Importance of WordPress Membership Plugins

WordPress stands as a great platform on its own as it helps bloggers quickly get started on any type of blog they like. Some people use it as a simple content management system solution because it is very easy to add new content to the site and it is equally easy for other people to provide their own content in the form of commenting. WordPress is also popular because of its expandability. WordPress has millions of different themes, that allow you to outfit you blog making it like a home cooking blog to a professionals website. Membership plugins are some if not the most powerful plugins that you can get your your wordpress site, having this type of plugin will allow you market different content and products to different markets with a couple clicks of a button. Features that make plugins so important to your word press site.

Lead Management

Combining WordPress with the features of your hosting provider, you can get a bird’s eye view on who is visiting your site. Having GA installed will allow you to see unquie and returning visitors. If you deicied to make your site into a wordpress membership site then you will be able to add a sign up form and allow members to join your site. After they have completed this form , they will then be recorded in your data and will be add to a list allowing you to control your members and what they see. Depending on what fields you added to your sign up form, you can see their name, email address, and other details providing that the members filled up the forms truthfully. If you wish you can get different plugins that allow you to transfer all your members email address to a autoresponder service.

Messaging your members

Once you have a couple hundred members it will be allot easier to assign special announcements, to these members with a auto responder. No one but your member will recieve or be able to see these messages when you send them. This is the main marketing component since you can send promotional content without being labeled as a spammer since every member willfully signed up and agreed to receive announcements from you.

Making things automatic

Tending to your blog on a daily basis is necessary to keep your business rolling and to keep your members satisfied and well-informed. If you find that you don’t have the time to provide the content every day at a certain time, thats fine just get some of the word pres plugins to help you. Once you done the necessary configurations, you can schedule your plugin to deliver certain announcements or updates automatically. Plugins with drip marketing is good since the plugin automatically sends large pieces of marketing information in segments.

Payment Gateways

WordPress by it’s self is not made for payment taking, even know it can be set up for a little knowlegde, if your interested in taking payments with wordpress plugins are the way to go, and membership plugins are really the whole package. Several membership plugins provide a simple interface for others to securely make payments so they can stay subscribed to exclusive paid features or online products. Digital Access Pass is one example of a plugin that provides PayPal Express Checkout functionality along with support for major credit cards.

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