WordPress Installation Detailed Tutorial

Please, follow the step-by-step guide below in order to activate WordPress on your hosting account: You can Also watch the video at the end of this page. Step 1: Please, login to your CPanel and locate the Fantastico De Luxe icon:

Step 2: Find and click the WordPress link.

Step 3: Then choose New Installation:

Step 4: Decide upon the location of your blog – if you would like to have it as your site front page, leave the directory box blank, otherwise fill in the appropriate folder name. Next, fill in the administrator details and the e-mail account configuration then click the Install WordPress button.

Step 5: A new confirmation page will be loaded for the installation. Click the Finish Installation button if no errors are reported.

If else you will have to go back and rectify the specified issues.

Step 6: After completing the installation the final screen will load, providing you with the installation details. You will be able to e-mail the details to a specified address also in order to keep them for future reference.

Well done! You have successfully installed the WordPress application!? I hope that this will help you.

I will also talk about wordpress plugins in the next article.

When it comes to utilizing the power of WordPress, the one thing that sets is apart from other platforms is the plugin system. Plugins allow you to easily add advanced functionality to WordPress and can help you perform a wide variety of tasks. However, you need to learn how to add WordPress plugin before you can start using them on your own blog or website.



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You could also watch a video here:


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( how-to-blog.tv )Scribe is a content optimization plugin for WordPress that allows bloggers to analyze and optimize a blog post prior to posting it. Scribe ties into the API of Ecordia’s Content Optimization service which was originally designed to provide in depth content analysis and content optimization for large websites. The Scribe WordPress plugin is a huge time saver and provides in depth insight as to what search engines see in your blog post.
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