So you’re a due diligence pro and you are checking out XIMO Wellness as a way of producing money. Superior on you. Here’s what you might want to know, from someone who’s not portion from the corporation (I have quite adequate on my plate already.)

XIMO Health, or merely XIMO (pronounced “zee-moe”), has been around for a variety of years at, but was taken more than by a new CEO/President Erik Laver in 2010, and is undergoing massive changes. Erik is really a former top distributor himself in a previous well being organization, too as co-founder of fast-growing MLM provider, SendOutCards, so this provides him an outstanding track record for trusting that this company it no t a scam, and might be around for long-term growth.

What’s XIMO Health All About?

XIMO’s signature product is now Golden Power, a well being drink that was previously labelled as Golden Ephedra. The new name focuses on the fact that their formulation starts with a green tea extract then adds quite a few far more ingredients, including quercetin, yohimbine, niacin, trymethylglycine (TMG) and caffeine (but no sugar or calories.)

This drink has been touted in forum posts as being a diet supplement for weight-loss but a evaluation of XIMO’s claims for Golden Power on its website, shows they may be getting appropriately careful in their wording. This really is a safe strategy given the scam issues and legal history ofephedra and ephidrine items with the US FDA. The corporation additional focuses on the effects on energy and concentration/mood enhancement, describing XIMO inside the new health terminology as a ‘functional beverage’.

The XIMO product line previously had a capsule and also a post-mix formulation, but the pills have now given way exclusively towards the liquid range in 16 oz bottles, as bulk combinations like the XIMO Gold Pack. [Update: the 16 oz bottles are changing now too.]

As it’s also a network marketing business, XIMO includes a enterprise chance exactly where distributors can earn a commission on sales, and sales brought in by distributors they introduce for the business enterprise. It has a unilevel MLM compensation strategy with other bonuses as well, but is open to US residents only.

As of December 2010 in this pre-launch overhaul of XIMO Health, the initial sign-up to join as a distributor is free. I’m not a distributor, but you’ll be able to get in touch with 1 of their top leaders via this site here.

But with XIMO as in any MLM, after you have a solid provider that sells a solid product people today wish to get, your achievement comes down to you. As well as the crucial skill you will need is marketing.

It is possible to discover the actions to confirmed 6-figure+ achievement using a method to produce your personal mlm leads.

ximo scam at Dr. Martin Russell’s weblog about MLM Companies.

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