Establishing a blog is a terrific way to make money and when you use a free blog you don’t have any costs. However you need to select the right platform in order to make this happen. I tried to do this once using a WordPress blog only to learn that they don’t like that so they shut me down. Another bad thing about a free WordPress blog is that your not allowed to include Adsense ads. Having said that Google owns blogger. com which will let you add Adsense blocks and also promote affiliate programs. And so for those of you aiming to start a free blog and make money you should have a look at blogger.

Blogger also enables you to choose your style for your blog. You can look through the styles they have and just pick one that you like. You will even have the ability to modify your blog also. You can select the background, change the layout and colors and really make the blog look completely unique. And for a free blog you really do get lots of options for your blog.

They have even made it very easy to add your Adsense code to your blog. They will include the actual adsense blocks in your blog and also have them automatically match the style of your blog. And by having this integrated into the system you won’t have to login in to Google and create the blocks yourself. This can be a real time saver if you ever find yourself changing the design of your site.

The very best part is you may use the. add a gadget area to add affiliate banners or perhaps links. And since they make it very easy to incorporate these, you will have another way to earn from your blog. These affiliate programs are a fantastic way to earn extra money from your blog. Now you’ll have both Adsense and affiliate marketing programs both, providing you with multiple ways to make money. Clickbank is a great choice for your affiliate programs, however you can actually work with any program you want.

Now on the subject of the blog itself you already know that blogger. com is actually owned by Google. Which means that you have a far better chance to rank your blog together with minimal effort. This will assist you to start out generating traffic fast. And for this reason you will also be generating revenue more quickly than if you had set up your own personal blog on your own domain name.

So now you see that you can make money online with a no cost blog. The truth is by using the services of a zero cost blogging account like blogger you won’t even have to spend money on your own domain name or web hosting account. So a free blog is actually a powerful way to make  money,  specifically if  you have  absolutely no  money to  get  started. It does not matter if you are using the internet to find information regarding college textbooks, book prices comparison or even books for college students you can easily find it online.

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