Well since we currently use WordPress at SEOBestTips.com, I’ve decided that it would be great to blog a series of informative posts on distinct WordPress SEO techniques, strategies, plugins, widgets and more. There are thousands of WordPress blogs being created daily and many of those users have not the slightest idea where to start when it comes to internet marketing.

But, if your reading this, you know that it is something that is required to be profitable. Being such an critical part of your websites success or failure means that you need to get informed hastily. Luckily, WP is one of the easiest to use platforms for SEO implementation and optimization. It is easily customizable and there are many great themes out there that are faithful to quality SEO efforts on-page; some are even free!

This part 1 of the WordPress SEO Series is going to zoom in on “Website Start-up SEO”

Let’s break it down into segments and work on making sure our fundamentals are covered when setting up your WordPress blog for use before you begin filling content.

First SEO tactics: Phase = domain purchased, fresh WordPress directory

Turn off all Ping services (Go to – tools – writing)

There’s no reason to be pinging your website domain to any services until you have some decent content. It’s recommended to have at least 15 web pages of unique content before pinging any services; including search engines, blog platforms.

Build your meta tags customized to your researched keyword targets (Go to -tools -general)

Make sure to have a list of keywords and phrases based off your Google research for these areas. That list will also be used with SEO plugins later.

Designate a customized Permalink structure (Go to -tools -permalinks)

It’s best to use a simple format like /%postname%/ and then customize your permalink to match the keywords in each post. Such as a post about Google Keywords would be the most effective if http://www.seobesttips.com/google-keywords-seo-tips/ = strong keywords in link are relevant to Google page search results

Download your WordPress Plugins and then upload theme

Plugins are needed for the following:

Database backup
Website Cache – greatly speeds up website performance
SEO title tags and more – we recommended All In One Seo Tools
PCRobots.txt – easy download and install for banning spam robots
Sitemap.xml – automates sitemap process
Permalink structure – so u can customize and ensure your links are keyword rich

There are a lot of all in one type plugins that can realy enrich and make your WordPress superior in search engine optimization and internet marketing.? For that we recommend.

SEOPressor: #1 SEO WordPress Plugin

Now it will take you some time to go through all your plugins and make sure your WordPress is dialed in. Make the effort and keep every description or info box updated with your researched keywords and make it look natural.

Everything you do in SEO needs to be natural and authentic, don’t spam the same words, mix phrases and tenses to build a great overall campaign in your market.

Jamie Vars – Educating the masses with knowledge about internet marketing, search engine optimization, and blogging.

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