Recently I was surfing through the net and suddenly an article grabbed my eyeballs. They had written something about a website. It sounded like Facebook, so the curiosity was natural. I opened it and found that it was just similar to the Facebook. Same interface, same features and almost everything same except the name and that too was the similar if not same. Though I had this knowledge of website cloning, I had never really seen one, but there it was. And that was wonderful.

Site clone is the website that gives you the feel of the original website. It may or may not be ethical but it has its own benefits. When you work on a website for long time you get used to it. And later, at some point in time when you feel to have a website of your own, you want it to have as the same you worked on earlier. It gives you ease of work and then you go for the website cloning. Its like, you often do shopping on the net and that too from the same ecommerce shopping cart, and some times later you think of getting one for you. Since you know what was good in the one and what could be enhanced you can come up with a better shopping cart, with the same interface.

And this is not a tough thing to do. If you are a professional by yourself, very good and even if you are not, do not worry, there are people in the market that will do this task for you. We know them as the freelance programmers. These freelance web developers know how to clone a site and how to make it work for you.

Even if you are having a wordpress website and you want to add some interface in it as the options there are minimal, you can always take the help of the freelance PHP developer, who will not only add the Plugins to your site but can also add the custom wordpress themes or custom wordpress templates if you need them or you are not satisfied with the available ones. The wordpress plugin developer develops most of the Plugins in the PHP scripting as it supports them pretty well.

Freelance PHP is getting more and more popular with the days being passed and the PHP programmer‘s demands are increasing in G.P. And so is the number of these programmers. And the popularity is increasing because of the performance issues more and more website developers are turning to the PHP for development because it gives a cool and smooth interface and for the user point of view the pages run faster than the other interfaces.

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