Making use of The Power of News Content In Your Blogging
How To Use The latest Events To Enhance Your Blog

Transformations in technology continue to affect bloggers. Of course perhaps the best example of real time updates lies with Twitter, however that merely sets the stage for bloggers. In fact a lot will depend on the topic of your blog, nevertheless, you can still make the most of news trends in almost any niche market. When done correctly, posting about a popular news story can supercharge your targeted readership dramatically. There are many terrific tools that will help you accomplish this, and you may presently be aware of a number of them.

Your ultimate goal is to get a page 1 ranking on Google for your news item. You have stiff competition from the giant media web sites. One reliable way to beat them is to tag your news post as an ‘Update” and optimize for your targeted keyword phrase. Sometimes Google lists these kinds of updates in a distinct category on page 1, and includes regular blogs. That is why you should be doing this because you can certainly become adept at this strategy with a little practice.

To keep up with breaking news you should use a variety of technologies. Also, consider that if you see anything at all on the TV news, you can still utilize this technique. But you do need to move swiftly and get your story in your blog as fast as possible. Preferably, you want breaking news before it becomes a few days old or possibly one day old. Perhaps one of the most beneficial places for keeping track of breaking news and trends is Twitter. They have real time updates on everything all around the world or certainly in your own region.

By the time you learn about something on Google Alerts the news has by now broken. You should not be getting “alerts” about some other people’s blog posts because this means they’ve beat you to it. Several niches are much more appropriate for this strategy so you will need to decide just how it works for your blog. If time is not really highly essential, then you can monitor alerts and in many cases Google trends. When you’re conscious of what your readers interests are, you can locate news stories that will provide you with good rankings.

One additional approach is to open your very own Twitter account so that you can Tweet about your story right after it is on your blog. Do you know that Google presently provides Tweets in page 1 results? This is undoubtedly worth trying because who knows whether or not it will work for you. Blending the power of Twitter and current  blog  entries will  enhance  the  popularity of  your blog.

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