Much has been said about META tags.? They are line of codes that are only used to label the actual source codes of a web page.? They do not affect the visual look and the functions that can be found in the said page.? META tags are just, well, tags that introduce the details about the page being studied.

META tags, however, become prime components of search engine optimization campaigns (SEO), particularly on-page SEO.?


On-page SEO involves all the optimization techniques that can be implemented on the web pages themselves.? If we are to summarize on-page SEO, we can come up with 2 classifications: a) proper keyword selection; and b) proper keyword usage.


Indeed, most of the tactics under the on-page SEO banners are involved with the strategic positioning of the targeted keywords on certain areas of a web page.


These areas include META tags.


META tags may be mere labels, but they are still labels which are read by search engine spiders.? As such, if keywords are positioned in the META tags, such would be provide added benefits for your SEO campaign.


Modifying the META tags in a WordPress blog is quite easy, but not everyone is blessed with the requisite HTML skills to figure out how to do it and how to read the codes when they appear.

And for WordPress users who do know how to modify HTML codes, META tags will present a distinct problem (which we will be discussing later on).


Optimal Title, a simple but ingenious WordPress plugin, makes life easier for the WordPress blogger who wants to fully optimize his blog pages for the search engines.? Optimal Title provides an easy-to-use interface that will allow the user to edit META tags, even if he doesn?t know anything about HTML.

However, the Optimal Title WordPress plugin has a more important role.? The add-on will also allow the blog user to display the title of the blog at the end of the page rather than at the beginning.

Why is this important?


For SEO purposes, such a placement of the title will be beneficial for the blog.? First, because contents of the META tags will be truncated after a certain number of characters, hence, it will be safer for the more relevant components of the META tags ? such as keywords and details about the site ? appear before the title.? Second, because search engine spiders and social bookmarking systems read source codes from left to right and from top to bottom so it would be better to have the SEO-important details in the uppermost left area first.? And third, because when META tags are collated and appear as a list, the title of the blog will still remain prominent even if it?s at the end.


Indeed, a simple change can lead to a world of difference for your SEO campaign.? The Optimal Title WordPress plugin will not only work wonders for your blog?s title in the META tags, it will also work wonders for the performance of your blog.

We recommend that you download this Plugin and place it straight on your Blog in order to get the best results. Visit for a comprehensive selection of Plugins on the internet today.

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