Another name for web programming is web development and it involves the creation of a website either for a private network or for the internet, WebPages usually act as the homepage for WordPress plugins and the main purpose of designing websites is for companies and individuals to promote their products and services.

There are many types of web developer’s that are focused on different aspects of web programming such as WordPress plugin, it also includes the design, which usually entails css, layout and graphic design of the site. The Content, which is creating the images and texts that, will be used on the site. The Database includes connecting sites to database and working with XML. The programming includes writing flash applications, CGI’s or web applications. It also includes the setting up of informatics behind a website thus making them easier to use, this is called information architecture.

The programmers are also responsible for WordPress plugin; this is a set of functions that are written in PHP scripting language, it adds a specific set of features to the WordPress weblog. In order to create a WordPress plugin you need to find a unique name, first think about what the plugin will do its intent then chose a name that relates to it, for example if the WordPress is related to fashion, a smart idea would be to include the word “fashion” in the name, make sure you chose a name that no one else has, you can do a Google search on the chosen name to make sure that it is unique.?

Hasan Ismail is an web programmer working on one of the university in Indonesia, also work as freelance on web programming especially wordpress, cakePHP. Owner of

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