WordPress backlink Strategy, A simple yet effective way to build backlinks to your wordpress site that will Increase your search engine?ranking and Finally get a steady stream of?visitors to your Blog.

Getting?backlinks for your wordpress site is an essential part of your search engine ranking strategies. If your NOT Backlink building then you really stand Little to no Chance of being on the first page. It may happen but it will NOT Last.

So “How do?I get backlinks for my wordpress blog or site?” Lets look at some pretty obvious ones first then move further outside the square as we go.

WordPress Backlink Building Method 1:

This is the simplest form of backlink building, In fact I’d be really surprised to find out you weren’t already doing it.? It is also the most time consuming Mind Numbingly boring task for any Internet Marketer. Simply put go to as many forums as you can, register and comment leaving a link?to your site in the signature file. Make sure you put 2 Links if possible. One to your home page and then link deeper to a specific post or page with the second one. NO AFFILIATE Links! Use your own, Link to a pre-sell page not direct to the sales site.? Manual forum backlinking is time consuming especially to start up. However once you get the accounts set-up maintenance is quite easy. I always do at least 10 Forum posts a Month Minimum. For the PR 7-9? forums there is no other effective way that I have seen.

WordPress Backlink Building Method 2:

I find this one pretty effective but again Time consuming. Find blogs and websites that are in your niche and offer to write a review of a product or service for them in exchange for author credit. 1-2 Links in the bio Box of the article. Make sure your article is 100% written for that site only. Over time you’ll build good relationships and get loads of links around the place. Time consuming and VERY Hard to police to make sure you get link placement. If you pick your sites you’ll do well. TIP: Get to know the site owner and a bribe of some software or a link on your site doesn’t hurt either.

WordPress Backlink Building Method 3:

You need to be in the Blog directories, they are the search engines of the blog world and you can get some excellent link juice from them if you submit carefully and take the time to target. Again Takes TIME but you just have to do it. Whatever you do, MANUALLY submit to the bigger directories you’ll get a better listing and more chance of better results. ONLY Automate the low link Juice submissions as these are for numbers, you will get next to no traffic as the only reason they exist is to make their owners feel important because they have so many sites in the database. Just type “blog directory” in Google or Yahoo and away you go.

WordPress Backlink Building Method 4:

Article submissions to the major article directories. I personally concentrate on Ezine Articles and Article base. They seem to get the better Link juice and it is NOT Uncommon to show up on first page for some LONG Tail keywords pretty quickly. (Within half a day) HINT: Your bio box is about you Not your products, Tell a short story of why you wrote the article and direct the visitor back to your site with a link or 2. Again 1 Link to your main page and one deep link into the guts of your site. The Bonus of Article promotion is you get backlinks and they are good source of traffic as well. One of my oldest yet most successful backlink building techniques.

WordPress Backlink Building Method 5:

Outsource your backlinking on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer. You can get some pretty good value from these sites. In fact you can get a lot done for less than the cost of a hot meal at the local Cafe. You do need to be careful and you need to do your homework on your freelancer. Once you get a good one keep them on the books, drip work to them as often as you can afford it and these guys will work like machines to get your backlinks built.
MASSIVE HINT: You write the text that they post, do not under any circumstances let your backlink builders loose with a url and NO text.?Keep control, write 30 quick posts and ask them to rotate through them.?

WordPress Backlink Building Method 6:

I will be short here and just get you to watch a video that goes for a few minutes. It will explain this method in greater detail and make it all very clear. I personally use this method to huge affect, NEVER have I benefitted so much from such a little thing. If you do NONE of the above methods then this is the only way to success.? The Link for the video is at the Bottom of this Article.

In Conclusion I will say that if you spend 1-2 hours per WEEK on each of these 6 Methods you will become a wordpress backlink generating machine. That’s Just 6-12 hours a week to do all your promotion, plenty of time left for site and personal development.

No 1 Way is best and there are Hundreds more ways to build wordpress backlinks. These are the 6 I?use every single week no matter what happens. In Fact I try and do it all on 1 Day, that way I have the rest of the week to more rewarding things like go fishing and golfing. (Sorry I meant personal and website devlopement)

TIME is the only thing you can’t make go faster, it will take some time to get listed and get your backlink count up. If you use the first 5 Methods only you could realistically build 1-200 Links a week. It may take a fair bit of effort but it will work and work well. The secret is to keep going, Never give up and in 1-3 Months you will see results. In 6-12 Months you will see massive differences, In 1-3 years you’ll probably have enough cash just to pay someone to do it for you.

BE Persistant, Never give up, The Next wordpress backlink you create could bring you in Hundreds of visitors and thousands in Revenue, you’ll never know unless you build a WordPress backlink there.

Thanks for Visiting

Take Care

One Dumb Aussie

WATCH The Video about Method 6 HERE, WordPress backlink building the easy way.

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