There are millions of websites out there and most of the site owners have no idea how to change the website content themselves. So they need to hire a technically skilled professional that can help them update their website. Some Site owners know little html programming and know how to edit some content on their exiting web pages, so they have a limited knowledge in website editing.

It has been dream for the site owners to have full control over the website, the way their website looks, adding custom features, and most importantly add, modify or remove content by themselves without the need of a webmaster. Fortunately this is not a dream anymore. There are certain tools out there that can help end users setting up a website in no time and let them change the look and feel very easily.

WordPress is one of those few powerful tools out there that allows site owners full control on the website. Adding a new web page has never been easier. If you want to upload an image to a web page, just few click and you will be prompted to select an image file from your computer and the next minute that image will be added to your web page. Changing the website design is matter of few clicks. WordPress was built as a blogging tool but because of its popularity and enhanced features it is now so much flexible that you can create full working website from the control panel.

So you want to add a feature to your website? there are thousands of WordPress plugins that you can install, they will allow you to have complex features in your website that you never thought you could do by yourself. For Example, there are plugins to add a testimonial page to your website. You will install the Testimonial ?Manager plugin, and within few minutes you will need to follow few steps to add your first customer testimonial and it will show you on the testimonial page within minutes.

The first step will be setting up a WordPress Hosting account. The hosting company will install the WordPress script for you and provide you the control panel page link with login details.

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