WordPress Plug-in that allows you to compare your affiliate prices
Now you can now have your own classified website.

People swear that WordPress is only good for blogging. WordPress is one of the best systems for managing content just like any content managing platform. If you want to create a weblog or a financial port folio, you can do it with this fresh open source platform.? WordPress is designed to help?handle all the different types of content on the?Website. After finding the right subjects, you can create sophisticated sites quickly. It wasn’t until now that you’re able to create comparison listings for your entire affiliate product for example, Amazon. You don’t have to do any hard coding for each affiliate group. Thanks to Comparipress 2.0, you can now have your own classified website on a WordPress platform in less than 5 minutes.
Comparipress 2.0 is designed specifically for those people who are interested in beginning a classified Web site. It is light weight and comes with a clean code. Comparipress allows you to incorporate users?own information, define a price for its post, moderate them and clear spammers. PayPal is integrated into the system so get ready to make money off your site quickly. You can also create subcategories to help your users to better display their information on your website.

You also obtain an image manager that allows your visitors to upload their own photos quickly. The form is very easy to use and the process of upload is handy. In order to be on the safe side, you can request your visitors to indicate inappropriate images and posts by means of a flag. That allows you to then later go and delete them backend.
Largely, Comparipress s is a good investment?and attractive WP-subject designed to help you install classified products quickly, in order to make fast classified sites. You receive lifetime support and you can always increase to more expensive packages. If you wish to begin the next mini-craigslist here is your opportunity.

Try it for 30 days??Comparipress


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