With the recent times the blogging experience has evolved greatly and the blog lovers are continuously on the track of finding new and innovative ways and means of blogging creatively over their topics of interest. As a result of this, video blogging has developed greatly as a new way to blog among the blog lovers. WordPress has also come up with various video blog plugins which help in creating unique featured blogs quickly in no time. And when there are several plugins for creating video blogs, there has be some great ones for commenting on video blogs as well.

The main beneficial feature of creating a video blog is that one is eliminated from the need of keeping all the spell checks and grammar checks in mind while blogging and can creatively create a video in their own voice and blog easily about any topics of their interest. And of course, even if you wish to past comments on such video blogs there are several video comments plugins which are good with wordpress. Let us have a look at stylish features of some of the best video plugins and video comment plugins.

Contus Video Comments:

Contus Video Comments is a great and easily installable wordpress video comment plugin that lets individual paste video comments easily instead of word comments. All it requires is RED5 or FMS to store the video comments. The user will be required to provide the server path from their wordpress settings page and they are done. Whoof! Some of its smart features include its support for RED5 and FMS server, easy setup which is very user friendly and it stores the video comment very easily once it is finished and does not take much time to upload the same. It is scalable and has flexible re-record option.

Contus Flash Video Player Plugin:

Contus FLV plugin is still another similar free service which allows its users to create flash video in no time. One can also post video comments along with it. This FLV video player plug is very easy to download, user friendly and lets the user have complete control through its admin panel. It can play numerous formats of video blogs in wordpress including MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V formats. Its other user friendly feature includes smart tool tips, playlist option with sort order. The visitor can directly play youtube videos like a youtube player using Contus FLV WP plugin.

Comment Sorter:

It is yet another great WP video blog comment plugin which allows its users to manage the comments, trackbacks and pingbacks with great ease. It allows the user to sort the comments and post them in order which shows the latest comments on top rather than at bottom. You can also disallow the trackbacks and pingbacks and let your visitors see only the comments on your posts. You also have the ability to assign global options to your comments that you can’t normally do in the WordPress admin panel.? What you can creatively do using this video blog wordpress plugin is prevent the trackbacks form showing, sort comments by date ascending or descending, sort comments by name ascending or descending.

The Contus Vblog concept is all set to bring new revolution in the concept of VBlogging by bringing totally new and rich experience. With similar video blog software and wordpress video plugin you can explore the whole new horizons of wordpress video blogging and make your visitors love your video blogs too.

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