VPS Hosting and information on how to host using a VPS Server:
If you are here, you might be interested in learning what?VPS Hosting is. You might have a website hosted on 3rd party servers. In general, this is called Shared Website Hosting. This method of website hosting benefits the website owner by allowing for remarkably inexpensive website hosting, compared to years past (most?cheap website hosting plans range from $4-$15/month).
As your online business expands, you will likely notice an increase in traffic (which we all hope for!) and along with it, a gradual reduction in your website speed. This is because the website hosting company must limit resource access for every website on the server to allow fair and equal access to the resources overall. It is impossible to put a direct number on how much traffic a regular website hosting plan can support, but every busy website will (hopefully) have need to upgrade at some point.
This is where VPS Hosting comes in. A VPS Server provides dedicated resources from the physical server to each ?instance? of the server that is running on it. Unlike a shared website host, VPS hosting guarantees access to your portion of the server resources according to the VPS that you purchase. As your website needs expand, you can upgrade as needed.
The main advantage of Virtual Private Server Hosting is that other users of the server that are not related to your account cannot affect your access to the resources. On a shared website host, you are not guaranteed a certain amount of RAM, for example. On a VPS server, the amount of RAM in your server package affects how much traffic you can support, and is only available for your use, instead of being distributed to each other user, website and account on the physical machine.
A Virtual Private Server is still a shared environment, so it may still be necessary to upgrade beyond this point. After you have outgrown a VPS, you might be required at some point to transition to a true dedicated server to meet your website?s needs. If your website still seems slow and you are on the fastest Virtual Private Server that your current provider gives, you might need a dedicated server out of necessity. Since each website is unique, it is impossible to put exact numbers on things like traffic and how many visitors your website can actually support on any given server. Starting with a VPS is a great way to explore your options on a slightly smaller budget than what might be required from an actual dedicated server which can be costly in some cases.
When you are ready to start a?VPS Hosting Plan, there is a cost difference. A VPS server can start as low as about $30/month, and depending on your website?s resource requirements, a premium or ultimate VPS server starts at $150/month. The average recommended plan is usually the ?Value? deal, although you can upgrade as needed.
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