When getting into SEO positioning a WordPress site there some things that are apparent, like themes and plugins; and something that aren’t. WordPress, whether it’s self-hosted or hosted on WordPress.com, ranks well in search engines. Hands down, it’s the best platform for anyone who is looking to get their articles shown on the front page of Google. Primarily, the CMS is coded well and maintains impecable standards – which attribute to it’s natural ability to rank well with Google.

There are a couple reasons why WordPress ranks will in the search engines. Reason that may or not be readily apparent to most users.

WordPress Programming

Although not overly glamorous, WordPress uses standardized and validated HTML and PHP programming. Templates for the CMS, which are often freely available, make use of the same standardization – meaning Google and the other search engines like the way the site is coded and designed. This gives you major bonus points!

WordPress Post Pinging

One of the best things about WordPress is its use of pinging services for SEO positioning. What that means is that when you post something new to your blog or your website, an alert is sent out to about 30 ‘pinging’ services letting them know that you have fresh content. Some of the services include Google, Yahoo and lots of other directory/search engine type sites.

Keyword Phrases in WordPress

My favorite part of using WordPress for SEO is all the plugins and things that you can implement that help customize your posts and pages for the best SEO scores possible. These plugins include All In One SEO and XML Google Sitemaps. With these two plugins, you can completely optimize your posts and your site to get the best possible SEO scores and rankings. Also, SEOpressor does a lot of this stuff for you.

After you get your WordPress site setup and SEOpressor working just right, you’re going to need to make sure you get the right keywords in place. The best place to start your SEO positioning is by using Google’s Keyword Tool. Using this tools, you’ll be able to see who’s searching for what and how often. It’s an SEO guy’s dream come true! 10 years ago, that sort of data would have cost thousands of dollars!

SEOpressor Plugin

One of the things I like the most about WordPress is the fact that you can really do anything you want with WordPress. With it’s easy admin interface and upload tools, you can really write anything you want, anytime you want. The guys at SEOpressor really just took it to the next level and built a SEO WordPress plugin that makes ranking in the search engines super easy!

Download a copy of my free Internet Marketing Blueprint. It’ll walk your through marketing online, from start to finish. Also, make sure you check out the full SEOpressor Review for an in depth review of the WordPress plugin. There’s even a special bonus that we put together walking you through the whole SEO process we put our sites through before releasing them!

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