetting from a day, a week, a month, a week, or never. To download the Show Top Commentators Plugin just visit

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