If you’re an affiliate marketer who has discovered the power of WordPress, it is time that you also find out about the power of premium Amazon plugins. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be happy to know that you no longer have to toil over every little website you build. No more hours of customization, content writing, process automation, and analytics inspection. By using a premium Amazon plugin, you can now streamline your website creation process.

There are several Amazon WordPress plugins that were made with the internet marketer specifically in mind. You can use these plugins to either build Amazon affiliate stores or simply monetize your website content by displaying ads of Amazon products.

But the challenge lies in choosing the right plugin. Let me tell you what makes a good Amazon WordPress plugin.

The plugin should be user friendly and easy to install. But even if it is easy, it shouldn’t neglect providing a detailed user manual, video tutorials, and support forum to help you get started.

The plugin should accommodate you whether you want to build an automated niche store or simply insert ads within existing web pages of your site. That’s why the bulk import and the single product import features are important.

The bulk import feature lets you search products on Amazon and quickly add them to your WordPress-powered Amazon affiliate site. And the single product import feature simply let’s you insert one product from Amazon in a WordPress post.

Another important feature that the plugin should have is its ability to automatically add products to your store without your involvement. It should add products based on keywords or a queue of products you’ve specified. The products should be added based on a schedule that you determined for the plugin.

One crucial factor of the success of an Amazon affiliate store is its uniqueness. That’s why customization is important. A good WordPress Amazon plugin should allow you to change the layout of your store based on templates. The modification process should be well documented in the user-manual.

You may have heard this one before: test, test, and test. That’s right. You always have to test the decisions that you make regarding your affiliate store. “Testing” means seeing which product on your website is making you the most money and which product visitors are clicking on the most, so that you can replicate the success of that product on other pages of your store. The click reporting feature of a good Amazon WordPress plugin gives you that ability.

Finally, you should get a good value from your investment. You don’t want to invest in an overpriced plugin that doesn’t work properly or lacks support. Make sure the plugin’s distribution license doesn’t restrict where you can install the plugin. And make sure that it is backed by a reliable refund policy, so that you’re not stuck with it if it’s not technically compatible with your web host.

Following the advice provided in this article, you are sure to find the right Amazon WordPress plugin and not be disappointed. Good luck!

Joyce is an expert in utilizing WordPress for Amazon affiliate marketing.

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