If you have ever tried to make a dime with ebay’s affiliate program and failed then keep reading because I will show you WHERE the light at the end of the tunnel actually is. Ebay has recently changed their affiliate program payment structures and changed to an earnings per click format compared to the final value + new sign up bonuses that we all used to love and adore.

Setting up a website on your own using html or editors can be time consuming and stressful for many especially those who are first getting started on their way to make money online using the ebay affiliate program. With the introduction to the many wordpress ebay affiliate program plugins however, anyone INCLUDING you could have a money generating blog setup in a matter of minutes and fully filled with quality content in under 24 hours.

A List Of Things Needed To Get Your WordPress Ebay Income Generating Blog Setup

1. Hosting Account – There are plenty of hosts out there that range in price from monthly payments to yearly payments and everything in between. Keep reading because there is a way to get hosting 100% free for up to 100 ebay affiliate sites.

2. Domain Name – If you want to only build a single niche site than picking a domain can be pretty simple BUT if you are planning on setting up mulitple ebay affiliate program niche sites than be prepared to pay about per domain you decide on.

3. Install WordPress – Many hosts have a one click install option for wordpress which is perfect for those who are just getting started. I would only suggest running ebay affiliate sites THROUGH wordpress due to the simplicity and many free add ons that are available for wordpress.

4. Setup A Ebay Affiliate Program WordPress Plugin – There are free epn (ebay partner network) plugins available for wordpress but the one I recommend 100% to all of my members and clients is PhpBay Pro. Before you jump to getting hosting, wordpress and PhpBay Pro keep reading because there is a way to get free hosting for up to 100 ebay niche sites completely free to use at your disposal.

5. Add Content And Ebay Products – This is the fun part where you get to fill your wordpress ebay niche site with the products that are going to be bringing in the green. There are a ton of hit ebay products and categories that are making many ebay affiliates a pretty penny so keep reading for that information as well.

6. Build Backlinks And Drive Traffic – Getting your ebay wordpress niche store generating traffic is the ONLY way to actually make money with the ebay partner network. You can’t expect to have zero traffic and make money do you? Keep reading because there are easy methods to make this happen and MOST can be done COMPLETELY FREE.

I have used the same exact setup format and have built well over 100+ affiliate niche sites that have generated thousands of dollars for me and so far it has cost me ZERO advertising costs. I don’t play around with pay per click marketing or other paid methods and you don’t have to either.

If you are brand new to making money online and need a helping hand than don’t forget to check out the free hosting and free setup offer found in the authors box down below. If you however are not new to wordpress, setting up hosting accounts and feel you can setup a phpbay pro wordpress site on your own than I suggest getting started NOW. You might be somewhere in between and I would suggest you take me up on the free hosting and free ebay affiliate site setup offer that you can locate within the author box down below.

Ebay is only getting larger, many affiliates are generating 6 figures a year from home and once this system above is setup it is pretty much 100% hands free perpetual and residual income for years to come. I have not found a better money maker online in the 10+ years that I have been in online marketing and suggest you give it a shot starting now and see how well it will work for you.

So the question is “Do you have a couple product ideas you might want to add to your own wordpress affiliate site?” Feel free and contact me anytime for questions, comments or help. I am here not only as a mentor but a fellow affiliate who is striving towards the same goal which is, making money with ebay.

Imagine having 100 niche sites setup making a modest per month. 100 x = ,000 a month in YOUR pocket. Sounds too good to be true right? There are plenty of us doing just that and you too can follow our success and start creating your own successful future with ebay’s affiliate program and wordpress starting right now.

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