WordPress is a content management system that was used mostly for blogs in the past few years. The popularity of WordPress comes from blogs.

People moved their blogs from blog hosting services like blogspot to self hosted wordpress blogs for the features that was offered. Blogspot was not open to plugins or to third party themes. The customization is very bad and you can only post and change the basic look of your blog.

With self hosted wordpress you can do whatever you want. If you have no knowledge on HTML or CSS you can select from a huge selection of wordpress themes. There are more themes that you can look at in the time you want to allocate for selecting the blog layout.

WordPress has grown at the same time with blogs. People wanted more features, third party developers provided. After the developers seen how easy is to add new features to wordpress, they started to think that they can do greater things.

While most wordpress plugins were designed for blog features: related posts, top commentators, etc, a lot of other plugins was created to empower the real CMS functionality of wordpress: menu management, page management, sidebar managements.

While wordpress core developers never thought too much at the CMS functionality of wordpress, they’ve still won the prize for “Best CMS” in 2009. This led them to the conclusion that more and more people use wordpress not for blogs but for real websites.

The need of a simple, better CMS force wordpress developers to make it more website friendly, and they will provide what we are looking for on the release of the WordPress 3.0 .

If you are not using a CMS to build a website, you have a lot of work to do: first make a design, or use a free template and customize it for your needs; duplicate the main template file for every page you want to create for your website; create the menu and copy and paste it to all template files;

After you finish creating your static page, what to do when want to change ? If you change something to the design you have to change in all 30 pages of you site. If you add a page you have to add it to all your other pages. You wither end up wasting all your time in maintaining the site, or paying thousand of dollars to someone who can handle it for you.

What is the process of creating a new website with wordpress?customization , select a nice looking template to use; add your content trough a rich text editor, like you write into word, change the title of the website and you are ready to go. If you want to change anything you can install plugins that you can install in one click from the administration panel. Every feature you want to add: related posts, latest visitors, guestbook, forums, you can find in the plugin directory so you can install with one click.

It was easy enough ? Have you ever tried other content management systems ? I tried Joomla and Drupal but I was never able to get the things in the exact way I wanted. With wordpress people can’t even notice without looking at the source code that the website had changed.

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I want to Suggest you About WordPress customization.

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