A series of useful WordPress plugins
Indeed, while some are very careful to display time, the number of server requests to the lightness of the blog, others are followers of the excess and the glut. I think it’s a good thing after all if everyone will find his account is perfect and it will be the reader to make choices. I have read some criticism on a blog overloaded (50-60 plugins, display times around 9-10 seconds per page). If the criticism do not go away (I mean if you appreciate the subjects and the “tone” of the author) then it is easy to read her prose directly via rss feed no? Reading the article in the flows is also a way to keep some readers who would have unsubscribed.

All this to say that this wide range of possibilities is rewarding. I do not know you but I often look at the pages of plugins blogs I visit and there are always new things to discover. I do not pretend to give you a list of essential SEO plugins (only those that the author decides to install are for that matter) but to present some may be useful depending on the case.

* No Self Pings: This very simple plugin, you can not have internal trackback. This makes things more transparent and visually disturbing me at your comments.

* Sociable: I tested several ways of sharing information and this plugin that I have adopted. I like his presentation and his choice of digg-like and others. I just added the icon Fuzz (which I missed) MrWong.

* Maintenance Mode: I always find it disturbing to arrive at a site / blog or changes / updates are “live”, you never know if it is very temporary, or if the author did not reported on the current bug. Here a beautiful page you announce that the site is currently working on the administrator and you keep full access as if nothing had happened.

A series of useful WordPress plugins
DoFollow *: one of the first I installed. If anyone on this blog post I think “logic” to allow a bit of referencing on search engines. But in general on blogs an attribute “nofollow” is added to indicate to drivers to pass their way. DoFollow withdraw this attribute.

* Subscribe To Comments: a classic but it seems very important. Let your readers the opportunity to subscribe to a specific discussion.

* SEO Title Tag: Viewpoint referencing this plugin is very complete. It allows you to optimize all your titles (blog, categories, tags, …).Read More at? Diet Plan

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